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Apr 18, 2020
    1. Wolf
      There may be some difficulty to PM from some members. as not much postings are available to start a private conversation.
      To any looking.....just type in NeoCHI in start a conversation from your ID stat and you will be heard
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    2. kohd1992
      I keep getting a system error while loading the game and nothing seems to work.
    3. xTeKt0n1c
      After my misfortunes over the Healing Grimoire I now have a serious interest in moderating the forums. My experience dates back to Evony Age 1 where I was extremely active and heavily invested within leadership positions for huge alliances 1000 strong over multiple branches. I also co-founded the largest English speaking alliance on Kingdom Conquest 2 - Crimson rage. Pm for more info.
    4. Ryth Seele
      Ryth Seele
      Hello there! I'm a very active RPG player, who is an endgame raider in FFXIV, and I've found quite a love for record keeper as well. I've already posted a new novel things on the forums and am interested in a moderator position. Hope to hear from you soon.

      - All the Best,
    5. Khaelyn of Windurst
      Khaelyn of Windurst
      Hello I made a post in Dungeons that I think should be moved to Guides. Maybe?
    6. Sora
      Hi ! Someone told me to contact you for my problem ! :x When I registered I put 2002 instead of 1997 (for my birth date..) so now it's telling me I'm 12 years old haha ... so I was wondering if you could fix this please ?
    7. MasterB
      Hey man, love the idea of making a forum for FFRK.

      I was going to make a reddit page but a forum works just as well. If you need a mod, let me know, I'm down.
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