30th anniversary ph 2 relic draw.

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    I'm trying to decide which of the BSB's of the 30th anniversary ph 2 relic draw to get. I've narrowed dowm to few, but I have some questions regarding them.
    Please remember that my perpective is their benefit for torment, magicite, apocalypse, apex, and such dungeons, so i need these for the hardest dungeons out there.
    1: Alphinaud's aerial blast.
    I don't have any strong summoners and from hiring him as a RW i liked the damage, but the char i used had very high magic. As Alphinaud doesn't have legendary dive, not sure how high his damage will get.
    2: OK vessel of faith.
    I have the Ok fully dived as well as his overstrike and the onion slice. My question is: does his attack and magic buff stacks with Deuce's Concerto? Deuce is my primary healer equiped with mako RM. so if the two don't stack then Vessel of faith is useless to me
    3: Seifer's Sorceres's Knight.
    I already have his ultra and super and this seems like an interesting soul break. How effective is the damage reflect? First of all is it really reflect or is like Tifa's meteir drive. To me reflect means the character takes no damage. Apparently Dena has a different definition of reflect. Second, does it work for all damage? Including the uber bosses special attack? As he also can do legendary record dive and I have enough motes to fully dive him, so it makes him somewhat atteactive.
    4: Last is Cloud's Fenrir's overdrive. I have all Cloud's soul breaks and he is fully dived, so I'm thinking I can use the extra 10 attack he gets mastering this.
    5: Actually I have one more. Zack's Meteor shots.
    Being that my Cloud can do so much damage how effective is Zack's lowering wind resistance on wind resistamt bosses. I keep being short a 20%_30% damage on a few dungeons with Cloud's abilities. Will lowering the resistance put me over?
    So what should it be?
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    1. Given the limited number of 5* motes, we won’t be LDing that many characters for now, so I wouldn’t worry about that too much. A more pertinent question is whether you have wind boosting mage equipment. A wind boost equipment adds 20% to wind damage, which would be better than the bump in Mag that LD would give.

    2. Vessel of Fate and Concerto have the same unique ID (610), and therefore will NOT stack. Concerto is less optimal because you’ll be wasting the heal if you use Mako Might/Dr Mog Teaching and use the SB on turn 1. OK is a very versatile and strong character, so VoF is still valuable, despite the Atl/Mag 610 buff being a lot more common now.

    3. Be careful with your use of 5* motes. They are an extremely limited resource. Siefer wouldn’t be on many players’ lists. His BSB’s reflect damage is the same as Tifa’s. It reflects all damage dealt, therefore you still take the damage. It’s limited to how much damage you TAKE, not how much is dealt.

    4. The +10 atk is nice, but I wouldn’t waste this BSB selection on it. The SB itself is hopelessly out-dated.

    5. Imperil lowers resistance by 20% per stack (up to three). A wind resistant boss that takes 50% less damage will take 10% more if you can stack 3 layers. Zack BSB goes well with his CSB in supporting Cloud’s USB+BSB2, especially in Torment.

    Of the five you’ve listed, Alphinaud and OK’s are top tier BSBs, albeit slightly out-dated with multiple strong alternatives available. Zack’s would increase the damage output of your Cloud. Siefer and Cloud BSB1 are a big no-no in my book.

    I would say your choice comes down to how much you need a wind mage vs how much more you need to optimise your Cloud USB team.

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