A Guide to FF:RK's Chains! (August 2019 edition)

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    Shall I begin?

    Table of Contents
    - Introduction
    - Dark & Earth
    - Earth & Fire
    - Holy
    - Ice
    - Lightning
    - Water
    - Wind & Poison
    - Realm: Intro, Core, 1-5
    - Realm: 6-10
    - Realm: 11-15, 0, 4, 14, T, KH, Beyond
    - Charts
    Chain Soulbreaks are among the most game-changing relics we have at the moment. Many people will shape their teams around the chains they own, especially since the metagame has shifted more and more towards mono-element teams that can smack down an enemy's single weakness, particularly in the very difficult magicite dungeons.

    Now seems like a good time for a new crash course in chain usage.

    I am stupidly verbose. Do not expect this to be short, haha.

    All chains provide two primary bonii: They give a 'field bonus', and then have an actual chain count. Both of these are reset when you start a new chain (so you cannot 'keep the chain going' by reusing the soulbreak before the first chain ends, that will erase the first chain and start a new one).

    The field bonus is 'every attack of the chain's element does extra damage', where the extra damage is either +20% (Tier 1 chains, Free Chains) or +50% (Everything else). This is true regardless of what little number percentage pops up on a given enemy.

    The second one, the count, is counted per-enemy. If an enemy is hit by an attack of the chain's element, their percentage increases per hit. So if you use Sky high (hits five times) during a wind chain, an enemy's count will go from 0 (100% damage, so normal) to 5 (105% damage). This means every successive hit against them will do more damage. This counts 'any damage of the chain's type' - Beatrix using Saint Cross (hits twice) will increase the count of a holy chain by 2. Beatrix with her USB active using Assault sabre will boost it by 5 (assault sabre hits 5 times for holy damage) then 4 more (as she does her four-hit holy chase) for a total of 9.

    Thus, the basic rule for chains is: Activate a chain, do a lot of elemental attacks or elemental soulbreaks that have a lot of hits while the chain is active, and save your big OSB or Arcane finishers for near the end of the chain.

    That is the crash course on 'what is a chain and how do I use it'.

    Now, It is generally worth using a chain bearer even if they are otherwise not helpful to your team, as they can help your primary DPS do their job much more effectively. So yes, it is generally worth using a team of Shantotto / Physical DPS / Physical DPS / Support / Healer even though Shantotto's damage won't be terribly hot.

    Exceptions abound, of course. Some chain bearers are way more valuable in a 'wrong type' area than others. This is /especially/ valuable in 5* (and upcoming 6*) magicites - those bosses will severely weaken either physical or magical attacks depending on the boss, and thus you will be enocuraged to go with a mono-physical or mono-magical team. Thus, for each character, I will also analyze them going 'Five Star Off Type'.

    Generally speaking, if a chain bearer has something supporty they can do (White magic, Bard, Support, Machinist) then that makes them more useful to being in the wrong type of battle than if they are purely DPS. Of course, if push comes to shove, at worst the chain bearer can raise the chain via an appropriate elemental ability.

    (As a quick specific example for clarity, using our existing 5* lightning magicites, Quetzalcoatl takes 33% damage from all magical-based abilities, which includes the magical ninja scrolls. Behemoth King takes 33% damage from all physical-based abilities, which includes the physical blink-based ninja skills. So if you are facing Behemoth King and Galuf is your chain, he bascially won't be doing any damage at all regardless of buffs, since BK severely reduces physical damage - so Galuf may be better off using his White 4 to support the party.)

    And of course, if you're facing down Neo-Torments, Dream battles, Odin fights, the occasional story plot battles around fests, or 3*/4* magicites, the ability for a chain bearer to self-buff may help their damage remain relevant in a wrong type team. I'll label these as 'Torment Off-Type'.

    Literally everyone besides Edward can 'activate their chain, do their matching elemental attack of choice to deal damage with it'. And also do other damage soulbreaks to mix in. Thus while I will mention it, a lot of focus will go on 'What do you do when things /aren't/ perfect', haha. Of course, if you simply /have/ all the chains, then do the better chain in all circumstances, that's way better.

    Types of Chains; comparing chain tiers

    There are four types of chains:
    Tier 1
    Tier 2

    Free chains and Tier 1 chains have a field bonus of +20%, and the count caps at 99. Tier 1 chains except Zack's also open doing a number of hits to one target, so their counts start at 11% or 22% to that target. They each also have an unusual effect they give in addition to just the chain's effect.

    Tier 2 chains and Realm chains both have a field bonus of +50%, and the count caps at 150. None of them do any damage to enemies themselves.

    Tier 2 chains either raise the party's attack by 50% (physical), raise the party's magic by 50% (magical besides holy), or raise the party's mag and mind by 30% (Magical holy).

    Realm chains raise the party's attack and magic by 30%, and also helpfully hastega the party. Their field bonus and count come from any damaging attack by anyone in the realm, regardless of element (or non-elemental!)

    Generally speaking, Tier 2 chains are the best chains for magicite content, and magicite content is the hardest of contents, and summarily Tier 2 chains are the best chains.

    Realm chains are extremely good for Neo-Torments - especially since they let you trade out the Dr-Mog provided RW chain (which is much less potent! No buffs nor hastega and I believe the field bonus is only 20% instead of 50%!) for the healing RW. Realm chains can also be useful if you have a lot of attackers from the realm that are the same element (FF8 with it's ice focus is a good example of this), especially as it enables physical and magical attackers simultaneously.

    Still, do not discount Tier 1 or Free chains - people have beaten Odin with those, any chain is better than no chain, and some of the Tier 1 chains have effects that are desirable and hard to duplicate (Most notably Ingus and Zack).

    ...And Free is a good price. :D Free chains come from the Fat Chocobo events - as of this document the only one we've had in global is Lightning (On Reno). In Japan, the free chains also showed up as Anima Lens selections.

    ~Format Used~
    Chain Type:
    Extra Effect: (For Tier 1 chains)
    Additional Soulbreaks:
    Torment Off-Type:
    Five Star Off-Type:
    Next Chance:
    Fest Occurrence:

    As a reminder, Torment Off-Type presumes you're using, say, a physical character in a magical party, and am facing off against anything except 5* or 6* magicites. So for example, Locke in a magical-fire team can use Steal Power to get himself an attack buff, and thus can do good damage even if all your other buffs are magic based.

    Five Star off Type, however, presumes you're against 5* or 6* magicites, who either hugely limit physical or magical damage. Thus Locke won't be doing much damage against a magic-weak 5* no matter what he does, and it may be more useful to have him bring Mental Break to counter Manticore's Magic Shield buff, for example, since his fire attacks won't be doing much beyond raising the chain (Which might be all you /want/ from him, mind you!)

    'Next Chance' is the next time the chain shows up on a regular banner. 'Fest Occurrence' is where it showed up in Japan's either spring (so our autumn) or summer (so our winter) fests. They're split up since our fests always change at least a little, so it can't be guaranteed if they will be on there (although relics that /debut/ in a fest have always stuck around).


    ~~Dark Chains~~

    Darkness means self buffing is easily applicable, and all of these people can go physical or magical as appropriate, so that is handy.

    Character: Garland
    Chain Type: Tier 1 Dark
    Extra Effect: Deals 22 hits
    Description: Garland has a basic kit - Lifesiphon to get soulbreaks going if appropriate, draw fire on the rare occasions that matters, but he's really just darkness and heavy physical 5.

    Additional Soulbreaks: If you can get at a couple other of his soulbreaks, he does have access to an imperil dark one (a unique, yet!) and his awakening brings a dark radiant shield.

    Torment Off-Type: Being a darkness character, Garland can very legitimately participate on both physical and magical ends of things, and self buff if appropriate. It may take an artifact MagDagger or MagSword to do so, but he can then throw Dark Zones or whatnot to your leisure, or can throw Mark of Darkness. Heavy Physical, too, in case all your darkness moves are occupied.

    Five Star Off-Type: Same as Torment in this case - he can just /be/ a DPS mage or a DPS physical unit depending on what you want. Although obviously, in this situation he can't just buff himself and go physical in a magical torment. Mark of Darkness may be more viable for him.

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    Character: Seymour
    Chain Type: Tier 1 Dark
    Extra Effect: Party Quick cast 2
    Description: Seymour is basically the game's only dark summoner. He can go darkness in general too if appropriate, but has nothing else that's terribly special. His ability to hold Ultima Weapon (or later, the 6* Anima) can free up magical darkness skills from other characters (Particularly as you only get one Necro Countdown!).

    Additional Soulbreaks: His awakening, should you snag it and be able to juggle, does come with an imperil-chasing effect and a damage reduction barrier. His burst is a good budget imperil, too!

    Torment Off-Type: Being a darkness character, Seymour can very legitimately participate on both physical and magical ends of things, and self buff if appropriate. It may take an artifact PhysDagger to do so, but he can then throw Crimson Cross or whatnot to your leisure, or can throw Mark of Darkness to imperil. Given the high multiplier of summons, he may also do good summon magic damage with much fewer buffs than most (so his own carrying Memento Mori may be plenty).

    Five Star Off-Type: Same as Torment in this case - he can just /be/ a DPS physical unit or a DPS mage depending on what you want. Although obviously, in this situation he can't just buff himself and go magical in a physical torment. Mark of Darkness may be more viable for him.


    Character: Vayne
    Chain Type: Free Dark
    Description: Vayne is /actually/ a hybrid! Meaning his soulbreaks and relics tend to hit on both the physical and magical ends of the spectrum. So moreso than most darkness units, he can totally hit on the physical and magical ends competently. Now unfortunately, uh, he can't do much /else/ - he is basically all DPS all the time, so if his only soulbreak is the chain then his DPS may be less than you'd prefer. Still, he is a very good hybrid!

    Additional Soulbreaks: He has an ultra and a super, both of which are hybrid, which toss around instant cast to your party. Could be useful in setting up powerful things.

    Torment Off-Type: He is only DPS, but he can go both physical and magical, so he's okay in both places. Don't forget mark of darkness, too.

    Five Star Off-Type: Same as Torment.

    Next Chance: Fat Chocobo: Dark. Will appear in the Anima Lens shop at some point.


    Character: Seifer
    Chain Type: Physical Tier 2 Dark
    Description: Seifer has a lot of school access, but when it comes to 'darkness' he's fairly limited. Knight lets him taunt/dispel and Samurai lets him have another source fo self buffs if appropriate for the situation.

    Additional Soulbreaks: It does help that his other soulbreaks can be supporty, though! He has access to reflect damage, an atk/mag buff (that stacks with his chain), a little imperil, and can even raise defense or resistance.

    Torment Off-Type: Seifer's gen 2 chain means he can punch well even in a mage team, and if necessary since he's a darkness character, he can equip a mag dagger or mag sword and go casty. Or Mark of Darkness.

    Five Star Off-Type: While he can go magic due to darkness as a choice, the fact that some of his other soulbreaks are supporty (such as his dark-reflect-damage BSB) means he may want to juggle soulbreaks a little. Also mark of darkness is a choice!

    Next Chance: FF8 - Where I belong


    Character: Gabranth
    Chain Type: Physical Tier 2 Dark
    Description: Gabranth stands out from most of the physical darkness characters (and most of the people above him) by having white 4! This gives him a notable amount of additional flexibility, while having the two physical dark skillsets of darkness and heavy.

