5YA Feature Guide: Upcoming game changes!

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    March Fest, and upcoming FF:RK features!

    A lot is happening in the somewhat near future in FF:RK! I'm kind of losing track of it myself so I decided to write everything down in one place, and then figured this may help other people as well.

    Much of this information is from Reddit or Gamefaqs, I'm just putting it all into one place. Credits with links are at the bottom, and I'll be linking

    ~~Fest-based Special Banners~~
    - Free Banner
    - 2x50 Pick awakening banner
    - Lucky Draws
    - Special Ticket Draws
    - Dream Selects
    - Luck of the Realms
    - Fest banners themselves

    ~~Big Gameplay Changes~~
    - Gen 2.5 chains
    - Kaito Shop
    - Unique Abilities & Record Boards
    - Upcoming Abilities
    - Cumulative Login Bonus
    - Orbfest
    - Cardia/Phantasm Dungeons
    - Historia Crystals
    - Limit Break Overflows
    - Soulbreak honing

    ~~Miscellaneous buffs and smaller changes~~
    - XP dungeon buff
    - 3/4 mote dungeon buff
    - 5* mote dungeon stamina reduced
    - Default/Shared/ Unique/OSB become 1 gauge (?)
    - Two new books of trials, no picks but yes to tickets.
    - Regular events will be getting d300 ~ d400 stages
    - Wallpaper creator thing
    - Credits

    They then had special fortune bag draws but we probably won't be getting those


    - Free Banner

    Just that, we get a free banner! You can pull on it once, the pull is an 11 pull, with one guaranteed 5* or 6* relic ('1 G5'), and then you can select from one character from the following list. You get that character's Awakening, Arcane, and LMR, so it's a pretty nifty reward!

    Terra (Fire)
    Loser (Ice)
    Cloud (Wind)
    Ingus (Earth)
    Shantotto (Lightning)
    Tidus (Water)
    Orlandu (Holy)
    Sephiroth (Dark)
    Butz (Multi)

    It's a little surprising that the only two mages are Terra and Shantotto, but generally it's popular kit for shoring up an element you're weaker in.

    I have no idea what the actual banner has on it. I presume it's like most lucky draws - a huge general 'just about everything on it' banner, and it's probably BSBs or better, but I haven't found much information thereon. If anyone knows, post away and I'll edit ^_^

    - 2x50 Pick awakening banner

    This is a special banner, that costs the normal 50 mythril to pull on. If you pull on this banner twice, then you get to also select an Awakening from a much larger list from the above.

    The banner in question has the following featured relics:
    Awakenings: Butz (Multi), Terra (Fire), Orlandu, Tyro
    Ultras: Dr. Mog, Rufus, Rikku, Faris(Wind imperil)
    Glint: Terra (EnFire)
    LMR: Terra (EnFire), Butz(+Spellblade), Faris(EnWind), Rufus (wCast Dark), Rikku(Machinist -> self QC1)

    Pull twice on the above and you get to select one of the following Awakenings:

    FF1: Warrior of Light, Garland, Meia
    FF2: Firion, Maria, Emperor
    FF3: Luneth, Ingus, Onion Knight
    FF4: Dark Knight Cecil, Paladin Cecil, Kain, Rydia
    FF5: Butz 1, Lenna
    FF6: Terra 1, Locke, Celes, Strago, Kefka
    FF7: Cloud 1, Tifa, Vincent, Zack, Sephiroth
    FF8: Loser, Loser 1, Selphie, Seifer, Ultimecia
    FF9: Zidane, Vivi
    FF10: Tidus, Yuna, Lulu, Kimahri, Auron
    FF11: Shantotto
    FF12: Vaan, Ashe, Penelo
    FF13: Lightning, Snow, Raines, Noel
    FF14: Y'shtola, Yda, Alphinaud
    FF15: Noctis, Gladiolus, Cor
    FFT: Agrias, Orlandeau
    FF0: Rem, Queen
    Core: Tyro, Elarra

    Definitely a more extensive list, haha.


    - Lucky Draws

    We get one lucky banner a day for three days, as is relatively usual. I believe these are 25 mythril, you get an 11 pull, any character relics gained will be the theme of the lucky.

