1. Special member recognition ( PM any staff member to request any medal )

    Special member recognition awards for special conditions

    1. Heisenberg

      awarded for Multiple 8* reforge

    2. Legacy Member

      awarded for outstanding contributing founding member

    3. Troll

      awarded to Troll masters

    4. The Order of Evil

      awarded for Complete DU Mastery

    5. Synergy Lord

      awarded for crushing synergy across multiple realms

    6. Signature Architect

      awarded for signature greatness

    7. Post Master

      For contributing helpful info and creating Forum Threads.

    8. Orator

      For calling your home the rectangle of chaos that is RKForum chat!

    9. Forum Keeper

      For being active on the forums by posting and keeping our records safe!

    10. Limit Breaker

      For the best screenshot of your character's soul break animation.

    11. Tesla Compeletionist

      awarded for having at least ONE of everything and being up-to-date in realms and events

    12. Cid Mission Warrior

      awarded for IN Game Cid mission specialists

    13. Mythril Hoarder

      awarded for being a Mythril miser

    14. Nightmare God

      awarded for being a Nightmare Dungeon Beast

    15. Team Banzai

      awarded from The Banzai Institute for Philanthropy

    16. Hype

      awarded for exuberance

    17. Torment Jinn

      awarded for Torment Dungeon Masters

    18. Raid World Dominator

      awarded for Ruling Multi Player

    19. Lord of War

      awarded for over 20 BSB

    20. Cern Architect

      awarded for R3 hone of at least one 5* Monk/Dragoon/Thief/Knight/Samurai/Ninja/Machinist/Darkness and White/Black Mage ability

    21. OverSoul OverLord

      awarded for7* Maxed augmented OSB

    22. Storm Chaser

      awarded for over 50 SSB

    23. Thor

      awarded for having at least One R5 / 4* ability in every category

    24. Fire Storm Don

      awarded for having a maxed weapon and armor (7* or greater) for each member of a full team.

    25. Ultros Hidden Potential

    26. Berserker

      awarded to members prone to fits of saltrage

    27. Cognitive Dissonance

      awarded to players who manage to defend the undefendable

    28. WhaleFest Certification

      *We're whalers on the moon"

    29. The Shard

      awarded for having ALL shards from Gysahl Greens shop

    30. Sensei/Sifu Mastermind

      awarded for Tactical Instructors

    31. Final Fantasy Quote Savant

      awarded for using " ONLY " dialogue from any Final Fantasy Game for 24 hour period in chatroom, without breaking character to explain. *saying "KUPO or Whatever" over and over does NOT count"

    32. Mako Frankenstein

      awarded for Support/Mage/Physical/Hybrid/Summoner Team with full individual unique soul breaks ( no defaults )

    33. F Bomb

      awarded for CONSISTENT language abuse NOTE: member is close to being banned *can be removed*

    34. Season finale

      awarded for having a character with Arcane/Chain/Ultra relics

    35. Wolf's Ambush

      awarded for "Taking the deal or spinning the wheel, raggedy man" -Thunderdome-

    36. Ultraman

      awarded for 7* maxed augmented Ultra

    37. Supreme Commander

      awarded for Individual realm domination with all members having BSB or above. example: All Tactics members at maxed character level and breaks BSB or above.

    38. Thunder Storm Don

      awarded for Five member team with Chained/Infused Lighting Advantage

    39. Ice Storm Don

      awarded for five member team with Chained/infused Ice advantage

    40. PROOF

    41. Wind Storm Don

      awarded for Five member team with Chained/Infused Wind Advantage

    42. Final Fantasy Record Keeper Icon

      awarded for official FFRK world domination in a game event

    43. Snuffles

      awarded for 1 maxed augmented soul break of every type of relic (unique thru Arcane)