    Additional Soulbreaks: An imperil burst is the main thing that stands out here. Which is a useful budget option!

    Torment Off-Type: He can go magical if appropriate, his chain gives him the attack boost he needs to function even in a magic team, and he's generally in a good place.

    Five Star Off-Type: He can go magical due to being darkness. His White 4 gives him proshellga, knight or white gives him dispel, and he could in theory equip a mind knife and cast curajas at things if you need him to. Or juggle in his BSB for the reflect damage. Or mark of darkness!

    Next Chance: FF12 - Beauty of the Forest, Fat Chocobo: Dark


    Character: Golbez
    Chain Type: Magical Tier 2 Dark
    Description: The game's elemental focus has not been kind to Golbez. He has an interesting kit, but insofar as 'to work with his chain' he's really just darkness. Fortunately, darkness is flexible, so he can go physical or magical (and even can wear heavy armour, if appropriate to doing so!) so he can at least do some damage in either direction.

    Additional Soulbreaks: He has a radiant shield burst, which is a cheap way of getitng at radiant shield, which is helpful!

    Torment Off-Type: He can go physical if necessary, and of course, his chain gives him the magic boost he needs to function even in a physical team.

    Five Star Off-Type: Due to darkness, he can go physical for some amount of damage, or throw mark of darkness. Not a lot of flexibility past that, though, but it is a helpful thing! He does have good equipment choices to go physical, though.

    Next Chance: FF4 - Rising above the Darkness


    Character: Cloud of Darkness
    Chain Type: Magical Tier 2 Dark
    Description: It's kinda funny - Cloud of Darkness has black magic and witch, and neither does dark, so once again we have pretty much just a darkness character. Helpfully, however, Cloud of Darkness does have white 4 - and with rod access that's a much more natural fit for backup curajas, let alone protectga/shellga.

    Additional Soulbreaks: CoD does have a reflect damage BSB (sadly a non-elemental one rather than a dark one, for the purpose of dark chains) a reflect damage on an awakening (This one /is/ dark!), and a couple additional buffs (one that throws on doom).

    Torment Off-Type: Tier 2 magic boost means remaining magical in a physical team is fine. Alternately, buffing and going punchy with knives (or whips?) is a choice.

    Five Star Off-Type: White 4 means backup healer. Darkness means physical is a choice for damage, and of course mark of darkness.

    Next Chance: FF3 - Duty Calls
    Fest Occurrence: Autumn Fest


    ~~Earth Chains~~

    Some kind of eclectic characters here!

    Character: Ingus
    Chain Type: Tier 1 Earth
    Extra Effect: Last Stand
    Description: Earth Knight! Unfortunately his samurai is only 3, so he can't quite get at self-buffing. His chain offers last stand, which is often valuable and can make Ingus more of a perk over other earth chainers despite being tier 1. Also wrath, for ease of soulbreak juggling. Also white 4! A handy kit overall.

    Additional Soulbreaks: He has earth radiant shields on his BSB as a handy budget option, and also on his awakening. Very useful!

    Torment Off-Type: No self buffs unfortunately, so he may have to rely on his reflect damage bursts, his white 4, or just wrathing to keep the last stand going.

    Five Star Off-Type: Between alternate soulbreaks, white 4 (proshellga, curaja), dispel, breakdowns in case of enemy buffs, or just wrathing to new soulbreaks (or to keep last stand going), he is likely to find at least something to do. Besides 'throwing earth knight abilities'. He can power breakdown King Behemoth's Bravery buff, but as KB only does that once I don't think I'd bother.


    Character: Rude
    Chain Type: Free Earth
    Description: Yay the turks get a little love! Rude is a surprisingly decent chain holder - monk 5 for earth physical, black 5 for earth magical, white 4 if neither of those are appropriate or if you need the added support/dispel/yadda.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Rude has a proshellga+Last stand super, a proshellga+High Regen glint, and a couple sources of hybriddy EnEarth. And his burst command 2 heals and self buffs a little? Woo?

    Torment Off-Type: Rude leans physical but can go magical well, so he can do DPS in either direction. Monk means he can physically buff himself if you want to ensure he goes that route. He can also white 4 to heal a little and proshellga if necessary, and can maybe slot save if you need it and have his super or glint.

    Five Star Off-Type: Same as torment off-type, since Rude is a hybrid. His super is in the Anima Lens shop, too. Maybe Esuna for Quetzalcoatl's paralyze?

    Next Chance: Fat Chocobo: Earth. Will appear in the Anima Lens shop at some point.


    Character: Galuf
    Chain Type: Physical Tier 2 Earth
    Description: Galuf has an eclectic array of skills. He leans heavily monk, but can go earth heavy if needed (such as to break savage mode). Samurai means he can buff, although with earth monk buffs and well his chain itself means that's probably not necessary.White 4 gives him the ability to support the party through proshellga or some healing. And if all else fails, he can throw phantasm scrolls? :p

    Additional Soulbreaks: An imperil burst is always helpful, and his awakening gives a series of bonii that could come up if you juggle them in!

    Torment Off-Type: His chain gives him a buff, and has has several other methods of accessing an attack buff if he needs it, so he's good there. If there's some sort of weird wallchanging monster that goes from earth weak to fire weak he can help with that too?

    Five Star Off-Type: Unfortunately, all that eclecticness does not help him much on the magical side. White 4 for proshellga and some healing is probably your best bet as there is no earth ninja scroll.

    It is plausible that his invulnerability soulbreaks could come up! Especially given enemy attacks are scripted, so you can use that to dodge very potent attacks, and hopefully give that very last push you need to win.

    Next Chance: FF15 - Shield of the King
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    Character: Machina
    Chain Type: Physical Tier 2 Earth
    Description: Machina is an earth spellblade, and that's basically it for his skillset. White 3 means he might be able to use dispel.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Machina does have a hastega super (that boosts resistance and critical damage) and his awakening comes with an earth radiant shield.

    Torment Off-Type: Fortunately, his chain is itself tier 2, so he can rock his earth spellblades in a magic team just fine.

    Five Star Off-Type: Less fortunately, there isn't a lot Machina can do on the magic side to help out, so he's either soulbreak juggling or just bumping the chain with earth spellblades regardless. Except maybe use his black 3 to throw a stonega? Probably the worst off-element earth chain bearer. It may help to use power break to solve Behemoth King's buff? Although meh, the Bravery only happens once and doesn't last too long.

    Next Chance: Fat Chocobo: Earth, FF0 - Hard Clenched Sorrow


    Character: RedXIII
    Chain Type: Magical Tier 2 Earth
    Description: Red is an earth mage now! He is also full support, so he can either wrath to more soulbreaks, or wrath so he can entrust.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Many of Nanaki's other soulbreaks are very helpful for support - from additional buffs, to buffs and astra, to radiant shield. So if you have more of his kit, he has plenty to do. His Atk/Def/Mind SSB, Atk/Mag BSB (With breakdown commands) and Atk/Def/Res/Haste/Astra USB are all in the Anima Lens shop. And, um, lunatic high, if you need the protectga/haste badly for the torment or something. :p

    Torment Off-Type: His chain gives him the magic buff you need to do magic DPS even in a physical team. Red can't really do /physical/ earth damage, so he'll probably want to either juggle soulbreaks or be an entruster, both of which are valuable options. Remember you can entrust your healer if none of your other peeps need the attention.

    Five Star Off-Type: Entrusters are always useful, and Red has a number of other soulbreaks that may matter. Maybe also throw some breakdowns (or his BSB commands as breakdowns) to negate things like Behemoth King's attack buff, although it's really temporary as it is.


    Character: Emperor
    Chain Type: Magical Tier 2 Earth
    Description: I think Emperor has finally decided he's an earth mage. He has a few additional imperilling soulbreaks which help his job, and with white 4 he can proshellga or aid in healing, which also helps.

    Additional Soulbreaks: His imperil ultra is in the lens shop, for juggling, and his awakening focuses heavily on imperil (and works on Wind and Darkness as well as Earth, for other circumstances besides his chain)

    Torment Off-Type: His chain being tier 2 means he can go mage even in a physical team. His imperil based soulbreaks may also help.

    Five Star Off-Type: If you don't have his other soulbreaks, it may be best to focus on Emperor's white 4 - protectga, shellga, and curaja may be valuable choices. Maybe Esuna for Quetzalcoatl's paralyzes.

    Next Chance: Fat Chocobo: earth
    Fest Occurrence: Autumn Fest


    ~~Fire Chains~~

    A lot of these characters are notably limited in the 5* magicite situation - they're popular but not really flexible.

    Character: Locke
    Chain Type: Tier 1 Fire
    Extra Effect: Defense/Resistance breakdown (-50%)
    Description: Locke gets a lot of soulbreaks and has a very interesting kit, although unfortunately not a lot of what he does helps out if he can't go physical.

    Aditional Soulbreaks: Several of his soulbreaks do imperil fire (BSB, one of his USBs, glint), though, which helps when he can't do damage himself! His Chain entry effect is meh - it is only kind of a thing due to the high break resistance a lot of things have nowadays, but it may matter more against torments or dreams.

    Torment Off-Type: Here Locke is in good shape due to steal power or mug bloodlust. This lets him power up his Fire Assaults or Fire Sharpshooters to relevance even if in an otherwise magic team and continue rocking his DPS.

    Five Star Off-Type: Here Locke is in terrible shape, haha, he doens't do much in a magical team. Mental Break at least helps counter Mateus' buff. If you do have access to Locke's imperil kit then that is a good route to attempt.


    Character: Krile
    Chain Type: Tier 1 Fire
    Extra Effect: Party Quick Cast 2
    Description: Krile wanders between fire and earth, which for the purpose of her chain means many of her soulbreaks don't work well, but she does /have/ all the fire kit she really needs. Bard 4 gives her some proshellga action.

    Additional Soulbreaks: An Imperil burst can help when she's off type, sheepsong is still a nifty buff, she has both summon and BLK to do her fire damage.

    Torment Off-Type: Sadly, Krile doesn't have much in the way of magic buffs for herself, so in a physical team her damage will simply be poor. The one perk she does have is that summons do high damage per hit, so she may have somewhat better performance with summons in a physical team than other things. Still, definitely nudge her to the bard versions of protectga or shellga.

    Five Star Off-Type: A bit orugher as here she doesn't even have 'summons kinda do damage'. Her imperil kit will help, and she can at least carry shellga, and regen away sap. Krile is quite poor outside of a magic team. She can be helpful with a carbuncle strategy against Mateus, though?


    Character: Gilgamesh
    Chain Type: Physical Tier 2 Fire
    Description: Gilgamesh is in a really weird position where he has a bunch of skills at rank 5/6 and then can't really use most of them properly anymore since elemental meta is central now, haha. Still, he Samurais up his fire damage just fine!

    Additional Soulbreaks: Gilgamesh's fire DPS soulbreaks are fine, though, and he has samurai to hit fire with, but it does mean he's not very flexible outside of that. He does have a radiant shield ultra, though!

    Torment Off-Type: His tier 2 chain gives him the buff he needs, and he can use Samurai to get a second buff on top of that if necessary.