    First: Glint+, Glint, LMRs. This lucky draw guarantees you two character relics.
    Second: Arcanes. This lucky draw guarantees you one arcane.
    Third: Awakenings. This lucky draw guarantees you one awakening.

    The pools are probably 'all of the appropriate relics in the game' before a certain point, usually five or six months ago. We'll know the cutoff when we get closer, but you can expect it to be 'Not the most recent options'.


    - Special Ticket Draws

    I'm having trouble finding information about what was /on/ this banner, but a special banner will show up that requires you to have a 'relic draw ticket' to pull on it. Each pull is a 10-pull, guaranteeing one 6* relic.

    5 tickets are given out as login bonii. Then two more are from the new book of trials that land, and then a chunk more from the cumulative login bonus for veterans, both of which are explained below.

    If I can find more information about what precisely is on these banners I'll put it here, haha, but until then it's probably 'Everything in the game that's BSB or better after a cutoff a few months ago' the way their other giant freebie banners tend to be.


    - Dream Selects

    Gem only as usual, categories are awakening, arcane, ultra, glint, BSB, LMR. No glint+s this time around.

    In Japan, the cutoff date was the Locke/Strago awakening event, so 'everything after that'. Japan also had two sets of these - one just before fest, one just /after/ fest.

    To look at just awakenings, the list was:
    First time: Ingus, DK Cecil/Pecil/Kain/Rydia, Lenna/Butz, Terra/Locke/Celes/Strago, Cloud/Tifa/Vincent/Zack/Seph, Loser/Seifer, Zidane, Tidus/Kimahri/Auron, Shantotto, Ashe, Lightning/Snow/Raines, Alphinaud, Noctis, Agrias/Orlandeau, Rem/Queen

    Second time: Warrior of Light, Maria/Emperor, Loser/Selphie/Ultimecia, Lulu, Noel, Y'shtola*/Yda*, Gladiolus/Cor

    I presume those stars are 'may not be there'

    For reference, Japan did get a third one that happeend later, which corresponds to about may our time. If we get that one then, it'll add:

    Maybe in May: Garland/Meia, Firion, Luneth/Onion Knight, Edge, Gogo/Faris, Terra2/Mog/Gau/Kefka/Leo, Aerith/Yuffie/Rufus, Fujin, Vivi, Yuna/Wakka, Vaan/Fran/Penelo/Larsa/Vayne, Fang, Ace/Cinque/Trey, Tyro/Elarra


    - Luck of the Realms

    Going on now. They're the usual 'spend 5 mythril, get a 3 pull with one guaranteed character relic from the realm'.

    Many people find them to be especially valuable now as we have 'Phantasm' dungeons coming, which are explained in greater detail below but are basically 'Newer Torments', or 'Rather high level realm-based content'. So having more usable characters in each realm may become more important in the future.

    In addition, getting dupe awakenings or dupe arcanes may sting a bit less in the future, due to 'soul break honing' which is also below.


    - Fest banners themselves

    I am leery to poke about fest banners before they land, since the one certainty in FF:RK is that our fest banners have /always/ changed from Japan's. Sometimes it's minor changes, but there's always /something/ different.

    The general rule is, relics that debut in this fest are extremely likely to /be/ there still, although which banner they are on may shuffle a bit. Anything we've seen before may be shuffled out for something else we've seen before.

    Historically, DeNA shuffled around our banners so they were generally more powerful but without one 'golden banner' with a lot of power stuff on it. Lately, uh, DeNA has been shuffling around our fest banners to make them pretty much objectively worse than the original ones, heh.

    Still, while we can't be /certain/ we'll get them, what Japan got can be found here.

    For a quick glance at the highlights from Japan's fest (remember, these may change!)

    Banner 1: Water focused banner. Onion Knight (mag) and RIkku (phy) syncs, both are purely water. Noel, Quistis, and Paine get water awakenings, and Paine's gen 2 physical water chain is on here.

    Banner 2: Earth focused banner, but much less focused than the water one above as there's a lot of ice here. Rydia (Earth, mag) sync is on here. Yuffie (earth), Vivi (ice & lightning), Edea (Ice), and Tellah (Earth) all have awakenings thereon. Edea gets a gen 2 magical ice chain on here, while Tellah gets a gen 2 magical earth chain here as well.

