Can I beat Madeen?

Discussion in 'Party Help' started by jambo2016, Jun 14, 2019 at 2:51 PM.

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    Jun 27, 2016
    So I started following this guide for 5* magicite decks, crushed Behemoth King and Quetz.

    This guide seems to have a fair amount of farming, so someone on Reddit suggested a deck of:
    - Triple Empower
    - Dampen with L10 Dampen + L8 HP Boon
    - Phoenix/Famfrit/Mateus with Blade Ward/Spell Ward/HP Boon (fill in whatever's missing)
    - Madeen w/ ATK Boon x2
    - Madeen w/ MAG Boon x2
    - Lakshmi w/ MND boon/HP Boon

    It was also suggest having Madeen's would really help with all of the other Magicites.
    However, I can't seem to beat Madeen! Admittedly, the deck I through together for Madeen was pretty poor - but can anyone suggest a party and deck for me?

    I have:
    OK - mUSB (full dive)
    Elarra - USB (full dive)
    Cloud of Darkness - BSB1 (radiant shield)
    Golbez - BSB, USB (no dive)
    Vayne - USB1, OSB (full dive)
    Raines - BSB, OSB (full dive)
    Nabaat - BSB (no dive)

    My only chain is Garland's gen1 chain.

    Otherwise, I might just carry on following the inheritance guide, although the deck idea suggest above seems to be the most straight-forward for most content
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    Use Garland and get him 100 magia points and throw them all into magic, then give him a MAG darkness ability. MAG dark+ sword if you have one (I wanna say Vayne OSB is), dive him too. You'll also need Raines BSB, hard stop. Bring mUSB and Elarra too. Then take the heaviest dark MAG DPS you have. It's gonna be hard but maybe possible. If that doesn't work, try a radiant shield clear.

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