    Five Star Off-Type: Gilgamesh suffers here - the only 'support' ability he can bring to the table is banishing strike (or taunting, but taunting rarely functions anymore). Summarily, if you don't have his radiant shield ultra to juggle, he's just gonna be raising the chain with samurai skills. He can mental break to help solve Manticore's magic shield, if that helps.


    Character: Auron
    Chain Type: Physical Tier 2 Fire
    Description: Yay they finally gave Auron access to Full Break, which is a move he more or less invented? Anyway, Auron also wants to go samurai to access his fire damage for his chain, but support 5 gives him an additional edge.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Auron's pretty limited here. Some breakdowns soulbreaks which are of questionable value, a magic blink ultra, and an imperil glint are all he has. Of course, if your goal is 'boost his fire damage' he's gold there.

    Torment Off-Type: Auron's chain gives him +50% attack, he can samurai to raise his attack yet further, he clearly is fine going physical in a magical team.

    Five Star Off-Type: Here Auron's damage will be anemic, which encourages him to focus on support. Wrathing to juggle soulbreaks is a thing, but his soulbreaks are all DPS based and thus will also be pretty anemic. Probably best to just have him be an entrustbot between chain uses. He can bring mental breakdown to remove Manticore's magic shield, if that helps.

    Fest Occurrence: Autumn Fest


    Character: Vincent
    Chain Type: Magical Tier 2 Fire
    Description: Vincent has a fantastic kit for a chain bearer. His to-go choice is his black magic, but he has both sharpshooter and machinist to lean physical, and with darkness can help buff himself a little to go that way. Mix wrath to taste.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Vincent even has a fire radiant shield BSB! And a non-elemental radiant shield that's in the shop while the fire radiant isn't yet for some reason.

    Torment Off-Type: Vincent's chain gives him a big magic boost and his soulbreaks flex to whichever is better, so he's fine in both physical and magical situations. His sharpshooter and machinist access let him do physical fire DPS or imperil as appropriate.

    Five Star Off-Type: Vincent is great in a magical situation as that's what his chain is for. In a physical situation, many of his soulbreaks are hybriddy and thus will swap physical if need be. He can use darkness to self buff if he wants to be DPS with sharpshooter or machinist, or alternately he can just focus on imperils with machinist. In whichever case he may be able to use his wrath access to either get to his chain (potentially saving you a mako) or to juggle.

    Next Chance: FF7, Setting things Right
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    ~~Holy Chains~~

    Heh, the only one of these who doesn't have access to proshellga is Ramza, and Ramza is useful on his support merits. Thus, all holy chain bearers can at least help out in /some/ way.

    Character: Warrior of Light
    Chain Type: Tier 1 Holy
    Extra Effect: Party HP stock 2000
    Description: Always traditional red. Anyway, sadly WoL's thief and ninja cap at 3 and not 4, which limits their use and makes him basically 'Knight 5, White 4'. White 4 is proshellga, though, which is handy!

    Additional Soulbreaks: He has a physical blink super that's cheap in the Anima Lens shop, but his real supporty option comes from his radiant shield Ultra.

    Torment Off-Type: Sadly, WoL doesn't come with any self buffs. So if dispel isn't useful, his damage may be anemic in a magic team - consider leaning on his white 4 to support the party. He does, however, get a holy radiant shield ultra - that may be worth building up for.

    Five Star Off-Type: Same as the torment - Warrior of Light doesn't have much to offer in a non physical team outside of his proshellga and curajas or radiant shield ultra. At least he has those, though! In addition, Ark's enrage means he takes a heck of a lot more damage - if you can survive Ark's damage, Warrior of Light may be able to just go physical there with his extensive physical holy kit.


    Character: Paladin Cecil
    Chain Type: Free Holy
    Description: Still boggled that he has white 5 now. But he has white 5 now! Summarily he can go physical and magical, although he may want a mind dagger to go properly magical as he leans /extremely/ heavily physically.

    Additional Soulbreaks: His awakening grants a defensive barrier and is hybriddy, and he has a similar USB that is also hybriddy. Paladin Wall might mean you don't need to /bring/ wall if he can juggle. His Saintly Force glint EnHolies him while slightly healing the party, which also may help, and he can bring you a last stand to help out with Ark's nonsense.

    Torment Off-Type: You'll need to bring some mind buffs for him, but he can go offensive with the holy spell. Otherwise, his white 5 gives him proshellga, hastega, or curada to support the party. Or grace, maybe?

    Five Star Off-Type: It's worth noting that most of Paladin Cecil's soulbreaks are physical based up until his awakening (and later he gets a hybrid USB), and thus are tricky to follow his chain with unless it's one of those. Still, he can get at EnHoly in a couple dozen ways and throw the holy spell, so he can help offensive. And otherwise he has proshellga, hastega, yadda. White 5 stuff. In addition, Ark's enrage means he takes a heck of a lot more damage - if you can survive Ark's damage, Paladin Cecil may be able to just go physical there with his extensive physical holy kit.

    Next Chance: Fat Chocobo: Holy. Will also appear in the Anima Lens shop at some point.


    Character: Ramza
    Chain Type: Physical Tier 2 Holy
    Description: The original overpowered support has a chain! While most of his kit has fallen off the relevance wagon as the meta focuses more and more on 5 and 6 star abilities, Ramza being full support is tremendously useful for doing off-chain stuff, so that's handy.

    Additional Soulbreaks: While his meta-defining shout/battle cry buffs do not stack with his chain, he can hop in chant (for a crit damage buff and bubble), history's truth (for an extra buff including a magic one and instant cast), or go more offensive in a physical scenario.

    Hitting Doom Gaze - er, Deathgaze - with affliction break using Ramza's instant LMR can mess up Deathgaze's initial doom, which makes the entire fight a heck of a lot easier. It may also help mitigate the imperil from Ark's savage dark cannon. Maybe Mind breakdown to help mitigate the stops.

    Torment Off-Type: His chain provides him the physical buff he needs to go physical here. He can wrath or lifesiphon to juggle in other soulbreaks if appropriate - his awakening even tosses him some extra gauge to help.

    Five Star Off-Type: He can't do magical holy, so here Ramza should focus on being a support. Fortunately he does have an additional buff suite, and if not or just as an alternative he can entrust. Everyone loves entrust! In addition, Ark's enrage means he takes a heck of a lot more damage - if you can survive Ark's damage, Ramza may be able to just go physical there with what physical holy kit he does have.

    Next Chance: FFT - Defiers of Fate


    Character: Ceodore
    Chain Type: Physical Tier 2 Holy
    Description: Between Knight 5 and White 5, Ceodore is able to hit holy damage quite efficiently - and his mind is such that he's meant at least vaguely to go magey with it! Unfortunately all of his soulbreaks are very much physical focused and not hybrid focused, so unlike his father he is a bit wonkier to use magically (...for... some reason. What on earth, DeNA?). Still, he gets holyja as well as healing smite, he's in a good place.

    Additional Soulbreaks: It's really just his burst that does something unusual. It is itself a medica that raises the chain, and comes with a healing command and an esuna command.

    Torment Off-Type: His chain gives him the physical boost he needs to go physical, so he's definitely good here regardless of odd else.

    Five Star Off-Type: Holyja spam! His awakening, while it also gives a crit boost which won't help for a magic situation (DeNA seriously...) does give +holy damage, so he can be useful here. His BSB is a medica and has a healing and esuna command, both of which may help out (and boost the chain a little as they do so!) Plus white 5 in general means he can proshellga, hastega, or help heal. In addition, Ark's enrage means he takes a heck of a lot more damage - if you can survive Ark's damage, Ceodore may be able to just go physical there with his extensive physical holy kit.

    Next Chance: Fat Chocobo: Holy


    Character: Edward
    Chain Type: Magical Tier 2 Holy
    Description: Edward is the one person who does not have any elemental attacks to use with his chain (Diara? Lol?). But he is full support, full bard, and has white 3 for dispel, and has tons of other soulbreaks to support the party. I'm sure he can find something to do. ;)

    Hitting Doom Gaze - er, Deathgaze - with affliction break using a combination of Edward's quick cast 3 LMR with a go-first Record Materia can mess up Deathgaze's initial doom, which makes the entire fight a heck of a lot easier. It may also help mitigate the imperil from Ark's savage dark cannon. Maybe Mind breakdown to help mitigate the stops. Unsure if 'not starting with the chain' is worthwhile, though, although then he can wrath up.

    Additional Soulbreaks: He has several mag buffs that stack with his chain (Super and Ultra in particular). His BSB is then additionally neat - it gives an Atk+50% (thus completely enabling physical teams) while tagging in an imperil to boot.

    Torment Off-Type: In both cases, he can be an entruster, or sing up either 'more magic buffs' or physical buffs. Or proshellga (via bard) or affliction break (via support) or breakdown (To remove buffs). His BSB gives a big attack buff and some imperil holy, both of which are useful for various teams, while he has several sources of magic buffing, some of which come with hastega and/or magical quick casting. Wrath can help with soulbreak juggling, and his BSB commands can come with extra mitigation if you're in non-magicite content that thus allows for it.

    Five Star Off-Type: Same as the torment off-type. Edward is a very useful chain bearer. Affliction break can reduce both 5* dark magicite's ability to imperil you, and Esuna can solve blind. Be mindful of Eternal Darkness, as it is mag/mind and thus will counter (and be countered by) Edward's chain.


    Character: Hope
    Chain Type: Magical Tier 2 Holy
    Description: One of the very few holy summoners! Hope is blessed with white 4, which lets him support an off-type team with proshellga.

    Additional Soulbreaks: He does have an auto caster ultra, which can help buff the chain up even while he's supporting the party, and his other ultra is holy radiant shield (With a finisher, which is useful in a magic team at least!)

    Torment Off-Type: Hope's chain gives him a great mag boost, and summons are potent, so he can hit quite hard with his Lunar Dragons (or Madeens) even in a physical team.

    Five Star Off-Type: Proshellga can be a useful thing to toss into a party, and might be what you should focus on. It helps that his mind is pretty good as he's statted a bit sagey. Esuna may be useful for solving blind. Be mindful of Eternal Darkness, as it is mag/mind and thus will counter (and be countered by) Hope's chain.

    Fest Occurrence: Autumn Fest
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    Apr 23, 2015
    ~~Ice Chains~~

    In which people are now poking into 8 and 13's ice schtick, haha.

    Character: Snow
    Chain Type: Tier 1 Ice
    Extra Effect: HP Stock 2000
    Description: Snow can ice monk to hit his chain, but sadly isn't particularly flexible outside of that. Knight means he can taunt or dispel, if either is appropriate.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Snow does have some good buffs on his other soulbreaks - an atk/mag/hastega that helps on both physical and magical ends, a source of last stand, an ice reflect damage, and a shell/haste/crit chance/atk/def party buff. Lifesiphon can help with soulbreak juggling if appropriate.

    Torment Off-Type: Here Snow can use meteor crush to buff his attack and then go ham. Juggling other soulbreaks may be of value.

    Five Star Off-Type: Snow is pretty poor in a magical situation. If you have his other soulbreaks, juggling soulbreaks will give him value. If you do not, he's not going to be helping you very much. Syldra does haste, however, so his ability to dispel that may help out.


