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Sep 15, 2018
Mar 31, 2015
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Sep 10, 1979 (Age: 39)

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Official RKF Stat Lord, Male, 39, from Singapore

TOTS Warrior PS1 Protagonist Supremacy Element: Bio Defier of Fate

Sub-30 4* Magicites done, Boundless Ozma done. It’s been a good month. Mar 30, 2018

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Sep 15, 2018
    1. Kenlimkenlim
      Sub-30 4* Magicites done, Boundless Ozma done. It’s been a good month.
    2. Kenlimkenlim
      5.54s. Guess I’m getting the hang of this speed meta thing.
    3. Kenlimkenlim
      Personal Achievement: All 3* Magicites sub-30 before ability buff and Shelke LD.
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    4. Kenlimkenlim
      Somehow, I've gotten a complete Faris. And I've hardly used her...
      1. robaisolken
        I think the use of term "Somehow" is misleading. Kek
        Sep 10, 2017
      2. Yaridovich
        Time to change the "hardly used" part then.
        Sep 11, 2017
      3. OhCanada
        ::Whale:: :p
        Sep 12, 2017
    5. Kenlimkenlim
      Nemesis Apex Solo finally done. Long live Ark Blast.
    6. Kenlimkenlim
      Tiny Bee completes my Yuna. That's something I guess? :)
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    7. Kenlimkenlim
      Lightning Chain Team assemble! Shantotto, Kain, Rapha, OK, Garnet
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    8. Kenlimkenlim
      Post 2nd Anniversary, my previous gaps (Mage team, Fire team), have been more than adequately filled.
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    9. Kenlimkenlim
      0/4 in the three "god" banners' top prizes. No Alphinaud, Y'Shtola, Cid Raines BSB, Orlandeau OSB. But lots of decent consolations I suppose
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      2. Kenlimkenlim
        That part is going decently. Posted my current planned setup in the thread. Alphinaud BSB would enhance it, OK OSB would virtually complete it. You preparing too?
        Feb 1, 2017
      3. smeezus
        I wouldn't call Orlandeau a god banner by any means. In fact, the only reason I would ever have pulled on it was for Torment preparation. Hell, I'd say IV 2 is actually better for physicals.
        Feb 2, 2017
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      4. Kenlimkenlim
        I actually agree, I pulled for medica and some Holy SBs. Just that it added to the general saltiness of missing out on the top relics. :)
        Feb 2, 2017
    10. Kenlimkenlim
      No Cid Raines BSB. But Ninurta and a 7* Eagletalon are great "consolations".
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      2. AiZeN
        Yeah same as I am. Holy combo ftw
        Jan 10, 2017
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    11. Kenlimkenlim
      Deployment Tactics. Now I need a mage OSB, or some other form of DPS against Nemesis...
    12. Kenlimkenlim
      Mistilteinn. Another item on Nemesis Prep List.
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    13. Kenlimkenlim
      Magical Brush. Item two on Nemesis Prep List.
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    14. Kenlimkenlim
      Sick after a work trip to India. At least there's FFRK to comfort me as I camp on my toilet.
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      2. Suzaku
        :( Indian food is delicious, but can be a killer for the stomach if not used to the spiciness. Hope you feel better soon!
        Nov 16, 2016
    15. Kenlimkenlim
      Threw a lot more than planned at FFII banners, but on the upside both my physical and mage A-Teams have new replacements. Sorry Bartz, Rinoa
    16. Kenlimkenlim
      1 pull and it's Hamelin + Trident. RNG.
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    17. Kenlimkenlim
      6 pulls with no BSB/OSB. At least I got everything else on the banner...?
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      2. Noremad
        I'm right there with you. I only did 5 pulls but also got everything else on the banner.
        Oct 9, 2016
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      3. Zidane
        *cues you are not alone from ff9*
        Oct 10, 2016
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    18. Kenlimkenlim
      Bells, frogs, big cherries, peter pan, magic cheese, SEPHIROTH!
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    Sep 10, 1979 (Age: 39)
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    Current Stamina: 210, 0/5 | Friend Code: 97yP <Tyro's Divine Veil Grimoire>