    Banner 3: Fire focused banner. Locke and Noctis have physical fire syncs here. Sephiroth, Balthier, and Sabin come in with awakenings, while Balthier has our new gen 2.5 physical fire chains (See below for more on those). Noctis sync is a fire clone of Lightning's, and thus is extremely powerful.

    Banner 4: Wind focused banner, but with a lot of healer stuff thereon. Alphinaud comes in with the magical wind sync. Seraphie has a wind awakening, while Porom, Alma, and Deuce come in with their healer awakenings.
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    - Gen 2.5 chains

    The '2.5' title is nowhere near official, haha.

    Right now we have two 'tiers' of chains. Gen 1 chains have a smaller 'field' bonus (20%) and their chain count goes up to 99. Gen 2 chains and Realms chains have a larger field bonus (50%) and their chain count goes up to 150.

    Well starting fest we'll be getting our first gen 2.5 chains. These have a field bonus of 50%, are instant cast, and give the party an elemental boost (The 'bubble' wtih +element in it) of 20%, and still give atk+50% (phys), Mag+50% (mag), or Mag+30%/Mind+30% (Mag holy).

    The only reason these may not be /strictly/ upgrades over gen 2 chains is because their chain count only goes up to 99, and not 150.

    Now, there has been math on this and the math shows that the '2.5' chains are better than their 2.0 counterparts in almost all scenarios, but you may run into the weird situation where you /need/ the higher chain count. Still, generally speaking, the instant cast and elemental boost effects make the 2.5 chains worth your while over the higher hit count 2.0 chains, heh.

    In March Fest, Tellah and Balthier get our first ones of these (Edea also gets a new chain, but hers is a 2.0 chain, not a 2.5 one). While they may move around from banners 2 and 3, they probably will still exist somewhere as they're new, so hey.

    Next fest (In Juneish) has a 2.5 chain for Kuja (Dark), Yuna (holy), and repeats Paine's and Tellah's chains (Although remember, as the latter two are not new they may change, and everything may move).

    Regular events have a few more coming up, glance at the upcoming events banner here for direction on those:


    - Kaito Shop

    This shop basically lets you exchange certain currencies for certain other currencies. Most have a limit of how many times per week you are allowed to do so.

    The exchanges:
    3* Mote (10) -> 4* Mote (50) -> 5* Mote
    3* Mote (50) -> 4* Arcana
    4* Mote (50) -> 5* Arcana
    Dark Matter (1) -> 5* Arcana
    Dark Matter (1) -> Rosetta Stone
    3* Mote (25) -> 5* Experience Egg

    It may be worth picking up a few more 3* motes from fat chocobos and stuff to cycle them up.


    - Unique Abilities & Record Boards

    Record boards are a new method of powering up a given character. Some record boards give the character a 'unique ability', which is a 6* skill only they can use that tends to synergize well with their kit.

    In order to access a character's record board, they have to be leveled to 99 and their record sphere and legend spheres must be fully maxed out (so 5* dived).

    The board has spheres, which are unlockable via 6* motes. Unlike 5* motes, 6* motes only come in three types: Spirit, Dexterity, and Vitality.

    You get 6* motes through daily and weekly events, as well as new missions - some of the startin gnew mission sare 'clear 1 magicite dugneon a day, clear 3 magicite dungeons a week'. The login bonus will also give us some 6* motes to start out with.

    Record boards give stats and a few special effects that get better the more same-realm characters are on the team.

    Now, some record boards have unique abilities thereon. These are abilities that are unlocked via the boards, then honed with normal 6* crystals.

    Here are the characters who get their record boards first:
    arrior of Light, Maria, Firion, Onion Knight, Paladin Cecil, Rydia, Kain, Lenna, Butz, Terra, Locke, Cloud, Tifa, Selphie, Ultimecia, Zidane, Tidus, Rikku, Shantotto, Vaan, Ashe, Cid Raines, Lightning, Alphinaud, Noctis, Luna, Ramza, Rem, Ace, Tyro, and Elarra.