    Character: Loser
    Chain Type: Tier 1 Ice
    Extra Effect: Party quick cast 2
    Description: The main female protagonist of FF8 (and it is quite unfortunate that she holds the position!) has a lot of earth kit, but her ice DPS kit is quite good as well. If anything, her big flaw is that she doesn't do a lot to support or help out, making her basically pretty braindead. Which is pretty accurate to the character. Anyway, she does have black, summon, and witch to hit ice with, so she has a variety of ways to contribute there (although her soulbreaks may be more specific, depending). Witch is also handy if you just want to spam the quick-casting witch to generate gauge.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Nope. All DPS.

    Torment Off-Type: Unfortunately for her none of her ability sets come with magic buffs. More fortunately for her, however, she /does/ have sharpshooter - so she can go physical if that is more appropriate. Maybe you can get enough magic buffs on her so she can go magic regardless, given her various soulbreaks?

    Five Star Off-Type: Here the loser's sharpshooter comes to the rescue again - not ideal with her other soulbreaks, but it's a thing. Her (first) awakening hits 'ice' and thus will work relatively fine in a physical setting. White 3 can enable dispel, if that is appropriate (and Syldra /does/ haste).

    Also I hate her so much.


    Character: Fran
    Chain Type: Free Ice
    Description: Apparently at some nebulous point, Fran gets access to machinist 5! Once this happens it gives her a huge edge, haha, but even without that she has support 5 to wrath/entrust/soulbreakjuggle and thus is quite useful on either end of the physical/magical spectrum. Sharpshooter gives her her ice damage.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Her awakening dispels and crushes, and most of her kit in genera is breakdown based which is less useful in the modern metagame - but could help in dispelling buffs. She then does have an imperil ice USB for more direct 'additional soulbreak help'. It is worth noting that her def/res/mind crush on her awakening specifically counters syldra's defensive buff.

    Torment Off-Type: Fran doesn't have a way of buffing herself in a magical team, but this might be okay if your goal for her is to debuff and/or imperil with additional soulbreaks and thus add to everyone's damage that way. Alternately, everyone loves wrath/entrust and Fran can do that, which is handy. When she gets her machinist access, an imperil bot is also often useful.

    Five Star Off-Type: Much the same as the above. She either ignores her own damage with debuffs (to counter buffs) and/or imperils (with soulbreaks or later machinist access), or wrath/entrusts. Affliciton break can counter the imperils and the EnAero.

    Next Chance: Fat Chocobo: Ice. Will also appear in the Anima Lens shop at some point.


    Character: Laguna
    Chain Type: Physical Tier 2 Ice
    Description: The Man with the Machine Gun is a machinist, and that means 'always useful', haha, as imperils are valuable! He does have sharpshooter 5, but odds are you're gonna want him with machinist.

    Additional Soulbreaks: He has an ice imperil SSB, which is a useful budget option to get at it, and then a better ice imperil ultra.

    Torment Off-Type: His own chain gives him the attack buff he needs, so he's fine here using machinist or sharpshooter to kill or imperil things.

    Five Star Off-Type: Sadly, he doesn't have much he can do to help out in a magic team outside of machinist imperils. Fortunately, machinist imperils is a pretty useful one job even if he's not doing damage, so he's fine here doing just that.

    Next Chance: FF8 - When I belong


    Character: Celes
    Chain Type: Physical Tier 2 Ice
    Description: Celes has a fairly eclectic kit, haha. Her main damage and way to help the chain comes from spellblade, and a lot of her relics help bolster her spellblade damage. She has white 4, which can help with proshellga and gives her an extra method of dispel on top of her knighta ccess. Not much else she has helps her chain.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Runic tends to not be the most useful nowadays, but sometimes a boss will do something like 'AOE dispel' that gets caught by it, and any stress removal is nice. She has a party buff (that EnHoly's her) as well as EnIce sources.

    Torment Off-Type: Her chain itself gives the party attack buff she needs to be helpful DPS in either type of a team. Add white 4 to taste.

    Five Star Off-Type: She doesn't have the ability to attack magically, so her primary goal will be her white 4 as well as dispelling haste. If you do have her Maria's Song BSB, or if Runic is useful, she can get at both/either and either buff a mage team or draw magic respectively.

    Syldra has Aeroga and Thundaja that are both AOE and blocked by Runic. Typhon is sadly entirely NAT (well outside of buffing himself).

    Next Chance: FF6 - Dainty Dancer
    (But um she's not an Opera Floozy)
    Fest Occurrence: Autumn Fest


    Character: Serah
    Chain Type: Magical Tier 2 Ice
    Description: Currently our only gen 2 ice magic chain bearer is Serah! Black and Sharpshooter lets her hit ice physically and magically, and she has white 4 to help support the party a little. If you want to have her just gain gauge quickly, she can spam the quick cast witch 4.

    Additional Soulbreaks: She does have other soulbreaks to juggle in - between a 'sage shout' super (it does stack with her chain), an ice raidant shield ultra, and an imperil burst she can find something else to do.

    Torment Off-Type: Her chain gives her plenty of mag to use her preferred magic. White 4 means she can proshellga, and she has other soulbreaks she can juggle in if appropriate.

    Five Star Off-Type: Sharpshooter access means she can do something with physical buffs. Sadly her sage shout doesn't boost attack, but her radiant shield and imperil are still valuable if you can get at them, and she can just throw witch for gauge. White 4 helps with proshellga.

    Next Chance: Fat Chocobo: Ice
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    ~~Lightning Chains~~

    Two people who are not at all flexible, then several people who are extremely flexible! And a lotta machinists. Also woot dragoon! :D Dragoons get extra cookies in my book, haha.

    Character: Kain
    Chain Type: Tier 1 Lightning
    Extra Effect: Deals 22 instead of 11 hits
    Description: Woot Kain! :D Dragoons rock! Anyway, Kain isn't very flexible at all - dragoon is fine for his lightning damage and he gets a lot of soulbreaks, but he's kind of all damage all the time, haha, so he suffers when he can't just jump at things.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Many of his soulbreaks counting as jumps, and him having a few ways of making jumps instant, means he can pull some shenanigans with his soulbreaks, though. 22x9999 from his chain entry can be nuts if you can pull off the requisite buffing and soulbreak chaining nonsense. Nothing he can do outside of physical, though.

    Torment Off-Type: Kain does have a buildup LMR which will help him here, but this is definitely not his forte. There's nothing he can really do magically and his skillset won't help (nor will his other soulbreaks), so he either goes physical or bust.

    Five Star Off-Type: Kain can't do very much here, sadly, except raise the chain. Geosgaeno doesn't even do any buffs that Kain can counter, haha, so may as well keep throwing lightning jumps to raise that chain!


    Character: Shantotto
    Chain Type: Tier 1 Lightning
    Extra Effect: Party Quick Cast 2
    Description: Everyone's favorite tarutaru and bearer of the original chain, Shantotto specializes in witch and also has black magic to hit her lightning chain with. Darkness 4 completes the package by letting her self buff a bit.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Most of her other soulbreaks are just 'more damage', which is great when she's going magic - she does have a party mag/res buff if that's necessary.

    Torment Off-Type: Shantotto can self buff with darkness or other soulbreaks and go to town with magic. This may make it harder to do witch comboes, though.

    Five Star Off-Type: It's too bad that both her monk and darkness only hit 4, haha - if monk was 5 she could go with an odder build and do some physical lightning. But since she doesn't, she unfortunately isn't going to be doing very much in a physical situation, as the only real physical lightning thing she can do is self buff with darkness and then attack while EnElemented from somewhere, haha. :p


    Character: Reno
    Chain Type: Free Lightning
    Description: As both a machinist and a wonky hybrid, Reno is a good choice for the free chain as he can be of value in both physical and magical pools. Black magic, celerity, or machinist all work for damage, and in general he can machinist to imperil.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Many of his earlier soulbreaks are more specific (Burst is all physical) while his later soulbreaks are proper hybrids for physical and magical.

    Torment Off-Type: Black magic in a magic team, Celerity or Machinist in a physical team. And he can always imperil if that's what you'd like him to do.

    Five Star Off-Type: Similarly, as a hybrid and machinist, Reno can always find something to do regardless of it being a physical or magical team.

    Next Chance: Will appear in the Anima Lens shop at some point.


    Character: Prompto
    Chain Type: Physical Tier 2 Lightning
    Description: Prompto is primarily a machinist - that's how he hits his chain's element and means he can be an imperil bot, which is great. He also is full support, which means he can be an entruster, and can actually do a bit of both of those - throw 6* machinist to both gain gauge, do a bit of damage, imperil, and then entrust as appropriate.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Imperils! His ultra, Glint+, and awakening all help his imperil game and thus are useful.

    Torment Off-Type: His chain gives him plenty of physical attack for him to go physical in a magic team, and he can imperil away if you don't care as much about his damage.

    Five Star Off-Type: He can both imperil /and/ entrust? I'm sure you'll find plenty of space for him to do something even against physical resistant enemies.


    Character: Shelke
    Chain Type: Physical Tier 2 Lightning
    Description: Everyone knows Shelke as the original 'instant cast 3 + haste + entrust'er, and that is great for a chain bearer too! She can wrath wrath chain extremely quickly, potentially saving you a mako. Or Mako+Entrust wrath wrath and be about ready to put up the chain after throwing someone else a full bar, also very quickly. Still, uh, she does /also/ have max celerity, and can thus mix in some flash disasters or ripping plasmas to taste.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Shelke's other soulbreaks are eclectic - several breakdown effects that may help counter buffs, a Dispel+Esuna+HighRegen super that can cure some problems in an emergency (such as Geosgaeno's stone punch, if you have nothing else to accomplish this, or maybe Famfrit's protect and silence?), and finally does throw in some physical blinks. Eclectic!

    Torment Off-Type: Her chain is a tier 2 physical chain, she has plenty of buffs to punch people even in a magic team. Or be the support she's more famous for.

    Five Star Off-Type: Note that flash disaster still generates very good gauge if hitting a weakness, so flash disaster + entrust is a reasonable choice. But either way, in a magic team you probably want to keep Shelke support focused.

    Fest Occurrence: Winter Fest


    Character: Garnet
    Chain Type: Magical Tier 2 Lightning
    Description: The Princess and Queen of Alexandria is the bearer of the first magical lightning chain, and her flexibility helps her power it. She has summons to directly hit the chain (Tritoch - er, Valigarmanda right now, and later Dark Ixion), and then via bard can bolster the rest of the team's damage, or throw around proshellga if appropriate.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Dagger's other soulbreaks are supporty too - she has a few stacking buffs in one of her SSBs and one of her BSBs, that same BSB can imperil lightning as does her awakening, she has an ultra with a buff and autocaster which can help with the chain and some damage, and finally a lightning radiant shield. Phew! No wrath or lifesiphon means she may have some trouble juggling soulbreaks if you don't get her Glint+, though.

    Torment Off-Type: Her chain gives her the mag she needs to be a summoner even in a physical team, and given the potency of summons she's very likely to cap hits with just her chain up ont he magical end. She also can bard or help heal (/proshellga) with white 4.

    Five Star Off-Type: Here her summons aren't likely to do much even with their potency (althoug they /might/!), so she's better off focusing on her bardic abilities to raise the team's damage and critting. If you can get at her 'bard abilities sometimes heal' LMR, all the better!