    Brightwind Staff, Faris' Longcoat, Razor Carbine, Da Vinci Brush, Conductor, Lamina Flute, Apocalypse (VI), Artemis Bow (XII), Force Stealer (VII), Nirvana Zeta, Excalibur Zeta, Tidal Knuckles, Water Ball, Arcane Deck, Spiritual Blade, Premium Heart, Gluttony Sword, Jadagna, Darksteel Baselard, Fairy Bow, Kiku-ichimonji, Final Trump, Hermes' Suit, Centclip, Braveheart+, Tome of Fantasy, Lightbringer (IV), Chicken Knife, Yagyu Darkblade, Federation Signet Staff, Apocalypse Zeta, Sword of the Wise, Highway Star, Apollo’s Harp, Metal Knuckles, Mako Katana, Longinus, Force Stealer (X), Blitz Ace, Sasuke's Blade, Excalibur II, Judicer’s Staff, Faerie Tail, Formalhaut, Platinum Hammer, Empress Kharna, Onion Blade, Argentic Flute, Argentic Daggers, Enhanced Pierce Rod, True Ice Rod, Burglar Sword, Nirvana, Blaze Gun, Way to the Dawn, Lionheart, Gastro Fork, Apocalypse (IX), Falchion, Kelger's Blade, Lightbringer (II), Rising Sun+, Fairy's Bow, Divine Veil Grimoire, Sleipnir’s Tail, Excalibur Trueblade, Oritsuru, Ragnarok (XII), Deathbringer, Masamune, Musk Pole, Wind Rod, Organyx, Raging Arc, Gaia Gear (I), Power Vest (I), Belladonna Wand, Queen’s Whip, Simurgh, Light Robe, Demon Axe, Outsiders, Shock Hammer

    Iridal Staff, Double-Edge, Enhancer (VII-CC), Conformer, Zwill Crossblade, Rune Axe, Seymour’s Staff, Kain’s Lance, Red Scorpion, Rune Axe

    Fenrir, Oblivion, Enkindler (VIII), Hauteclaire, Conformer (VII), Durandal, Vigilante

    Apocalypse (X), Punishment (VIII), Ragnarok (VII), Arbiter's Apocrypha, Eagletalon, Rune Tooth, Gladius (VI), Blood Sword, Durandal, Ragnarok (FFT), Black Mage Staff, Dragon Lance, Save the Queen, Oversoul (XIII), Banescissor Spear, Arcturus, Malboro Tentacle, Scissor Fang (VI), Saintly Excalibur, Sword of the Father, Blade of Brennaere, Selene Bow, Onion Armour, Stoss Spear, Imperial Tarot, Apocalypse (V), Dragon Mail, Kiku-Ichimonji (XI), Fujin’s Moon Ring, Helter-Skelter, Femme Fatale, Orgrenyxes

    Raines's Reprise, Rod of Thorns, Snow's Longcoat, Relm's Hat, Celes's Cloak, Vishnu Vest, Goggle Mask, Vaan's Vest, Fran's Bracers, Novus Leathers, Ironworks Healing Robe, Heavy Lance, Argentic Deck, Lion Gloves, Vincent's Bandana, Hairpin (VII), Seventh Heaven, Bronze Bangle (XV), Power Wristband (XV), Kite Shield, Alkyoneus's Bracelet, Kidney Dagger, Maximilian, Faris's Epaulet, Edge's Cloak, Marach's Guise, Black Hood, Setzer's Long Coat, Demon Mail, Iron Bangle (XV), Rinoa's Arm Warmers, Sorceress Crown+, Sephiroth’s Darkcoat, Tidus’s Armguards, Cerulean Armguard, Gunner’s Guise, Bronze Helm, Brigandine, Jade Armlet, Lamia’s Tiara, Eiko’s Guise, Noel’s Bracer, Krile’s Dress, Locke’s Armguard, Kenpogi, Refia’s Tunic, Brooding Armguard, Lordly Robes, Onion Cape, Asura’s Rod, Lightning’s Reprise, Mischief Cap, Empyreal Armband, Riku, Cloud (KH), Sora, Beatrix’s Plate, Defender, Bastard Sword, Presidential Casual, Keeper’s Cap, Dragoon Bracers, Laurel Crown, ExDeath’s Visage, Yuffie’s Guise, Swordbreaker, Bone Mail, Fujin’s Bracers, Warrior’s Targe, Staff of Thorns, Bridal Gown, Captain Costume, Princess Veil, Myochin Domaru, Matoya’s Hat, Thief’s Bandana, Kenopogi, Nabaat's Glove, Imperial Shell, Staff of the Magi, Flame Armlet, Dominion Helmet

    Jungle King, Crabclaw, Riku’s Gloves, Squall’s Contempt, Terra’s Cloak, Wizard Sword

    Max Augmented
    8* Apocalypse (X), 8* Brightwind Staff, 8* Tidal Gloves, 7* Gladius (VI), 8* Dagger of Resolve, 8* Curtana, 8* Mythril Gun, 8* Dorgann's Blade, 8* Peacemaker, 8* Excalibur V, 8* Shear Feather, 8* Crystal Cross (VII), 8* Chaosbringer, 8* Falchion, Ice Brand (X), 7* Razor Carbine, Black Mage Staff (IX), 8* Outsiders, Argentic Daggers

    8* Excalibur (V), Peacemaker, Chocobo Brush, Asura's Rod, Kogarasumaru, Yellow Megaphone, Crystal Cross, Platinum Sword (T), Artemis Bow (II), Evil Lantern, Keeper's Tome, Sun Blade, Force Knuckles, Dagger of Resolve, Excalibur (VI), Green Megaphone, Healing Staff (II), Artemis Bow (IV), Curtana, Fire Fang (VII), Asura Rod (IV), Ice Staff (IX), Shear Feather, Keepsake Knife, Chaos Rod, Lullaby Rod, Rune-Graven Bow, Enuo's Scourge, Coral Sword (FFT), Mythril Gun, Dorgann's Blade, Terra’s Legacy, Chaosbringer, Mimic's Rod

