Global FF3: "The Onion Knight Rises" event (Onion Knight) (10th - 28th Jan 2018)

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    The original thread can be found here

    Relic Banner thread can be found here (Thanks for your analysis @smeezus )

    MP Raid Dungeon thread can be found here

    Thanks @Zodiac for all your work!


    Complete the Classic dungeons to recruit Onion Knight, Cloud of Darkness, Ingus, Arc, Aria, and Refia! Master the Elite dungeons to get Memory Crystals for all six heroes!


    Get Memory Crystal IIs


    Get a Soul of a Hero, Memory Crystal Lode, and Memory Crystal II Lode to use in the Hall of Rites to restore the Hero Records of some of the many heroes previously released and break their level caps!


    Get Motes!

    Get Onion Knight Motes!

    Complete the Elite dungeon Eureka - 7th Floor, or master the Beast of Many Heads (+), or Mother of Monsters (++) dungeons to get 5★ Onion Knight Motes as rewards. These motes are used to unlock the Onion Knight's Record Spheres, and you can greatly increase the Onion Knight's strength with them!
    New Legend Materia!

    ・Onion Knight : Master of Weapons
    Moderate chance for celerity abilities to trigger twice.
    ・Onion Knight : Master of Magics
    Moderate chance for black magic abilities to trigger twice.
    New Ability

    5★ Earth Bringer
    Type: Knight
    Effect: Deal two to four physical earth attacks to one target. Number of attacks dealt depends on the user's Defense.

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