    Next Chance: FF9 - Windswept Hunting Festival


    Character: Desch
    Chain Type: Magical Tier 2 Lightning
    Description: Desch is surprisingly flexible! He's /meant/ to be a black mage, but his machinist 6 lets him perform on the physical side surprisingly well. Or well, he was originally billed as a hybrid but they didn't do a good job of that, heh, he's a mage. Support 4 gives him wrath for ease of juggling, and bard 4 gives him proshellga. Overall a good kit!

    Additional Soulbreaks: Anyway, while most of his soulbreaks are magey, he does have an atk/def party buff (costs him half his HP, but nowadays that's easy to mitigate) and an imperil lightning super, ultra, and glint. Useful!

    Torment Off-Type: His chain gives him plenty of mag to go with his black magic. He can proshellga or machinist-imperil if you'd rather he did something else.

    Five Star Off-Type: In a physical team, Desch can juggle his imperil soulbreaks with wrath in addition to directly supproting the party with lightning machinist skills. Maybe even throw in his atk/def buff for extra cookies, and proshellga with bard. Plenty to do!

    Next Chance: FF3 - Duty Calls
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    ~~Water Chains~~

    Slowly but surely becoming less physical, or at least more mages are joining up.

    Character: Tidus
    Chain Type: Tier 1 Water
    Extra Effect: Party Quick Cast 2
    Description: Tidus has plenty and plenty of water soulbreaks to help out his sharpshooting.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Sadly, outside of a hastega+ether unique, all of his stuff is physical water damage. Which he's good at, mind you, but may hurt him as your chain bearer outside of that.

    Torment Off-Type: Tidus has no buffs or anything, and thus is unhelpful in a magical team. If you can /get/ him some buffs, though, he is a strong physical water damager.

    Five Star Off-Type: Here, Tidus is unlikely to do much besides raise the chain, so he should probably focus on doing that. It may help for him to bring attack break to counter Belias' Saber attack buff. Although maybe, since Belias' enrage increases the damage he takes, with enough outside buffs Tidus can punch through it? Maybe?


    Character: Edge
    Chain Type: Free Water
    Description: Edge gets the free chain! As a water ninja, he is well known for his fantastic SSB (And its upgrade in USB form, which is particularly helpful for his chain). Unfortunately there's no magic water ninja scroll, so he won't be great in a magic team, but maybe the instant last stand + physical blink will win it over for you. If you do land his awakening, scrolls are particuarly good at breaking various magical enraged modes. He can also sharpshooter to hit his chain element, if the enemy is being a jerk about keeping up blinks.

    Additional Soulbreaks: His SSB2 or USB2 are glorious. Instant last stand + Physical blink + Hastega is a great combo, and his USB2 comes with ten chain-bolstering hits to boot.

    Torment Off-Type: Edge has thief 4, and thus can steal power himself some attack. This may be a bit rough to juggle with ninja skills, however, as until Azure Horizon comes out he really wants two skills for ninja. Still, even until then he has sharpshooter or can just focus on blinks, and when Azure Horizon does come out it's a natural fit.

    Five Star Off-Type: In a magic team, Edge will still be valuable for throwing in his SSB/USB. He can also throw phantasms for some effect - they're only single hitting and thus clearly aren't going to win DPS races, but they're fast casting and do generate him gauge. Spamming Reflecting Pool also will get him gauge quickly while keeping him blinked, which may be helpful with Belias' damage in particular. His steal power, while probably moot for his own damage, does counter Belias' Saber buff and thus may get extra value. And admittedly, Belias in particular's enrage results in him taking more damage, so maybe you can leave him enraged and have Edge do some real damage with some external buffs?

    Next Chance: Fat Chocobo: Water. Will also appear in the Anima Lens shop at some point.


    Character: Rikku
    Chain Type: Physical Tier 2 Water
    Description: Rikku has a big, eclectic kit! Most of it isn't very good for water, though. Still, she has sharpshooter to /hit/ water, and then dancer and bard to help support. Eventually, we will get 'Aqua Lower', a 6* thief skill that causes minor imperil water every other cast. This will help give Rikku another role when her damage isn't too central.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Her other soulbreaks are good to juggle in - she has a few buffs (most notably her Hyper Mighty G ultra, for some slot saving proshellga+hastega as well as an extra attack buff and a mag buff), a couple imperil water sources in her BSB and her other USB (And said USB makes her water attacks all have a chance to imperil!), and a glint+ which gives her extra gauge which can make this all plausible to start in the first place. Awakening gives damage reduction. Unfortunately, Rikku has no special gauge generation methods (no wrath nor lifesiphon), so outside of her glint+ it may be hard to juggle.

    Torment Off-Type: Her chain does give her the attack she needs to throw water sharpshooter around. She can also be your party dancer, if that is helpful, and bring proshellga with bard.

    Five Star Off-Type: Most of her kit sadly doesn't work in this scenario. She can dance or steal power to counter Belias' saber, and can carry your protectga. If you have her imperil ultra she can help throw sharpshooter to raise her chain and add extra imperils; if you have her buffing ultra she can supply some mag buffs to the team as well as proshellga and hastega, but both of these require soulbreak juggling that may be rough. She will be a lot happier when the upcoming 6* dance passion salsa comes out (AOE Full Breakdown + a small heal for the party) as that at least gives her something to do. Same with the aformentioned thief 6* which will give her an imperil ability source. It's possible, though, that Belias' enrage mode making him take more damage means she can still do some damage here.

    Next Chance: Fat Chocobo: Water


    Character: Paine
    Chain Type: Physical Tier 2 Water
    Description: A second physical water chain in the same realm? Sadly for Paine, she is notably less flexible about her water damage, but spellblade does let her smack water well enough, and she can go sharpshooter if that's appropriate.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Paine's soulbreaks are great for her doing water damage, but somewhat less so otherwise - she gets a hastega super, her burst carries a dispel on entry (And she can knight to dispel or taunt), and she gets a new USB which grants physical quick cast per water moves but also chases three water moves with party water damage+10%. These are things!

    Torment Off-Type: Her chain gives her the attack power she needs to use spellblade or sharpshooter to her leisure. Mix other soulbreaks to increase her damage as appropriate.

    Five Star Off-Type: Definitely less flexible here. She can be your hastega if that's useful, and can dispel Belias' greater barrier with knight (or BSB entry) and counter his saber with attack break. Her USB which on a third cast will give your party's mages quick cast is the only other thing she can do in a mage team. Unless you want to try leaving Belias in enraged mode and seeing if the extra damage done is sufficient?

    Next Chance: FFX - Trailing Spira's Dream


    Character: Strago
    Chain Type: Magical Tier 2 Water
    Description: A dived strago is a great water summoner /and/ a great water black mage, and can thus do whichever you'd prefer. Water mages are pretty rare too, although they're becoming /less/ rare as time goes on. White 4 helps with proshellga access and potential curajas.

    Additionmal Soulbreaks: Strago's soulbreaks are pretty eclectic, but in a way that may help out - he has a proshellga+Res up super and a water radiant shield ultra. His burst also has unusual commands which may make it more applicable - tossing around ST magic blinks keeps pressure off your healer, and his resistance ignoring command is potent despite being only two-hits. Of course, he doesn't have lifesiphon or wrath or anything, so juggling soulbreaks may be harder than just sticking to his white 4.

    Torment Off-Type: His chain gives him the magic buff to continue casting even in a physical team here - summons in particular have a high multiplier so he's likely to cap.

    Five Star Off-Type: I did a quick test myself - with just Rikku's chain and his BSB active, a +water magic artifact, and his own cloak for +water as armour (Chain was on 0%), Strago does ~8800x2 with his BSB command 2 to Phoenix (this is, summarily, with zero magic buffs at all). That is a heck of a lot more than anything else a spellcaster can do there, haha, and almost certainly going to be 9999x2 with his own chain, and thus is a very reasonable choice - plus the command 1's magic blink spreading may help out. Phoenix gives you a lot of gauge, so that and/or his water radiant shield will probably give you a lot of damage to juggle in with his chain. Alternately, his white 4 is useful for shellga and/or healing. Possibly use Kirin or Memento of Prayer to cure the saps too, if that's your scene.

    I'd like to put an extra spotlight on Strago's LM2. The healing is 'enough that it matters', and it happens whenever he takes any amount of damage at all, and thus can save your life regardless of what else he's doing.

    Next Chance: FF6 - Treasure Hunting Adventurer, Fat Chocobo: Water


    Character: GogoV
    Chain Type: Magical Tier 2 Water
    Description: This is the funniest animation of a soulbreak in awhile, haha. Anyway, GogoV is one of the very few water mages that /isn't/ a summoner, so it's chain waterja or vortex for him. But with full black, full white, and full bard, he has quite a bit he can do.

    Additional Soulbreaks: GogoV has an Atk/Mag/Hastega soulbreak which is helpful and stacks with things. Several of his soulbreaks have him mimic an ability upon activating it - while he is unfortunately much more magic-focused than his FF6 counterpart, this still can be used for clutch heals in a physical team, or copying other unusual options. With an artifact knife in hand he can even go physical - at least on those mimic'd attacks, haha.

    Torment Off-Type: His chain gives him the magic buff he needs to continue throwing black magic just fine.

    Five Star Off-Type: First of all, he is white 5 - he can carry curada, hastega, proshellga, or whatnot. Secondly, he's bard 5, and thus can buff your physical units via bardsong (Or Allegro on a mage team but that's secondary for this specific category). Finally, he has an attack-boosting soulbreak that comes with haste, and Phoenix gives out tons of gauge. Due to the lots-of-gauge feature, it is also plausible that you can throw in mimics at the right time to help with various things.

    Next Chance: FF5 - Blazing Dawn
    Fest Occurrence: Autumn Fest
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    ~~Wind Chains~~

    Sky High! And other elemental choices I guess

    Character: Zack
    Chain Type: Tier 1 Wind
    Extra Effect: +50% Attack, +50% Critical Damage, deals no entry hits
    Description: Zack definitely has the most unusual tier 1 chain - it basically has the same 50% attack that tier 2 physical chains have, and it does no entry hits just like tier 2 physical chains, so the question is between the 20% field bonus of Zack with 50% critical damage, or the 50% field bonus of other tier 2 physical chains. Gau and Cloud like the critical damage, but the field damage does help everyone. Anyway, Zack himself relies on celerity to hit the wind damage his chain requires, and thus can use flash disaster to juggle if appropriate (Or stick to lifesiphon).

    Additional Soulbreaks: Outside of his this-might-matter hastega super, a lot of Zack's kit helps cause imperil wind to things. This includes his burst as a budget option, and his ultra, awakening, and glint+ otherwise. Imperils are useful, but he has to make sure he can get the gauge he needs.

    Torment Off-Type: Zack's chain gives him the physical buff he needs to go physical even in a magical team, although the critical hit buff will be wasted in these circumstances.

    Five Star Off-Type: This is a little harder - if not juggling soulbreaks, Zack won't be doing very much as his kit doesn't allow for much more than lifesiphon or celerity. If you can juggle, imperils are helpful even on a magic team, and maybe he can be your re-hastega after the Savage Giant Rumbling dispels it.


