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Nov 3, 2020
Feb 23, 2016
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Feb 22, 1979 (Age: 42)

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Absolute Warlord, 42

So many new 6-star abilities, so little time to farm all the crystals! 3-months to 5-star magicite! May 10, 2018

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Nov 3, 2020
    1. Starkiller
      So many new 6-star abilities, so little time to farm all the crystals! 3-months to 5-star magicite!
      1. Wolf
        you and your mean inspiration :)
        May 10, 2018
    2. Starkiller
      Thank you TGC USB and LD, you secured my sub-30 Ixion w/o chain and sub-25 w/ chain on Kraken. I <3 you!
      1. Elskidor likes this.
    3. Starkiller
      January is the month of banking mythril (less OK banner), Feb is the month it all gets spent >.< 3rd anni will probably be a mythril gain
    4. Starkiller
      No Game, No Life Zero showing at a theatre near you! Oct 5th subbed, here I come!
      1. Wolf
        explain this sir, for I am slow
        Sep 19, 2017
    5. Starkiller
      Steely Blade achieved under-budget. Next target: Lenna USB/BSB and Exdeath BSB, though putting very little into that attempt. FF5 is weak!
      1. Roche
        There is DU relic banner coming your way. Just need to pray.
        May 29, 2017
    6. Starkiller
      Soon, another dump of mythril and prayer to RNGesus for Squall BSB2! Wouldn't mind Irvine and Selphie too...
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    7. Starkiller
      Decided to get some Cores up in this orb fest. They really suck...some creative equipment has made them more interesting!
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      2. Roche
        Now that my crystal farming cam stop for now, I'm also bringing core chars into orbfest to prospect RMs. If it wasn't for gear, yeah their DEF & HP are like tissue paper
        Mar 20, 2017
    8. Starkiller
      My FF10 relics went from zero to hero in just 3 pulls. Thank you RNGesus. Hopefully FFT turns out that way too.
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    9. Starkiller
      I just realized I could've farmed the gil turtles in FFV instead of doing the daily on Thursday....noooooo!
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      2. Evil Crusader
        Evil Crusader
        Unless you are a serial Reforger, anything beats the Gil Dailies or the Gil Cave. I wouldn't do that.
        Jan 10, 2017
      3. Starkiller
        I am a serial Reforger :P I'm almost back to 10M gil again. Between random honing needs and reforging, my gil gets depleted quickly. Lots of reforge projects on the back burner due to being poor!
        Jan 11, 2017
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    10. Starkiller
      MIA for a while...
    11. Starkiller
      3 magic pots....not a single major orb. What's worse, they were all white orbs!
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      2. Felix
        The phase you are in determines the greater orb dropped by magic pot. So 3 pots in the same 30 stamina run will always give the same greater type. Majors are randomized though. That being said, 3 gwhite orbs sucks :/
        Jul 28, 2016
        Starkiller likes this.
      3. tajid
        Could be worse with 6 white orbs haha.
        Jul 29, 2016
    12. Starkiller
      When are they going to give us Japan's guaranteed 5-star? This is disgusting...
      1. SmoothJK likes this.
      2. guaje
        Probably around the same time Japan got it? 4 months or so with Cloud OSB
        Jun 26, 2016
        OhCanada likes this.
      3. Starkiller
        Yeah, but I can't imagine the code that provides the guarantee couldn't be separated out and provided to us before then. Would be the right thing to do. Really puts a damper on how people feel on pulling. It's one thing to get something and be disappointed with the result, it's another to get nothing!
        Jun 27, 2016
    13. Starkiller
      Broke as usual and farming gil. Will need for banner 2 >.<
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    Feb 22, 1979 (Age: 42)


    RW: Shadow's Shuriken Storm BSB - Enjoy farming the new, awesome dailies!
    Friend Code: riku

    I won't be updating any more for synergy since it doesn't matter for the dailies. I will occasionally swap it out if there's a high need for something like Cloud USB for farming an event.
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