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Sep 23, 1997 (Age: 23)

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Dedicated Warrior, Male, 23, from Brazil

bartz be like "oh let me use the reset time magic whenever i use light of the four so your app can crash" qq Sep 12, 2016

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Sep 24, 2016
    1. Catsaber
      bartz be like "oh let me use the reset time magic whenever i use light of the four so your app can crash" qq
    2. Catsaber
      For a 1-month game(ffbe) getting more likes than a 1-year+ game (ffrk) in fb, is global dena even advertising ffrk?..
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      3. ShabaEscaba
        Both games have their positives and negatives. Right not FFBE Global is boring to some players because the game doesn't have events or raids. Don't forget how boring FFRK was in the beginning after content was cleared, friends. Maybe a crossover between both games can save FFRK from its ongoing decline.
        Jul 9, 2016
      4. Suzaku
        DeNA needs to step up their game in order to make FFRK more appealing, pun intended. Most people are dissapointed due to the lack of a guaranteed 5*, and if you are a day 1 player clearing events is no problem at all. So nothing to do except grinding dailies becomes super boring after a while.
        Jul 9, 2016
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      5. Elskidor
        I've always wanted ffrk to add a walking in realm aspect, like you can in BE when you quest, but of course the locations would be in the realm's cities like Mysidia, Narshe, Midgar or Zandarkand. That and add a mini-game Gold Saucer thing while waiting on stamina where you can burn game points or tokens.
        Jul 9, 2016
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    3. Catsaber
      general leo is coming <3
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      2. Leoffta
        Angeal and Dorgann is coming too xD
        Jul 6, 2016
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      3. Elskidor
        Leo is all that matters. = )
        Jul 6, 2016
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    4. Catsaber
      i thought 3-5 minutes wait for 1 stamina in most mobile games were a lot, but then i saw tales of link.. 7 minutes for 1 stamina...
      1. Ranakel
        Oh, you'd love Pokémon Shuffle then. 30 minutes per stamina. Fun! Slow... Very... Slow... Fuuuun...
        Jul 5, 2016
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    5. Catsaber
      Cagnazzo U+ in japan needs to be hit 8 times with lighting in tsunami phase.. dena plz why
      1. Felix
        Note to self. Work on lightning hones. :)
        Jul 5, 2016
    6. Catsaber
      Tfw you lose 2 medals in tunalesca with a ton of synergy, but get full medals on adel with almost 0 synergy .-.
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    7. Catsaber
    8. Catsaber
      paint tool sai tilts me >->
    9. Catsaber
      I had hastega up, my light managed to dando him, and caius STILL got an action before everyone else. Excuse me Dena?
      1. Leoffta
        I guess that Caius is the fastest boss in FFRK, 650 SPD with 1.2s CT is no joke...
        Jun 11, 2016
      2. Aueh
        look at him in a positive way.... after an unfair bossfight we always got a very easy one in the next event :D
        Jun 11, 2016
      3. SmoothJK
        Yea his speed is total BS. Funny how right when they release a BSB with a Dismissal property, they make Dismissal/Dando next to useless.
        Jun 13, 2016
    10. Catsaber
      Du's this time were quite easy (surprising, because ff12 tends to be hard af), mateus theme tho <3 (literally the only theme i like in ff12)
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      2. Aueh
        but...but... the main title? :o
        Jun 4, 2016
      3. Catsaber
        i like the ff4 version more, but oh well, all main title themes are good xD
        Jun 5, 2016
    11. Catsaber
      ffxi hits ffrk, then i go and try ffbe and guess who is my first unit? shantotto! Too bad i'm rr for terra, at least she is in my dummy acc
      1. SmoothJK
        Jun 3, 2016
        Catsaber likes this.
      2. Catsaber
        2 shantotto's in a row, ouch xD
        Penelo and cyan loves you as well lol
        too bad you didnt got any of the top 5's thought =/ (i got lucky and landed 4* exdeath on my 10th rr, and did 2 pulls getting a 3* penelo and a 4* cecil in my acc, but i still hate the fact that i dont have terra, swear i would trade those 3 just for her xD)
        Jun 4, 2016
    12. Catsaber
      I have a dream.. that one day, kongbakpao will update their stuff again </3
      1. Wesker
        What u need?
        May 29, 2016
    13. Catsaber
      kuja be like "oh you're wining the fight? here let me use death storm x4 and force you to s/l"
      1. Wolf
        Catsaber to Kuja: " Oh, you best be fearin the ears "
        quote - Hoodwinked 2006
        May 27, 2016
        Catsaber likes this.
    14. Catsaber
      ah finally i have my laptop back, windows 8 got corrupted so i had to install 10.. but i lost so many things i want to cri q-q
      1. Wolf likes this.
    15. Catsaber
      PSA: do not use relm's sb in the nightmare fight, it counts as a summoning magic
      1. Suzaku likes this.
    16. Catsaber
      rngod still wont allow me to get a good medica.. sigh, now i def need switch my pull plans a little bit, but which whm should i focus on..
    17. Catsaber
      and i just noticed my last 3 profile posts were "tfw xxx", i need to stop doing that xD
    18. Catsaber
      tfw sg goes off at the last moment and bahamut does 2 aoe's and leaves 1 person standing..
    19. Catsaber
      tfw cagnazzo puts 3 ppl to sleep, then i attack 1 with tyro, then the 1% death chance procs and kill terra.. and he was almost dead too...
      1. Wolf
        were you wearing your good luck ears?
        May 13, 2016
      2. Catsaber
        my luck ears haven't been working since celes ssb event unfortunately, i need a new good luck charm =(
        May 14, 2016
        Wolf likes this.
    20. Catsaber
      tfw you do 1 yolo pull in jp not expecting anything and get cloud's ossb xD
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  • About