    Character: Freya
    Chain Type: Free Wind
    Description: Woot Freya! :D Dragoons rock! She relies on dragoon skills to hit her chain's element, although she sadly isn't the most flexible outside of that. When passion salsa comes out, though, she can at least dance to be a backup healer. Support 4 gives her the wrath she needs to juggle soulbreaks. Between her trance and her LMR, she actually does a rather good job of raising her chain when she needs to.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Much of her kit is breakdown based, which doesn't work against a lot nowadays but is nifty when it does. She does get radiant shield on her awakening, though, which is helpful and lets her dual-dance as well. Her unusual LMR can have her double dip - both helping heal the party a bit and then following it up with more sky highs.

    Torment Off-Type: Unfortunately she doesn't have much buffs to get her going in these circumstances. While dragoon skills do hit hard, she will need a little more help to really get going with them. Hopefully dancing or juggling in breakdowns are valuable!

    Five Star Off-Type: Not too much Freya can offer to a magic team outside of raising the chain and dancing. She definitely wants passion salsa to come out as soon as possible.

    Next Chance: Fat Chocobo: Wind. Will appear in the Anima Lens shop at some point.


    Character: Faris
    Chain Type: Physical Tier 2 Wind
    Description: Faris is very flexible in general, although for the purpose of her chain a lot of things kind of combine down. Thief is how she hits her chain's element (thus most likely storm assault). She is support 5 and dancer 5, however, and thus can wrath/entrust as appropriate or debuff if appropriate. When Passion Salsa comes out she can also heal, at least a bit. Wrath may make it easier to juggle soulbreaks, although that does cost her her own soulbreak's attack buff.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Much of Fairs' early kit is breakdown based and thus less valuable nowadays. She does have a few imperil sources, however - from a budget super to an ultra to her awakening, so that's probably a good direction to aim for.

    Torment Off-Type: Faris' chain gives her the attack buff she needs to go physical even in a mage team, so she's free to commence the murder.

    Five Star Off-Type: She can entrust if that's appropriate, or wrath up multiple soulbreaks to imperil. When Passion Salsa comes out she can also heal a little. Sadly, no dispel for Adamantoise.


    Character: Luneth
    Chain Type: Physical Tier 2 Wind
    Description: Woot, /two/ dragoons have wind chains! :D Luneth can use dragoon or celerity to hit his chain's element, and spellblade 5 is a choice as well even though he can't hit 6. Darkness means self buffs, and means in /general/ he can play at being a mage, but that doesn't help him for the specifics of 'wind damage'. Support 4 for wrath lets him juggle soulbreaks in that way if appropriate.

    Additional Soulbreaks: While Luneth is great at wind damage (I love his wind-attacks-drain ultra for this), none of his other soulbreaks have any value at all in a magical team, so he uses other soulbreaks to bolster his physical wind damage or doesn't bother at all.

    Torment Off-Type: His chain gives him plenty of attack to do his thing in a mage team, and darkness means he can self buff further if approrpriate. Wrath or Lifesiphon or Flash disaster let him juggle efficiently.

    Five Star Off-Type: Here life is a lot more rough for Luneth - he just doesn't offer much to a mage team besides raising the chain, and he can't really deal with adamantoise's buffs or haste-removals. Besides, perhaps, jumping over some of the auto hit statii.

    Next Chance: Fat Chocobo: Wind


    Character: Alphinaud
    Chain Type: Magical Tier 2 Wind
    Description: Our resident wind summoner, with full black and white to boot. If anything, Alphinaud's biggest concern is that he is one of the main people to /use/ a wind chain rather than set it, haha.

    Additional Soulbreaks: His super is a non-elemental radiant shield, but it also comes with an atk/mag boost and is generally quite useful. He does have an ultra with a wind-specific radiant shield too. Not a bad kit overall!

    Torment Off-Type: Alphinaud's chain gives him plenty of mag to summon, and as summons have high multipliers he's likely to hit the cap with them. He can juggle in more wind damage too, if appropriate.

    Five Star Off-Type: White 5 means he can proshellga, hastega, curada, or ultra cure away Hecatoncheir's blind/confuse/RemoveHaste. He does give a lot of gauge so juggling in an attack buff (via super; comes with a non-elemental radiant shield) or a wind radiant shield (via ultra) may help as well.


    Character: Fujin
    Chain Type: Magical Tier 2 Wind
    Description: Black and Ninja to hit her chain element,
    Black, Sharpshooter, Ninja 5, White Support 4

    Additional Soulbreaks: Fujin has a couple very odd soulbreak buffs, in addition to a more standard cadre of improving her own wind damage. Her Jin unique is like a small soulbreak-based affliction break (that does grant the whole party physical blink 1!), which can help against imperils, and her awakening chases with boosting the party's wind damage. Besides that she's all wind damage.

    Torment Off-Type: Her chain gives her the magic power needed to be a caster in a physical team. Ninja's ability to ignore resistance may be of value there, depending on the enemy, but you probably want to focus on black magic once the chain is up for the additional hits.

    Five Star Off-Type: While I'm lacking Fujin's chain, I do have Alphinaud's! Thus I gave a quick test - with his chain going, no EnWind for Fujin, and a 6* magic knife and 6* armour, she does about ~4k x2 to Hecatoncheir. That's not the best but also isn't terrible all things considered - I presume that if she had her EnWind super up she would be doing 7kish per hit too, which is pretty good. Definitely a plausible route for her to help out with - it's fast casting too, and helps bump the chain. Alternately, her white 4 can help her proshellga, backup heal, or cure the blind/confuse that Hecatoncheir throws around. Of course, with her awakening up you can probably get that ninja scroll to break savage mode for you!

    Next Chance: FF8 - A matron no more


    ~~Poison Chains~~

    Still no poison chains. :( C'mon DeNA, we've got plenty of people who could use one! Jerk DeNA.
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  9. Kantolin

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    Apr 23, 2015
    ~~Realm Chains~~

    All Realm chains are very good for their respective torments or dream battles- particularly as they free you up to bring the healing roaming warrior to torments instead! With their field bonus being +50% and torments/dreams being weak to everything, they free up a lot of team compositions.

    Oddly, FF4, FF14, and FFT have no realm chain yet.

    The elemental analysis afterwards is for using the realm chains outside of their torment/dream, by analyzing at least a bit what elements the rest of the realm can hit efficiently. Obviously these will vary tremendously depending on your relics, heh, but can at least give an idea on other places to utilize the realm chains.

    And finally remember - even if you have nobody from a given realm, the realm chain is at its worse an atk/mag/hastega provided you use it before any other chains you were using. You can definitely do worse than that for a party buff!

    Chain Type:
    Additional Soulbreaks:


    Character: Dr. Mog
    Chain Type: Core Realm Chain
    Description: I did not expect Dr. Mog to join the cast at all! Lazy Moogle. Anyway, he's a multi-elemental sage - full Black, White, Summon, and Support means he has plenty of tech to utilize.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Dr. Mog's kit tends towards Holy, Fire, Ice, and Lightning. So he can work with a wide range of elements. His second awakening and newest soulbreaks are water based, too, so now he's also a water caster. No EnElements, though, which hurts him for 6* magicite.

    Torment: There is no core torment (...yet?)

    Elements: Unfortunately for Dr. Mog, the core realm is pretty limited. Tyro and Elarra don't favor any elements really. Biggs is just Earth, Wedge is just Wind... and those are two elements that Dr. Mog /can't/ hit as well! Still, you can squeeze in a team in several ways - Elarra also has summon access and Tyro can do anything besides weild keyblades, so you /can/ have, say, Tyro/Elarra/Dr.Mog/Wedge all hit wind, or Tyro/Elarra/Dr.Mog/Biggs all hit earth. May be hard to pull in rough content, but Tyro and Elarra do have good soulbreaks defensively so the main problem is damage.

    ...er, and the true cores suck. In Japan they get 5* access and still suck. :p
    (Except core dragoon he's awesome)


    Character: Warrior of Light
    Chain Type: FF1 Realm Chain
    Description: It's a bit rough that he has the realm chain when he really wants to be the one /using/ the Realm chain... WoL is pretty much exclusively holy, too.

    Torment: A single paralyze for slot 3, and otherwise dispels are the main things to watch out for. Warrior of Light does have white 4 which can help with the dispels, at least!

    Holy: Probably the only real chance the realm has of going with an element. Warrior of Light is meant to hit holy, while Wol has a breakdown-based brave that is holy itself (although he himself has no holy kit. Note this brave does specifically counter the Torment Garland's buff). Echo has a holy burst with some breakdowns, and while none of Meia's or Matoya's soulbreaks hit holy they can at least use ability spam with Holy Summons or Holyja. This isn't great (or even terribly good, honestly), but it's as good as you're gonna get from the realm. White Wizard and Red Wizard when, DeNA?

    Next Chance: FF1 - Light that Breaks the Chains of Time.


    Character: Gordon
    Chain Type: FF2 Realm Chain
    Description: Gordon is a support, and thus is helpful in supporting any kind of team with entrusts. His white 4 helps as well with proshellga.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Unfortunately for Gordon, most of his soulbreaks are breakdowny which aren't the most useful anymore. He has another source of hastega, but the chain itself is a hastega. His last stand BSB may come up, though.

    Torment: Interestingly, Gordon's glint and atk/mag debuffing unique may help for their ability to counter the torment's buffs (Unless you have Hilda around dancing). Gordon also can bring dispel for the haste/protect/shell/highregen that the boss throws up.

    Fire: Leila (with her USB) and Firion (With his Samurai kit) both can rock fire. Scott is kind of lacking in the fire department, which is unfortunate, but he does come with additional buffs and does /have/ fire kit (particularly if you include Hilda). Gordon himself likes to play fire, although he's also secondary about it.

    Ice: Leila's ability doubler lets her hit ice quite well, and Josef has some buffy ice kit, while Firion can go samurai. So ice works! Gordon on support.

    Wind: Leila, Emperor, and Ricard can all specialize in wind. This gives you about a full team if you have the right kit - Scott can join in with snowspell strikes too, for an added buff and some astra. Gordon on support.

    Earth: Probably the realm's strongest single element. Maria and Emperor both tend to specialize in it and have awakenings that can hit it, while Guy brings some earth imperil kit to the table. While not as optimal, Leon, Josef, Scott, and Firion can all /hit/ earth with their kits. Firion's Rush of Arms can also bolster his earth knight abilities more directly, while Josef's ultra can bring a stacking attack buff and last stand (and self quick cast) for his earth punches. Scott can also bring a stacking atk/mag/mind buff and astra, if that is more appropriate. Gordon again supports.

    Holy: Firion and Minwu both tag holy, but it's sadly just the two of them and the atk/mag of the chain doesn't directly boost Minwu. Leon /can/ do it if push comes to shove, though! Gordon can support the two.

    Dark: Leon and Emperor both can tag dark with their primary abilities. There isn't a third darkness user in the realm, though, and the realm lacks a summoner entirely, so it's really up to those two to carry your team. Gordon can support them with some entrusting.

    Next Chance: FF2 - Remembrance of Peace


    Character: Onion Knight
    Chain Type: FF3 Realm Chain
    Description: Onion Knight is known for his very powerful buffs, and his chain stacks with both of his buffer USBs. He's then pretty flexible to go with it! The realm itself has a bunch of 'One person of this element', however, which makes it hard to stack up out of the torment.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Pretty much all of Onion's top end kit is useful to his chain. He can mix in more buffs with his physical and magical USB, be damage with his sage USB, have his chain actually boost his non-elemental OSB, or throw in his awakening to both buff and cast.