    Here are the five unique abilities that show up with fest:
    Onion Knight (Grand Onion Magic): 5 single-target Wind/Water/Fire/Earth magic attacks

    Rydia (Summoners’ Band): 4 AOE Water/Earth/Holy summon magic attacks

    Locke (Mirage Raid): 4 single-target Fire physical attacks, ATK & DEF -50%, ATK & DEF +50% to user

    Rikku (Al Bhed Steal): 4 single-target Water physical attacks, ATK & DEF -50%, ATK & DEF +50% to user

    Noctis (Shift Flame): 3 single-target Fire physical attacks, Instant Cast 1 to user

    These tend to have higher multipliers than the equivalent 6* ability, or if not have a very potent effect. They are a little cheaper to hone than normal (Rydia's, for example, is 75 summon, 35 ice, 35 holy crystals. Tritoch (Er, Valigarmanda) is 100 summon, 60 ice, 60 lightning crystals.

    The rule is that, if a character has a unique ability, that character also has a sync relic released for them. Characters who got syncs early can still receive unique abilities later (Cloud, for example, does get a unique ability later). Of course, you the player don't need a particular character's sync in order to get that character's unique ability.

    If you have strong kit for a character, it may be worth getting at their unique ability to save abilities for other characters. For example, if you make Rydia's Summoner's Band and her awakening, then you can still have Strago bring Lunar Leviathan and run two summoners. Or alternately, of course, Rydia can just urn Lunar Leviathan and Summoner's Band instead of needing to downgrade to a 5* summon.

    Noctis' unique ability is particularly notable due to really letting him use his powerful sync, so if you do get Noctis' sync, his unique ability becomes extra worthwhile.


    - Upcoming Abilities

    There are a lot of upcoming abilities, and while I intend to update my guide about it, this link shows several of them (also unique abilities) and thus is sufficient for now!



    - Cumulative Login Bonus

    There is a rolling count of 'how many days have you logged in'?

    For every 100 days you've logged in, you get bonii. These cycle from 15 mythril for 100 days, to 120 mythril and 10 fest tickets at 1800 days.

    This does continue to count as you play - so it's not 'Have 1800 days at this precise moment', it's 'When you finally get to 1800 days you'll get the full result'.

    Here are the rewards for particular days:

    15 mythril: 100, 200, 600, 700, 1100, 1200, 1600, and 1700 days
    Bonus equipment summoning ticket: 300, 400, 500, 800, 900, 1000, 1300, 1400, 1500, and 1800 days

    Capping out, again, at 120 mythril and 10 tickets.

    A nice bonus for being a supporter of the game for so long.


    - Orbfest

    This is fairly normal to how they've been doing it lately. Every day you log on you get 5 tickets, and can spend them on very high XP, high rewards easy dungeons to gain some materials and hope for cactaurs!

    The four categories are:
    One: Black, Lightning, Ice
    Two: White, Non-Elemental, Summon
    Three: Dark, Wind, Fire
    Four: Power, Earth, Holy

    They also usually have an adamantite/scarletite dungeon (These suck), and an arcana dungeon (Definitely do that one at least once!)


    - Cardia/Phantasm Dungeons

    More difficult still realm-based torments!

    Each fight is one stamina, you get realm synergy as normal and have Dr. Mog's automatic wall for it, you have two Dr. Mog choices (The pseudo realm chain and the party heal), also as normal.

    They do have savage modes, and sadly also demand sub-30s (Boo!)

    These give you 'Rat's Tails', which are useful for historia crystals which we'll get back to in a moment. (They also give out record rubies, motes, anima lenses, dress records, and mythril) You are also penalized for going out of realm as noraml, although it's a touch softer than Torments:

    - 20% weak to all elements
    - 70% resistant to all stat breaks
    - Enters Phase 2 from 71% HP
    - Enters Phase 3 from 41% HP
    - Off-realm characters deal 50% less damage

    0 Realm: 75% damage reduction, deals 350% more damage
    1 Realm:71% damage reduction, deals 300% more damage
    2 Realm: 66% damage reduction, deals 250% more damage
    3 Realm: 60% damage reduction, deals 200% more damage
    4 Realm: 0 % damage reduction, deals 0% more damage
    5 Realm: -11% damage reduction, deals -10% damage (So less damage)

    These fights are very difficult. In addition, all of them thus far have had a big party debuff that is atk/mag/def/res. Thus, since bringing Tyro is a 10% bonus but his OSB (which is an atk/mag/def/res buff) can overwrite the larger-than-10% penalty, a lot of people have been bringing Tyro as their one off realm character.