    44. 'The 200ers' or the 'OCD Guild' exclusive club

      awarded for every old AND new completed Cid's Missions

    45. Materia Keeper

      awarded for over forty LMR

  2. Daily Draw Medals

    1. Lucky Draw 2018 - 1st Place

    2. Lucky Draw 2018 - 2nd Place

    3. Lucky Draw 2018 - 3rd Place

    4. Daily Draw 2019 - 1st Place

    5. Daily Draw 2019 - 2nd Place

    6. Daily Draw 2019 - 3rd Place

    7. Daily Draw 2019 - Honorable Mention

  3. Salty Dog

    TOTS / HOTS Events

    1. Mr Satan

      awarded for Forty HOTS/TOTS events

    2. Majin Buu

      awarded for Thirty HOTS/TOTS events

    3. Pride of SOLDIER

      Win one 3* Magicite Dungeon under TOTS Magicite conditions

    4. Successor of SeeD

      Win four different 3* Magicite Dungeons under TOTS Magicite conditions

    5. Defier of Fate

      Win all eight 3* Magicite Dungeons under TOTS Magicite conditions

    6. Trial Of The Salted #1 FF5 Warriors Of Dawn

      TOTS Medal for D180

    7. Trial Of The Salted #1 FF5 Warriors Of Dawn

      TOTS Medal for D220

    8. Trial Of The Salted #3 FF12 Ray Of Hope,Path of Darkness

      TOTS Medal for D180

    9. Trial Of The Salted #3 FF12 Ray Of Hope,Path of Darkness

      TOTS Medal for D220

    10. Trial Of The Salted #2 3rd Anni: Born of Darkness / Enigmatic Orb

      TOTS Medal for COD D160+ and above

    11. Trial Of The Salted #5 FF1 Bicycle Of Destruction

      *Ultimate ++ D180

    12. Trial Of The Salted #5 FF1 Bicycle Of Destruction

      *Apocalyse+ D220

    13. Trial Of The Salted #4 FF10 Dream Meets Dispear

      *Ultimate ++ D180

    14. Trial Of The Salted #4 FF10 Dream Meets Dispear

      *Apocalyse+ D220

    15. Dommy, Dommy, Doom

      awarded for winning TEN ( 10 ) HOTS events

    16. Trial Of The Salted #6 FF13 Fal’Cie’s Muppets

      *Ultimate ++ D180

    17. Trial Of The Salted #6 FF13 Fal’Cie’s Muppets

      *Apocalyse+ D220

    18. Trial Of The Salted #7 In the Face of Tyranny

      *Ultimate ++ D180

    19. Trial Of The Salted #7 In the Face of Tyranny

      *Apocalyse+ D220

    20. Trial Of The Salted #8 FFT0 Glad in Red

      *Ultimate ++ D180

    21. Trial Of The Salted #8 FFT0 Glad in Red

      *Apocalyse+ D220

    22. Trial Of The Salted #9 FF3 The Lighter Within

      *Ultimate ++ D180

    23. Trial Of The Salted #9 FF3 The Lighter Within

      *Apocalyse+ D220

    24. Trial Of The Salted #10 FF6 The Empire Strikes Back

      *Ultimate ++ D180

    25. Trial Of The Salted #10 FF6 The Empire Strikes Back

      *Apocalyse+ D220

    26. Aggretsuko's Rage

      awarded for twenty HOTS ( 20 ) events

  4. Legend Dive

    Awards for mote/crystal upgrade

    1. Cerberus

      awarded for 3 Fully Legend charecters

    2. Faulk

      awarded for 3 crystal water mastered chararters

    3. One Winged Angel

      awarded for over 15 fully legend characters

    4. The Extreme

      awarded for 10 fully legend characters

    5. The Darkness of Eternity

      Awarded for over twenty fully legend characters

    6. Danger Mouse

      awarded for over 25 fully legend chararters

  5. Forum trophies

    awards given trough reaching different auto set requirements

    1. Most "Liked"

      Awarded to members who have the most "likes".

    2. VIP Member

      Awarded to active, helpful and overall awesome members.

    3. Highly Ranked

      Awarded to members who've reached high ranks.

    4. Guide Author

      Awarded to members who have written useful guides.

    5. Event Winner

      Awarded to members who have won a forum event.

  6. @CloudedStrife Job Class

    @CloudedStrife Job Class

    1. Chemist

      For making odd party combinations work and coming up with new combos.

    2. Warrior of Light

      For generally being a kind person, full of light and life!

    3. Summoner

      For bringing new people to the forum, keeping FFRK alive!

    4. Time Mage

      For being here far too much. You must have time magic!

    5. Squire

      For being new to the game, yet lending a helpful hand. Go you!

    6. Samurai

      For following the code and forum rules. A noble sense of duty!

    7. Mime

      For having multiple RKForum accounts or roleplaying.

    8. Onion Knight

      For doing everything. You chat and post. You help everyone, anywhere, at anytime.

    9. Arithmetician

      For being a walking calculator on FFRK mechanics. Smarty pants!

    10. Ninja

      For being stealthy and secretive. A lurker in the shadows!

    11. Dark Knight

      For generally being a dark and brooding troll. Let the darkness flow through you!

    12. Paladin

      For protecting someone in need. A stalwart shield of protection!

