Can anyone help?? I don't know what's happening!!

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    Real problem starts at bolded below.

    I've been having issues updating music playlists on my ipod touch and have been trying different things to try to get back into gear. I'm current on itunes and ipod firmware. I created a backup yesterday just in case. Itunes on my computer shows the playlists updated but after the sync the two are still different. So I loaded the backup, because, why not? Nothing else has worked. The process took about five minutes, I waited for the white screen and the bar to go across the screen before it automatically restarted and synced with itunes on my computer that was still open. After the circular arrow had stopped, indicating the process was complete I disconnected the ipod. Well, now the real problem.

    I have app icons that are blacked out. Including FFRK.

    When I touch them they start the whole 'downloading' circular light-up thing that apps do when they download but it stopped halfway. And stayed there. I restarted the ipod.

    I went to itunes on my ipod and updated the apps. The update according to itunes for FFRK was two days ago(seems wrong).Updated and can now access the app...and it's acting like it's the first time playing the game! I know when I switched my old itouch to the new one the same thing happened and I had to play through intro but is this the same? There is an option to 'Link a Social Account'(I did that in the past) and a 'Transfer Game Data' option.

    Given the circumstances should I use the 'Transfer Game Data' option(does it constantly update with each app access?)?

    Should I go through the intro and use the 'Transfer Game Data' if it doesn't give me my old saved game?(is that even an option at that point??)

    Kinda freakin out here because I have no idea what to expect given Apple's lovely operating system issues.
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    here's whats happing.

    before you transfer data to your new device ( FFRK app )
    you need to be signed into that device in all apple settings, ie cloud/email
    then you need to delete the game from your old device.
    sign into the new device, open the FFRK app the go to manage, and transfer data then.
    close app and restart device (full shut down)
    then you should see your old data.
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