Building a Mage party.

Discussion in 'Party Help' started by Aquablad, Nov 21, 2017.

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    Nov 2, 2017
    Hey guys I'm currently progressing through the Nightmare dungeons and realized I need good magic slingers. My current main party is physical based so I need to build a mage party. I'm going to list my relic options and I'd love your opinions.

    Kuja (BSB, SSB, LMR) - Currently my strongest Mage at level 90.

    These Mages need to be fully leveled:

    Emperor (BSB, SSB)
    Terra (USB)
    Serah (BSB)
    Strago (BSB)
    Hope (BSB2)
    Braska (BSB)
    Onion Knight (OSB) - Guess this one depends on Onion Knights stats.

    Not a lot of options and hopefully I can get more in the future. If their are any current banners I should invest in let me know. Thanks!
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    Terra USB and Kuja with BSB are your best bets to build around. For a mage team to be viable, you’ll need one, or better yet, two faithgas.
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    For Faithga, often such buffs are paired up with a hastega effect, but not always.

    A popular choice of a "Mage Shout" is Krile Sheepsong SSB (for MAG team) and Onion Knight Vessel of Fate BSB (for hybrid teams). Both gives MAG stat a +30% boost, but the former is MAG only and the latter is ATK and MAG. This also means that both of them stack as they each have a separate buff ID. So the name of the Mage game is also how to stack faithga buffs to maximize damage potential. Other noteworthy buffs that stack atop these two (due to different buff ID) are also Cid Raines BSB (Metamorphosis MAG DEF), Minfilia USB (Call of the Stars ATK MAG RES) and Yuna BSB2 (Tenets of the Fayth MAG MND).

    I hope you get the gist of what I mean so that it'll JumpStart your mage team building.

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