    Finally, a lot of recent (in Japan) soulbreaks come with atk/mag/def/res party buffs, specifically to counter these huge debuffs without requiring Tyro.
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    Historia Crystals

    Historia Crystals are a realm-based alternative to Magicite. You have to pick between equipping Historia Crystals and Magicite.

    Power wise, presuming you're sticking to the appropriate realm, Historia Crystals are stronger than magicite but somewhat less flexible. You level up your Historia Crystals with Rat's Tails (Something like Arcana), or via fighting in any battle with them (Which is closer to magia in that you don't get very much for any one fight).

    Their entry skills do four hits, then one stronger hit, scaling up in tiers as you break their level caps. They do an entry attack, then periodically jump in and do some skills, a'la magicite.

    Entry Damage, instant cast, ST
    Tier 0: 4 hits at 3k, one hit at 10k
    Tier 1: 4 hits at 5k, one hit at 30k, party gets Omni elemental Boost level 1
    Tier 2: 4 hits at 7k, one hit at 50k, party gets Omni elemental Boost level 1
    Tier 3: 4 hits at 9999, one hit at 99999, party gets Omni elemental Boost level 3

    Normal Skills:
    Tier 0: 1 hit at 5k
    Tier 1: 1 hit at 10k, target gets omni imperil level 1
    Tier 2: 1 hit at 20k, target gets omni imperil level 1
    Tier 3: 1 hit at 30k, target gets omni imperil level 1


    Here is a visual example historia crystal (FF9's): https://cdn-image.pf.dena.com/fa9c3...9a/1/e8e32c71-26ba-3b8f-83bc-fd01a1d7508a.png

    The unusual effects are all-stat boon, general offense boost, general defense boost, and under synergy boost.

    - Limit Break Overflows

    Now this is something we won't be getting for fest - it comes a bit later. But I figure this topic can focus on 'upcoming things' and step into LBOs, haha.

    When you equip a Limit Break, you get a single limit breka gauge in battle that is shared by the entire party. It builds up over time (has no connection to when you take nor deal damage), and when it's at least level one any character who has one can use their Limit Break.

    You can hone them, and soul break honing is below. In fact you basically /have/ to hone LBOs in order for them to do relevant damage, haha. The damage of all LBOs so far are piercing (They ignore defense/resistance), and each character's LBO can only be used once per fight.

    It's also called Limit Break: Overflow, so we may see other types of Limit Breaks in the future.

    Thus far these seem like potent hits, but aren't out of scope of an arcane with four hits instsead of three, and are used similarly (break rage modes, skip phases, yadda)

    - Soulbreak honing

    We have some of this in global. Basically, getting dupes or using anima lenses (By turning them into 'scrolls of honing') improves how potent Syncs, Limit Break: Overflow, Awakenings, and Arcane soulbreaks become.

    For LBOs and most Syncs, it improves the entry effect only, increasing the entry effect's damage and reducing its casting time.

    The damage increase is 5%, 20%, 30%, 40%, and finally 50%
    The casting time reduction is 3%, 33%, 50%, 60%, and finally 66%
    LBOs then increase their multiplier considerably.

    Healer Syncs meanwhile boost your healing and give the user 'stat boon', which is an actual status effect that gives a bonus to atk/mag/def/res/mind.
    Heal boost starts at 1%, and ends at 15% when rank 5.
    Stat boon goes 1%, 4%, 6%, 8%, and finally 10%

    Awakenings and Arcanes have a special occurance once they hit max rank, which is level 10 (for arcanes) and level 15 (for awakenings)

    Arcanes go from 750 gauge (3 bars) to 500 gauge (2 bars)
    Awakenings will gain an additional use (So you can use them twice a fight)

    Now, unless they increase the ability to obtain scrolls, it is a bit out of reach for your average free to play player to get arcanes and awakenings up to level ten and fifteen, but we'll see what the future hones. At least, this takes some of the sting out of awakening/arcane dupes.