    Sep 23, 1997 (Age: 23)
    Friend Code:
    9sgo (SG)
    just a random gamer cat :3


    Friend Code : 9sgo (global - SG)/ GGgZD (japan - stoneskin 2)

    My current stash of soul breaks:

    note -in order [from oldest to newest]-
    [bold text]* = the Break i'm using atm
    pm me if you need any of them!


    Braver [Cloud]
    Earthquake [Gaia Sword]
    Bladestorm Rain [Murasame]
    Hell's Gate [Stealthy Fox, 6*]
    Sonic Buster [Soldier's Sabre]
    Veil of Protection [Keepsake Knife]
    Blaze Rush [Lightning]
    White Blizzard [Magus Rod, 6*]
    Shimmering Mirage [Mirage Vest, 6*]
    Trance Flood [Terra, 6*]
    Trance Fira [Terra]
    Black Fang [Golbez]
    Hand of the Emperor [Leon, 6*]
    Sentinel's Grimoire* [Tyrone, 6*]
    Darkness [D. Cecil]
    Hymn Of The Faith [Yuna]
    Witchcraft [Witch's Hat]
    Inspiring Light [Holiday Mittens]
    Oerba's Boon [Vanille, 6*]
    Earthquake [Hope, one 7*, one 5*]
    Salvation [Tungsten Bangle]
    Crushing Blow [Lightning, SSB]
    Sunbath [Mog, 6*]
    Magitek Missle [Terra, SSB, 6*]
    Havoc Wing [Kefka]
    Celebration Grimoire [Celebration Grimoire]
    Slow Buster [Celebration Blade]
    Spinning Edge [Celes]
    Drill [Edgar]
    Phoenix Plunder [Locke]
    Smoke Screen [Thief's Bracer, 6*]
    Indomitable Blade [Celes, SSB]
    Trabia's Light [Selphie]
    Ink Blast [Relm]
    Requiem of the goddess [Lightning, BSB]
    Summon Eidolon ll [Rydia]
    Inagural Parade [Edea]
    Shout [Ramza, SSB]
    Cleansing Strike [Agrias]
    Blood of Espers [Terra, BSB]
    Canister shot [irvine]
    Veil of Annulment [Minotaur Plate, 6*]
    Sorceress's Awakening [Rinoa, BSB]
    Scholar hat [FF3]

    Japan (too lazy to translate):
    Gau ssb [Gau]
    Attack Reels [Wakka]
    Rinoa bsb [Rinoa]
    Zack ssb [zack]
    Cloud sb (armor) [cloud]
    holy rod [VI rod]
    Medica bangle [VII bangle]
    Cloud ossb [cloud]
    Stoneskin 2 [Y'shtola]
    Gorgon ssb [Gorgon]
    Kain sb [romancing saga eq]
    Vaan sb [romancing saga eq]
    Ingus shield[ingus, 6*]
    luneth bsb [luneth]
    Relm Sb [Relm]
    Shadow bsb [Shadow]
    Dreamstage [Selphie]
    Selphie bsb [Selphie]
    Rinoa ossb [Rinoa]
    Galuf bsb
    Bartz sb
    Dorgann ssb
    Galuf bsb
    Gilgamesh ossb

    Current Mythril Stash: 15x as of 0727/2016, just used 150 for rinoa's bsb even though i wanted quistis, oh well.. at least i managed to beat ifrit mote

    Future Banner pulls plan (revamped as of 07/07/16):

    Dissidia - dark side [name TBA] (Kefka's relic) - dmg! Faithga!! REDUCED CAST TIME FOR EVERYBODY!!! ..collab fucking event )o) [if it gets added, then consider]
    Luneth's BsB event [name TBA] (onion knight) - onion knight, best stats, best power, best record dive.. he has his own tier lol
    FFXI event [name TBA] (shantotto) - BEST LAUGH SINCE KEFKA'S! but ugh it's a collab so chances are we wont see this =(
    OssB fest - Banner 1 - HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BANNER!? TERRA OSB, ASHE'S, VIVI'S, PENELO'S BSB, SHEEP SONG AND TERRA'S ENFIRE!? plz, this is where everything should go, E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!! PULL TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT!

    current main parties:

    Physical: Tyrone (Wall) / Leon (HotE) / Light (Requiem of the Goddess) / Ramza (Shout) / Celes (Grand Cross)

    Magical: Tyrone (Wall) / Vanille (Medica) / Terra (BsB) / Hope (Earthquake) / Edea (Parade)

    Future plans:

    Physical: Done, unless a better version of HotE (aka grandmasters collab) and until light osb gets released, no changes are planned

    Magical: Tyrone stays where he is. Vanille might be switched with either penelo or krile, depending on who i get in osb fest. Terra stays, but plans for her are getting her osb and en-fire sb. Hope gets a boot to the head and gets switched by Ashe. And Edea gets a boot as well and is switched by Onion Knight
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