    13. Geomancer

      For knowing a lot about Final Fantasy lore and history.

    14. Monk

      member of Team Wolf Buckroo Banzai irregulars

    15. Black Mage

      awarded for best mage meta team

    16. Knight

      awarded for best physical meta team.

  7. The Penthouse

    leveling awards equipment/characters

    1. The Maniac

    2. Going Pro

    3. The Decision Maker

    4. The Approach To Power

    5. The Stamp of the Wolf

      awarded for 99 level characters

    6. The View

      awarded for completing all levels of the Penthouse

  8. 2nd Anniversary

    awards for 2nd Anniversary

    1. 2nd Anniversary Icon

      awarded for getting what you needed, without going broke

    2. The 1%

      awarded for Buying your way to getting everything you wanted on every banner

    3. The Limbaugh

      awarded for bitching about banners at every turn

    4. Realist

      awarded for NOT , using REAL money for any banners

  9. Cid-Robai Missions

    Cid-Robai Missions

    1. Bronze Robai Medal

      Awarded for completing 5 Robai / Cid Missions!

    2. Silver Robai Medal

      Awarded for completing 10 Robai / Cid Missions!

    3. Gold Robai Medal

      Awarded for completing 15 Robai / Cid Missions!

    4. Caius Slayer

      "Child of miracles. Traveler of time, guided by Etro. Listen to me. Each time you fulfill a wish of your heart, someone else's dream is shattered. You conjure miracles, but when you do, the seeds of tragedy are sown in other lives. Are you prepared to bear that burden? That responsibility?"

    5. Cid-Robai Mission #20 - "The Tyrannical Storm God": Garuda (U++)

    6. Cid-Robai Mission #18 - "Destructive Golden Dragon": Bahamut Fury (U++)

    7. Cid-Robai Mission #21 - "The Warmech": Anavatapta Warmech (U++)

    8. Cid-Robai Mission #17 - "The Fated Hour": Kefka (U++)

    9. Cid-Robai Mission #22 - "Gale Thieves": Zidane (U++)

    10. Cid-Robai Mission #23 - "More than a Dream": Tidus (U++)

    11. Cid-Robai Mission #24 - "Battle Beneath the Wind": Wiegraf (U++)

    12. Cid-Robai mission #25 - "The Blue Planet": Dark Bahamut (U++)

    13. FF1 U++ Cid-Robai mission #26

    14. Omega Destroyer

      awarded for Cid-Robai Special mission- Nightmare Omega Weapon

    15. Cid-Robai mission #28-Hydro

    16. Cid/Robai mission #27 - The posse trio

    17. Platinum Blue Robai Medal

      awarded for twenty Cid/Robai missions

    18. Ruby Adamantium Robai Medal

      awarded for TwentyFive Cid/Robai missions

    19. IronMan Robai Medal

      awarded for Thirty Cid/Robai missions

    20. Hardmode Raid CM Cid-Robai Raid Mission #1

      special difficulty mission

    21. Cid-Robai mission #29

    22. Cid-Robai Mission #30 Bahamut and Hecatoncheir Duo

    23. Cid-Robai Mission #31 - Lord of the Dead

    24. Nemesis Infinite

      awarded for defeating Hall of Beyond *and Raccoon City*

    25. Cid-Robai Mission #32 - The Ghost Raider

    26. Cid-Robai Mission #33 - Tiamat the silence

    27. Cid-Robai Mission #34 - Garuda

    28. Cid-Robai Mission #35 - Shadow Lord

    29. Cid-Robai Mission #36 - Marach

    30. Cid-Robai Mission #37 - Ba 'Gamnan and Pals

    31. Cid-Robai Mission #38 - Battle of Aeons

    32. Cid-Robai Mission #39 - Guardians of the Feymarch

    33. Cid-Robai Mission #40

    34. Cid-Robai Mission #42- Turtle and Proudclad

    35. Cid-Robai Mission #43

    36. Cid-Robai Mission #41

    37. Cid-Robai Mission #44 Celes Celes Celes

    38. Cid-Robai Mission #45 FFXII (Tyrant / Daedalus)

    39. Cid-Robai Mission #46 Titan

    40. Cid-Robai Mission #47 Seymour

    41. Cid-Robai Mission #48 Edea / Tonberry King

    42. Cid-Robai Mission #49 Shelke / Crimson Hounds

    43. @AiZen's Cid/Robai Missions

      awarded for @Aizen's designed events

    44. Cid-Robai Mission #19 - "Battle for the Dawn": Exdeath (U++)