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    Dear FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper MVP,

    Thank you very much for your continued loyalty to our game!

    Within the 48 hours we will send you your monthly special gifts directly to your Item Chest. Make sure to check what you got!
    Please note that all gifts will be deleted from your account if you do not load the game within 30 days of receiving it.

    In addition, we’d like to share with you the following exclusive information about upcoming events and updates:

    ■FFRK's 6th Anniversary Is Upon Us!
    FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper will welcome its 6th anniversary on March 25! A huge thanks to everyone for your support throughout the years!

    We have a lot of festivities in the works, including a countdown to the big day. Today, we'll give you a sneak peek at some of what we have planned!

    ■Login Bonuses
    Amazing login bonuses are coming your way to celebrate the 6th anniversary!

    -The 6th Anniversary Countdown Login Bonus starts at 5:00 AM 3/18 PST (1:00 PM 3/18 UTC).
    Day 1: Realm/Elemental x11 Ticket x1
    Day 2: Souls of Heroes & Memory Crystal Lodes x5 each
    Day 3: Memory Crystal II Lodes & Memory Crystal III Lodes x5 each
    Day 4: Realm/Elemental x11 Ticket x1
    Day 5: Major Growth Egg x50
    Day 6: Full set of 3★ Motes x80
    Day 7: Full set of 4★ Motes x50

    -The 6th Anniversary Login Bonus also begins at 5:00 AM 3/18 PST (1:00 PM 3/18 UTC).

    Day 1: Giant Scarletite x50
    Day 2: Giant Adamantite x50
    Day 3: Full set of Major Orbs x50
    Day 4: Full set of Crystals x50
    Day 5: Major Arcana x15
    Day 6: Stamina Potion x10
    Day 7: Artifact Stone x1
    Day 8: Full set of 5★ Motes x50
    Day 9: Mythril x50
    Day 10: Full set of 6★ Motes x50

    Log in every day to get great rewards!

    ■Dragonking Dungeons
    At 5:00 AM 3/17 PST (1:00 PM 3/17 UTC), the new, ultra-difficult Dragonking Dungeons will be added. In these dungeons, you'll go up against Bahamut, the mighty ruler of Cardia!

    You can attempt Dragonking Dungeons at any time, forming a party of heroes from the same realm to bolster your strength. By mastering at least one Dreambreaker Dungeon, you'll earn the right to take on all of the Dragonking challenges.

    Bahamut draws in the power of epic tales, and there are different doors into the battle for each realm. This power can trigger Record Synergy when it intensifies, enabling powerful attacks and perhaps altering Cardia itself!

    The following Dragonking Dungeons will be added in waves.

    Wave 1: 5:00 AM 3/17 PST (1:00 PM 3/17 UTC)
    -FF I: Door of Light
    -FF V: Door of the Dawn
    -FF IX: Door of Life

    Wave 2: 5:00 PM 3/22 PST (1:00 AM 3/23 UTC)
    -FF VII: Door of Stars
    -FF X: Door of Prayer

    Wave 3: 5:00 PM 4/1 PST (1:00 AM 4/2 UTC)
    -FF IV: Door of the Moon

    Take on these new challenges and try to emerge victorious!

    ■Wait Mode
    The wait is over! The new Wait Mode will be added to all battles at 5:00 AM 3/17 PST (1:00 PM 3/17 UTC).

    When Wait Mode is turned on, battle will pause when a hero's ATB Gauge is full, so you'll have as much time as you want to choose your next move. The Battle Speed for the Wait Function will apply, and Battle Speed can't be changed. You can also turn Wait Mode off during battle, and time will continue to pass as usual.

    Make good use of Wait Mode and take on battles in a new way!

    ■Insta Battle
    The new Insta Battle feature will be added at 5:00 AM 3/17 PST (1:00 PM 3/17 UTC).

    Insta Battle lets you jump straight to the first battle in certain dungeons. When doing so, your party, Roaming Warriors, heroes, and Dr. Mog's power will be selected automatically.
    If you choose not to use Insta Battle, you will still have the option of selecting your party, Roaming Warriors, etc. as normal.

    Dungeons that allow Insta Battle:
    -Realm Dungeons
    -Event Dungeons
    -Power-Up Dungeons

    Also, on the Config Screen, you can set whether or not to enable the Auto Run function when using Insta Battle in applicable dungeons! When enabled, Auto Run begins automatically from the start of the first battle.

    Give this new feature a try for a more streamlined battle experience!

    ■FF VII Event
    The Transparent Existence event begins at 5:00 PM 3/11 PST (1:00 AM 3/12 UTC).

    This event features Vincent's Arcane Dyad!
    Vincent's Arcane Dyad, Satan Slam, grants the user Arcane Dyad Empowered Vincent on its 1st trigger. The damage and Cap Break Level of Satan Slam is increased depending on the amount of damage dealt by the user while Arcane Dyad Empowered Vincent is active (up to rank 2)! Plus, it temporarily grants the user Empowered Infusion for fire, and temporarily increase the user's Cap Break Level by 1. Its 2nd trigger deals twenty ranged physical or magic fire and non-elemental attacks to one enemy, followed by an additional ranged physical or magic fire and non-elemental attack that can break the damage cap, and removes Arcane Dyad Empowered Vincent. Since the attack type depends on the user's stats, you can deal either physical or magic damage, making this a flexible and powerful Soul Break.

    In addition, more relics will also appear, including Syncs for Cait Sith and Shelke!
    Also, Shelke's and Rufus's Record Boards will be unlocked!

    Give your FF VII party a boost with this event!
    * Please note that changes may be made without notice.

    We sincerely hope that you will continue to enjoy playing FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper.

    The MVP Team

    FF Record Keeper Support
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    Thanks for the update! It's hard to believe that wait mode is finally coming in just two weeks. It seems like for tricky fights it would be silly not to use as it takes away most of the time loss due to human error. I'm a little curious if any JP players have thoughts on it.
  3. Kantolin

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    While not a Japanese player, the consensus on wait mode is a bit grim, unfortunately.

    They sadly lock the speed at something like '3.5', which means wait mode chews into your chain and modes way more than playing on speed one. So it may be hard to use, especially if HP Stock and Sap are both in play (If you've seen how quickly chains and stuff seem to vanish in multiplayer sometimes, it's that problem). :(

    Still, I'm hoping it's an improvement. I much prefer wait mode in final fantasies to active. Sadly, it'll be awhile before I feel ready to challenge a Bahamut, haha, but it's neat that it's coming as an option!
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  4. OhCanada

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    Well....damn. Hopefully they patch that later. Hopefully JP DeNa is aware of those complaints.
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