    Finally, a bunch of smaller things to check off, just to again have this information in one place.

    - XP dungeon buff

    Exp dungeons will start to give out more experience and eggs.

    - 3/4 mote dungeon buff

    The dungeons will give out more motes

    - 5* mote dungeon stamina reduced

    So it'll now cost 20 instead of a billion stamina

    - Default/Shared/ Unique/OSB become 1 gauge

    We got the OSB change early, so uh, I dunno what DeNA is doing haha. But presumably the other three will become one gauge now?

    - Two new books of trials, no picks but yes to tickets.

    Nothing super hard really, a pile of things most veterans have done in spades and newbies will get done quickly enough.

    Copy/pasted from gamefaqs:

    Book of Trials Volume XI

    Make 1 6* Ability: 5 x Black & White Crystal
    Hone 1 6* Ability: 5 x Power & Holy Crystal
    Level 10 characters to 99: 10 x Major Growth Egg
    Level 20 characters to 99: 20 of each 4* Mote
    Complete 10 characters' 4* Record Dive: 10 of each 5* Mote
    Complete 1 characters' Legend Dive: 3 x Ice, Lightning, Fire & Earth Crystal
    Complete 1 characters' Job Sphere: 3 x Black, Summoning, Holy & White Crystal
    Make a Ruby Ability: 5 x Non-Elemental & Power Crystal
    Create 3 Artifacts: 5 x 5* Augment Sword
    Spend 10 Magia Points on 1 character: 10 of each 5* Mote
    Clear a D250 and above Dungeon: 1x Realm/Elemental Relic Draw Ticket, 1x Mythril, 20x Major Growth Egg, 1x MCIII Lode, 10 of each 5* Mote

    Book of Trials Volume XII
    Make 3 6* Abilities: 3 x Black, Wind, Fire & Earth Crystal
    Level 30 characters to 99: 15 x Major Growth Egg
    Level 40 characters to 99: 20 of each 4* Mote
    Complete 15 characters' 4* Record Dive: 15 of each 5* Mote
    Complete 5 characters' Legend Dive: 3 x Power, Wind, Lightning & Summoning Crystal
    Complete 3 characters' Job Sphere: 3 x Black, Earth, Holy & White Crystal
    Make 3 Ruby Abilities: 3 x Ice, Power, Fire & Summoning Crystal
    Create 5 Artifacts: 5 x 5* Augment Sword
    Spend 10 Magia Points on 3 characters: 15 of each 5* Mote
    Clear a D300 and above Dungeon: 1x Realm/Elemental Relic Draw Ticket, 1x Mythril, 25x Major Growth Egg, 1x MCIII Lode, 20 of each 5* Mote

    Note: These is no exclusive free pick banner for these 2 volumes


    - Regular events will be getting d300 ~ d400 stages

    Um. That, haha.


    - Wallpaper creator thing

    Just a small minigame thing which lets you create wallpapers! I presume a slightly upgraded version of the previous wallpaper creator.


    The majority of this information comes from this reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/FFRecordKeeper/comments/d27wu5/5th_anniversary_fest_jp_megathread_fest/

    Kaito shop info: https://www.reddit.com/r/FFRecordKeeper/comments/d5ap4a/kaito_exchange_shop_quick_info/

    Phantasm/Cardia information: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/114492-final-fantasy-record-keeper/78269008

    Dream select lists before and after the anniversary: https://www.reddit.com/r/FFRecordKe...eam_select_lists_before_and_after_anniversay/

    Book of Trials information: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/114492-final-fantasy-record-keeper/78025546

    Limit Break Information: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/114492-final-fantasy-record-keeper/78242328
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    And conserving a post in case I later wish I had it!

    Comments and corrections are well appreciated - there's a lot of information here, and I am very reasonably likely to have messed up something, heh.

    I'll make this look a bit prettier and include a PDF version of it a bit later. At this point it's 1am and I'm tired, haha, just wanted to get this info out there ASAP.
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