    8* Platinum Shield x2, Bartz's Cloak, Tiara (VI) x2, Gauntlet (IX), Oath Veil, Sorceress' Crown, Genji Gloves, Edincoat, Witches' Hat, Thief's Bracer (VI), Siefer's Coat, Shiny Thing, Sephiroth's Gloves, Wizard's Gloves (XIV) x2, Holy Shield (XIV) x2, Flame Shield (II), Survival Vest (I), Siefer's Gloves, Venetian Shield (T), Onion Gauntlets, Golden Hairpin, Summoner's Garb, White Mage Robe (III), Red Jacket (IV), Monsoon Jinpachi, Warrior's Gloves, Leo's Longcoat, Heart of Gold, Genji Gloves (FFT), Raijin's Pauldron x2, Glorious Armguard, Red Armlet, Darkening Cloak, Bronze Bangle (XV), Faris's Epaulet, Jecht’s Guise, Luminous Robe (Type-0), Krile’s Dress, White Dress, Lulu’s Robes, Lamia’s Tiara, Sorceress Crown+, Cat-ear Cap

    Abilties and Characters
    6* Abilities
    R4 Meltdown
    R4 Curada
    R3 Omega Drive
    R3 Valigarmanda
    R3 Snowspell Strike
    R2 Snowspell Strike
    R2 Mug Bloodlust
    R2 Affliction Break
    R2 Northern Cross
    R2 Sky High
    R2 Stitch in Time
    R2 Ultima
    R2 Neo Bahamut
    R1 Aegis Strike, Lifebane, Demonsblood, Penalty Snipe

    5* Abilities
    R5 Full Break
    R5 Meteor
    R5 Bahamut
    R5 Ultra Cure
    R5 Chain Blizzaga
    R5 Tiamat
    R5 Assault Saber
    R5 Chain Firaga
    R5 Chain Thundaga

    R4 Chain Waterga, Chain Stonga, Chain Bioga
    R4 Thundering Quadstrike, Blazing Quadstrike, Engulfing Quadstrike, Tremoring Quadstrike
    R4 Reflecting Pool, Raging Waters, Ancestral Reflection, Shadow Embodied, Raging Storm, Desert Seal
    R4 Lightning Dive
    R4 Multi Break, Enfeebling Jitterbug
    R4 Power Chain, Quick Hit
    R4 Thief's Revenge
    R4 Sapphire Shot
    R4 Tempest Snipe
    R4 Holy
    R4 Guardbringer
    R4 Madeen
    R4 Grand Charge, Gigant Swing

    Fully Record Dived (4*)
    Tidus, Terra, Y'Shtola, Noctis, Ramza, Larsa, Relm, Rikku, Ingus, Fran, Balthier, Faris, Zidane, Shadow, Locke, Seymour, Meliadoul, Shantotto, Rinoa, Zack, Maria, Refia, Lion, Rapha, Deuce, Ysayle, Aphmau, Quina, Beatrix, Kelger, Kain, Tyro, Setzer, Steiner, King

    Fully Legend Dived (5*)
    Vaan, Squall, Lightning, Vanille, Cid Raines, Bartz, Vivi, Shelke, Edge, Cloud, Eiko, Onion Knight, Ace, Alphinaud, Sora, Orlandeau, Marche, Riku, Cinque, Rem

    Four or More SBs
    Warrior of Light, Wol
    Luneth, Arc, Ingus-6, Onion Knight-5
    Golbez, Edward, Kain-6, Edge-5, Paladin Cecil
    Bartz-9, Faris-6, ExDeath-5, Lenna-5, Galuf, Krile-5
    Locke-5, Terra-8, Relm, Sabin-5, Setzer-5
    Cloud-6, Tifa-5, Red XIII-5, Barret, Cid (VII), Vincent, Cait Sith, Sephiroth, Yuffie-6
    Squall-6, Rinoa-7, Siefer-5, Laguna, Quistis, Edea, Selphie-5
    Zidane-8, Garnet-6, Amarant, Beatrix-5, Kuja, Steiner-5, Vivi-5, Freya
    Tidus-9, Yuna-8, Rikku-5, Wakka, Braska, Auron, Paine
    Vaan, Basch, Gabranth-6, Balthier-5, Fran-5, Ashe
    Lightning-6, Cid Raines, Vanille-5, Sazh, Hope-5, Fang-6
    Thancred-5, Y'Shtola-5
    Ramza-7, Agrias-5, Ovelia, Mustadio, Orlandeau
    Ace, Rem
    Sora-5, Riku
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