    Torment: An opening petrify and then a couple death spells are all that's out of the ordinary. Ahriman just beats you to death with magic, so beat him back with the various characters, haha.

    Elements: Unfortunately, FF3 really doesn't work well outside of its torment as a single team, at least not in elemental meta! Refia is fire, Ingus Earth, Luneth Wind, Arc Water and Holy, Desch Lightning, Cloud of Darkness dark, and Aria is a healer. Onion can do earth/wind/fire/water with his sage USB or awakening, which /can/ get you two, but that's a lot of stress for not a lot of gain, haha, since Onion is the one who has to set up the realm chain in the first place.

    Next Chance: FF3 - Duty Calls


    Character: Krile
    Chain Type: FFV Realm Chain
    Description: Krile isn't the most versatile chain bearer, so she herself may be a bit of pressure if you're trying to use it for a particular element. Still, she's a black summoner and thus can /hit/ every element, so that is good. (Also proshellga from bard). Butz's versatility helps a lot.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Krile does specialize in fire and earth, which gives at least some versatility here.

    Torment: Gilgamesh is one of the easier torments. You need dispel and probably a last stand to get through it, though.

    Fire: Butz, Gilgamesh, and Krile focus here. Faris has some fire kit that she can use to jump in, too, and Galuf can get at EnFire for himself if you want to mix in some fire monkage.

    Water: Butz and GogoV can hit water primarily. Krile can throw water summons so as not to stack up with GogoV.

    Wind: Butz and Faris like going wind, and Krile has some wind summons to throw.

    Earth: A surprisingly strong FFV choice. Butz, Galuf, Dorgann, and Kelgar all like Earth, as does Krile herself with many of her other soulbreaks. Xezat's upcoming awakening lets him go earth too.

    Next Chance: FF5 - Blazing Dawn
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  10. Kantolin

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    Character: Mog
    Chain Type: FF6 Realm Chain
    Description: Mog is a great buffer, and FF6 is a pretty big realm, so a lot can happen in here. it is a bit unfortunate that Mog's dances are unlikely to be critical in top end content, but the upcoming passion salsa will help a little with that, he does have dragoon, and he does get upgraded to white 5 in the future. Setzer is generally a good support if breakdowns are encouraged here - he hits a lot of times as he does things. Also woohoo, Mog is a dragoon! :D

    Additional Soulbreaks: Mog has a lot of other support soulbreaks - between a pentabreak+Proshellga+Hastega ultra, an atk/mag/mind ultra, a sage shout burst, or even sun bath, he has plenty to do that stacks with his chain. Of course, his awakening is also fantastic.

    Torment: A little bit of AOE, and a more annoying amount of sleep are what you want to deal with here. Beyond that it's just Wrexsoul beating you to death.

    Fire: Probably the FF6 staple. Terra, Locke, Edgar, Sabin, and Cyan all are interested in fire. Mog himself will have to be a backup healer or dancer, though, but that's a lot of fire kit (and Edgar brings imperils!). GogoVI can bring extra buffs and is particularly good at mimicing Terra's summons due to their high multipliers. Celes' ability doubler for spellblades means she can probably jump in here too.

    Ice: Celes and Umaro are your ice pair. Cyan has an ability doubler Ultra which lets him play strong despite the lack of EnIce. Mog being there even powers up Umaro's ultra!

    Lightning: Gau brings the lightning damage with his ultra, Edgar brings the imperils. Mog can help out with Lightning leaps. Celes' ability doubler for spellblades may let her jump in here too.

    Holy: Celes and General Leo are your primary targets for holy. A few others can get at it (Notably Edgar), but those are the only two whos soulbreaks really support going holy. Might be a good place to have GogoVI try his mimic tech out!

    Dark: Shadow and Kefka like their darkness, and Setzer's more recent support soulbreaks also go dark.

    Poison: FF6 is one of the few places you can squeeze out a poison team, too. Edgar can imperil poison (and in fact is the only one in the game who really can!) and has a poison arcane and everything, while Kefka can throw poison magic. Kefka even has an awakening with a poison follow-up, although his source of EnBio is elsewhere. Finding a third for this team is harder - Locke can pretend with poison leaves, GogoVI can pretend by mimicing chain bioga.

    Next Chance: FF6 - Treasure Hunting Adventurer, FF6 - Dainty Dancer


    Character: Cid7
    Chain Type: FF7 Realm Chain
    Description: I guess Cid is technically the secondary leader when Cloud isn't around? Sadly Cid7 isn't the most flexible of characters, but woooot dragoon! :D And he can machinist up some imperils. FF7 is a big realm, but a lot of the characters therein haven't recieved the most love.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Cid does have a shout equivalent, which can be helpful on its own rights.

    Torment: You'll need AOE, and you'll need to hit fast and hard. And dispel. And to manage their incoming poison presuming you're last standing.

    Fire: I don't think Vincent and Elena are enough to carry a fire team, especially since Elena tends towards support rather than damage. Barret, who has increasing fire kit, has the same general problem as Elena there. Maybe it can be made to work, though? Maybe when Genesis shows up as an extra fire character? Cid7 can machinist up some imperils here.

    Lightning: Reno and Shelke. Cid7 himself can throw in some Impulse Dives (or imperils), so you miiiight just be able to squeeze this team out if you have good kit for Reno and Shelke.

    Wind: The realm's most natural fit. Cloud, Zack, Cid7 himself, and Angeal all enjoy going wind. Cloud in particular has very strong soulbreaks to mix in.

    Earth: Tifa is a very strong earth character, but it may be a bit rough with Red and Rude not quite holding up their ends. Red does have some valuable soulbreaks, however, so maybe this is a thing! Yuffie has earth kit and can thus jump in too if you snag those. Cid7 himself will have to just juggle soulbreaks or something.

    Dark: Cloud and Sephiroth can tag-team darkness, and the two of them do a good job of it to the point where this is clearly a fine pair. Rufus has good dark imperil kit too, to throw in. Although I have no idea what Cid7 himself will do there besides juggle in his shout?

    In addition, Cloud kit means he can probably at least /kind/ of play in most elements with Samurai (Fire), Heavy (earth), and spellblade(Lightning). Cloud is kinda nuts, haha.

    Next Chance: FF7 - Setting things Right, FF7 - Poems for the Planet


    Character: Irvine
    Chain Type: FF8 Realm Chain
    Description: Support is always a great school to have on a chain bearer - means no matter what they can participate. Everyone knows FF8 as 'the ice realm', and this is accurate - still, there are a few more elemental choices here too. Hopefully I have it clear /which/ Loser I'm talking about via context as both are in this realm together, haha.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Irvine's soulbreaks are all fire and/or breakdowny, so primarily 'fire and imperil fire'.

    Torment: Lots of status effects and poison damage gets thrown at you. Maybe an affliction break for the imperil poison, but you'll definitely need an answer to some statii!

    Fire: Loser has fire spellblade kit, Zell likes fire, and Irvine himself likes fire. Seifer also has a good amount of fire kit himself. A very plausible element to go for with an 8 team!

    Ice: This is probably the most natural fit in the realm. Loser and Laguna can go physical, Loser and Edea can go magical, and all four are natural ice fits. Irvine himself can sharpshooter his way to also helping with Ice, and/or support. You can then have, say, Quistis jump in with some ice damage while supporting the group.

    Wind: Fujin and Ultimecia are your primary wind choices here. They don't have a ton of help (although Quistis can throw some wind magic as well), Fujin has an awakening and Ultimecia has ability doubler USB /and/ an awakening (don't use them both at the same time) which may be enough. Irvine will have to support to help out.

    Earth: Sigh Ward sigh. C'mon DeNA. Loser doesn't really have any company here since Ward has been basically ignored.

    Dark: Seifer and Ultimecia hit dark. Edea can pretend but really is focused on doing ice damage over dark (Although her /arcane/ is dark, so it's still a thing). This is probably enough to rock darkness options in the realm, with Irvine supporting them.


    Character: Steiner
    Chain Type: FF9 Realm Chain
    Description: Kinda weird thematically that Steiner gets this, haha, he didn't exactly unite the FF9 crew. But that's fine! As a spellblade and Knight, he can hit a lot of elements at least decently, and his newest stuff is fire/lightning/ice.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Besides his very depresisng USB1, his USB2 and OSB and second BSB all hit his trio of elements and thus may help.

    Torment: Heavy poison and dark damage, and a pile of status effects including haste removal. Thankfully the realm has an astra in the form of Quina, and yigads will you be needing it.

    Fire: Vivi and Amarant like it here, and Steiner has a lot of fire kit himself. Garnet can use her various supporty soulbreaks and help out here as a fire summoner if appropriate.

    Wind: Probably the strongest FF9 element. Zidane, Marcus, and Freya all like to rock wind, Eiko has a bunch of wind based soulbreaks existent an coming up, and Steiner can at least throw snowspells to help with it. Vivi can ability doubler some Chain Aerojas too.

    Poison: FF9 is one of the few realms that can do a poison team, and might just be the best at it. Zidane can awakening some double thief poison leaves, Vivi can ability doubler Chain Bioga in trance, and while Marcus focuses on wind imperils he can still chase a poison leaves with a poison chase while having a doublecast legend materia. Neat! I have no idea what Steiner would do in this circumstance. Biora strike? Flare strike?

    Next Chance: FF9 - Windswept Hunting Festival


    Character: Rikku
    Chain Type: FFX Realm Chain
    Description: It still feels weird that Rikku gets this /and/ a tier 2 water chain, haha, but she's still flexible but in a weird way. At least here her varied kit functions a bit more.

    Additional Soulbreaks: It is most unfortunate that her realm chain doesn't stack with Hyper Mighty G! Her Hyper NullAll unique does boost attack and resistance (as seperate buffs, as a note), and she does have a few imperil options for water.

    Torment: Mega death sucks! Also throws some confusion, sap, and osmose. And loots of dark damage to go with the holy damage.

    Fire: Actually strong in the realm - Braska, Jecht, and Auron all hit it, and the latter two have awakenings for it. Rikku herself can sharpshooter her fire damage. Yuna does generally doublecast 'summon' with her awakening and thus can also play in this pool.

    Ice: Lulu does ice, Auron can off-ice with a few samurai things including notably his awakening, Tidus can go off-ice with his awakening, and Yuna can go off-ice with her awakening, which means you can /barely/ squeeze out an ice team from the realm. Rikku can be on machinist duty again.

    Water: Probably the most obvious choice for FFX, haha. Tidus, Wakka, Lulu, Kimahri, Rikku herself, and Paine all specialize in water. If anything, the biggest stress will be deciding who gets to hold your one Sapphire Blitz! Yuna can play at water with her awakening and water summons.

    Dark: Seymour and Jecht. I'm not sure if that is sufficient dark for the realm to count, although Yuna can again play dark with summons (then again, she and Seymour will be fighting over summons...)

    Next Chance: FFX - Trailing Spira's Dream
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  11. Kantolin

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    Character: Prishe
    Chain Type: FFXI Realm Chain
    Description: Prishe is a lightning monk now! FFXI doesn't get a lot of love by DeNA, sadly, so it's a bit rough around the edges. In most cases, if you're sticking in the realm, you probably should consider having Curilla around for all her support soulbreaks.

    Additional Soulbreaks: While Prishe's ability doubler is fantastic, it's worth noting that her super of medica + last stand + regen is useful too, especially in the torment.

    Torment: Requires both physical and magical damage to push through the palings. Zeid can help resist the dark damage! Bring hastega unless your DPS is stellar!

    Ice: Ayame and Prishe herself can go ice, so the real clincher is: Do you have some sort of ice-witch-acceptable kit for Shantotto? If so you're golden, if not it may be more than a little rough.

    Lightning: The most natural fit for the realm. Shantotto, Prishe herself, and Lilisette like going lightning, and even Aphmau's burst attacks plays in the lightning pool.

    I'm sad that nobody can play with the awesome Galka.

    Next Chance: FF11 - Braving the Countless Ordeals, FF11 - Awakening Lion


    Character: Balthier
    Chain Type: FFXII Realm Chain
    Description: The leading man is a machinist, and that means he can poke his head into a number of elements. Sharpshooter and 5* spellblade also help him out in this respect, and he can steal power himself an extra attack buff. If he can't imperil the element, however, he won't be doing much in a magic team.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Everything Balthier does is fire! Fire fire fire!

    Torment: You need dispel, a physical and magic party, and some way to not die to an absolutely absurd amount of damage. Probably the hardest torment.

    Fire: Some of Vaan's thief kit gives him things like 'instant thief casts' - those will let him play with Balthier in fire. It'll just be those two, though, so be careful!

    Lightning: Ashe and Reks are your two lightning characters in the realm. Balthier can join in with some imperils, which helps. Reks is supporty, which may be a bit rough as you need some damage, but he can do his thing well enough. Fran has a super that does imperil lightning, if push comes to shove.

    Dark: Vayne and Gabranth both hit dark. Again, you're stuck with 'just those two', but it may be enough to get the job done.

    The realm does have very good support for whatever you do pick, though. Basch has a handy atk/mag buffing ultra, Penelo is a great dancer/healer, Larsa is a great support/healer. It's just finding the damage somewhere, haha.

    Next Chance: FF12 - Beauty of the Forest


    Character: Fang
    Chain Type: FF13 Realm Chain
    Description: Woohoo, dragoon! :D Fang isn't flexible at all - either she smacks wind, maybe lightning or water with other jumps, or her job is the chain.

    Additional Soulbreaks: She does have an imperil wind burst, though. That may help!

    Torment: Some sap, some slow and sap, some dispel, and a lot of piercing.

    Ice: Several people in the realm tag ice. Snow, Serah, and Noel can swing with it, although Fang herself won't have a lot to do.

    Lightning: Lightning has strong kit, but it'll mostly just be Fang using Impulse Dive to join in as nobody else from FF13 pings lightning. Sazh is a machinist, though, so he may be able to help with imperils?

    Dark: Cid Raines is strong, and Nabaat is a good imperiler. Perhaps those two with some support can pull it off?


    Character: Ignis
    Chain Type: FF15 Realm Chain
    Description: Huzzah, more dragoons! A lot of dragoons are getting realm chains for some reason even though they're often not the most flexible with them? Ignis is more well known for his powerful supporty soulbreaks - and his quite potent burst. He does have Thief and Sharpshooter to hit fire, which most of the rest of his soulbreaks are.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Ignis can use his burst to superchage one person, so if you have, say, an awakening in FF15, Ignis can help you rock it.

    Torment: Buffs his attack, interrupts the back row, and then is kind of hard to deal with due to the limited white mages in the realm, haha, but if you have Ignis' chain that at least covers hastega so Iris can Protectga/Curada.

    Fire: Ignis and Noctis can rock here, although Noctis requires his awakening to really do so. Prompto can help out with imperils and entrusting, and gladiolus can bring additional buffs and samurai up his own fire.

    Lightning: Noctis, Aranea, and Prompto are the focus here. Again, this requires Noctis to have his awakening, although Aranea and Prompto might be able to squeak by on their own.

    Earth: This time it's Noctis and Gladiolus, same repetition about Noctis awakening.

    Non-Elemental: While blech, the realm chain /does/ boost non-elemental damage, so Noctis can rock all that non elemental stuff he's been so desperate to try. There are a few potent non-elemental options others can sort of help with (Such as Aranea with Sky High) if you're desperate enough.

    Next Chance: FF15 - Shield of the King, FF15 - The Guiding Oracle


    Character: Ace
    Chain Type: FF0 Realm Chain
    Description: We have arrived! Ace is /surprisingly/ flexible - full black, summon, celerity, and sharpshooter means he can nail a bunch of elements, and white 4 means he can support with proshellga. Makes it a lot easier when going to various elements. And in the realm, uh, hopefully you have Cater and the upcoming Trey kit! They make things a lot more smooth.

    Additional Soulbreaks: Ace's personal kit is all fire. He does have a medica super and a physical blink burst which may come up? It's unfortunate that his buffing BSB doesn't stack with his realm cahin.

    Torment: The creepy thing uses a ton of elemental attacks, a couple dispels, a couple interrupts with damage, and then he murders slot 2. Nine please jump over that nonsense.

    Fire: Ace, Jack, Cater, and Trey can smack things around here. Ace should probably go sharpshooter to keep the team physical here. Probably the most natural fit - a slot saving Rem with her haste/shell/astra/reraise USB can join in with fire summons if you are mixed. Or buffer machina with spellblade. King also has a machinist doubler, and thus can help with imperils (Although I presume Cater has that covered!)

    Ice: A smooth fit for Seven, Cater, and Trey. A bit rougher for Ace, but he can stil join in with some sharpshooter. Seven can focus on imperils and just keep the team otherwise physical. Again with King and machinist doubler.

    Lightning: Queen, King, and again Cater can jump in here. Ace can go celerity to join in physically. A pretty strong set!

    Earth: Machina and Cinque go here. Unfortunately Machina's soulbreaks can be a bit iffy and Ace can only participate with black magic and summons, so this may be a rougher squeeze than most. Could work, though!

    Next Chance: FF0 - Hard Clenched Sorrow


    FF4, FF14, FFT, and Beyond have no realm chains. Presumably the first three will be fixed soon enough! Here are some theories on how they'd work with a realm chain.

    FF4 has a lot of people therein.
    Lightning: Palom, Kain and Cid4 are the focused lightning characters.
    Water: Edge and Rydia hit water, although being on opposite ends of physical/magical may hurt their efforts.
    Earth: Yang, Ursula, Tellah, and Rydia all can dance with earth. -
    Holy: Cecil, Ceodore, FuSoYa. Either Rosa or Porom could suddenly get offensive white mage kit at any moment.
    Dark: Golbez and Cecil can rock darkness.

    FF14 has much wonkier support, haha.
    Fire: Yda, Papalymo, and Cid14 all can rock fire. This is kind of the realm's only unified element - Thancred sems to have finally decided on earth, Alphinaud and Estinien rock wind (Could try there), and Ysayle is definitely ice. The others are either supporty (Minfillia, Y'shtola) or sadly in desperate need of some attention (Haruchefant).

    FFT is pretty famous for its holy knights
    Fire: Delita, Mustadio, and Montblanc all hit fire on their ultras.
    Lightning: Rafa, Malak, and Montblanc can be a lightning mage core. Maybe Alma can join in with summons, and if physical is okay Delita can play here too.
    Earth: Meliadoul and Orlandu can smack around Earth well. Ramza and Agrias, while clearly holy focused, also both have awkaen knight and thus can play at earth.
    Holy: Clearly the Realm's focus. Ramza, Agrias, Delita, Ovelia, Orlandu, and Marche all hit it cleanly, while Meliadoul can play with holy and Alma can throw summons while supporting the party.
    Dark: Orlandu and Gaffgarion are your darkness characters. Which is a little light, but Orlandu is sufficiently strong enough to power through.

    I dunno about Beyond or Kingdom Hearts. The KH crew is rather potent, but the only shared element is fire (Sora and Axel). The beyond crew is kinda eclectic. I sincerely doubt beyond will get an awakening, although Kingdom Hearts might?
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    Apr 23, 2015
    ~List of chains in Realm order, in text~

    Dr Mog - Realm
    WoL - Holy 1
    WoL - Realm
    Garland - Dark 1
    Gordon - Realm
    Emperor - Earth Mag
    Luneth - Wind Phys
    Ingus - Earth 1
    Desch - Lightning Mag
    Onion Knight - Realm
    CoD - Dark Mag
    Paladin Cecil - Holy Free
    Kain - Lightning 1
    Edward - Holy Mag
    Edge - Water Free
    Ceodore - Holy Phys
    Galuf - Earth Phys
    GogoV - Water Mag
    Gilgamesh - Fire Phys
    Faris - Wind Phys
    Krile - Fire 1
    Krile - Realm
    Locke - Fire 1
    Celes - Ice Phys
    Mog - Realm
    Strago - Water Mag
    RedXIII - Earth Mag
    Vincent - Fire Mag
    Zack - Wind 1
    Cid7 - Realm
    Reno - Lightning Free
    Shelke - Lightning Phys
    Rude - Earth Free
    Loser - Ice 1
    Irvine - Realm
    Seifer - Dark Phys
    Laguna - Ice Phys
    Fujin - Wind Mag
    Garnet - Lightning Mag
    Steiner - Realm
    Freya - Wind Free
    Tidus - Water 1
    Rikku - Water Phys
    Rikku - Realm
    Auron - Fire Phys
    Paine - Water Phys
    Seymour - Dark 1
    Shantotto - Lightning 1
    Prishe - Realm
    Balthier - Realm
    Fran - Ice Free
    Gabranth - Dark Phys
    Vayne - Dark Free
    Snow - Ice 1
    Hope - Holy Mag
    Fang - Realm
    Serah - Ice Mag
    Alphinaud - Wind Mag
    Ignis - Realm
    Prompto - Lightning Phys
    Ramza - Holy Phys
    Ace - Realm
    Machina - Earth Phys

    Here's a handy chart displaying them all by element, as a pictureable:

    Finally, attached is a PDF of all this nonsense.


    And that, as they say, is that.
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    Full Legend Characters:
    Ramza / Yuffie / Orlandeau / Onion Knight / Luneth / Squall / Galuf / Tyro / Mog / Faris / Cloud / Eiko / Y' shtola / Lighting / Rinoa / Garland / Terra / Sephiroth / Krile / Locke / Iris / Shelke / Alma / Sora / Riku / Tidus / Cloud of Darkness / Shadow / Paladin Cecil / Auron / Zidane / Snow / Fujin / Lenna / Yuna / Noctis
    you should remove : from the title, it will give it a larger goggle search
    and this is good enough to be shared massively.

    great job:cool:
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    Once again simply amazing stuff. I was looking information about Radiant Shield relics and i found everything i wanted to know and much more right here.

    :incredible: :thanks:
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    Haha, and of course they then make a new fest and put in a /new/ type of chain, thus making all this work immediately out of date. :p

    Oh well, haha, hopefully I'll get free time to update soon... maybe when some more math comes out about the new element-boosting-as-well chains...
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    No idea what you're talking about lol
    i don't actively follow JP for everything what's coming up next, great that someone is always on top of things!
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