[FFV] Ties with the Memory of the Princess (Farris BSB + Krile / EXdeath MC2) 19th - 29th Feb 2016)

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    May 5, 2015
    Event Quests:

    Challenge 1: Beat Antlion using a full party of FFV units, including at least Bartz and Krile
    Rewards: Greater Power Orb x4
    • Only does physical, weak to Water, vulnerable to Blind. Go nuts here.
    Challenge 2: Beat Melusine using a full party of FFV units, including at least Bartz, Krile, and Faris.
    Rewards: 4x Red Fragments
    • As listed above, each non-Support/White Mage character carries one elemental attack, and one non-elemental attack. At least one must be Fire due to mastery conditions, but otherwise feel free to carry whatever element you want. I went with Thundaga Strike on Bartz, since it's my strongest spellblade that is Fire/Ice/Lightning-elemental.
    • Since I RW'ed Scream, and easily hit the ATK softcap with both Gilgamesh and Bartz, I gave them both accessories that resisted Fire/Ice/Lightning-elemental attacks.
    Challenge 3: Beat Leviathan with a party of FFV units, including at least Bartz, Faris, Krile, and Lenna
    Rewards: 4x Green Fragments
    • Initially went with this setup, then backed out only to change some skills around. Just bring your highest damaging skills.
    • If you have a shared Protectga SB item, you can skip bringing Tauntaliate, otherwise I highly suggest it. I fought 40% of the fight with Faris dead (3.2k damage from Tail).
    • He's slow enough that you can easily just use two Lightning-elemental attackers, and still have enough time to thwart Tidal Wave.
    • Having an AoE heal is always handy. I happen to have Princess' Favor, but I am certain even a shared one will do when needed.
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    Sep 2, 2015
    Looks like DeNA JP is being nice after the ridiculously hard Ifrit event lol

    Melusine Quest

    Setup : http://i.imgur.com/o4e1hB4.png
    Stats : http://i.imgur.com/1VdLp3y.png

    Melusine was a pretty easy fight. With it being weak to 3 elements, the fight was about doing 2 hits every phase, and being patient to wait for the phase change incase you heal Melusine.

    Magic mitagation is the most important here. I choose to bring magic lure on Gilgamesh so that it's easier to control the healing.

    If you notice, I brought all sort of elemental resistance accessories. These are really key for Cid Mission imo.

    Leviathan Quest

    Setup : http://i.imgur.com/JbgeSjX.png
    Stats :http://i.imgur.com/PQhL4kw.png

    Not too hard compared to previous Cid Missions. Tauntilate is useful for about 60-70% of Leviathan's attack. The hardest part of the fight was the aoe counter from physical attack. It was datamined to be 10%, but damn it felt like much higher. I know it's just RNG though.. lol

    This fight would have been much much easier if we have more than 1 water resistance accessory. Oh well, time to stock up on all elemental resist!
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    Mar 27, 2015
    When Faris' BSB comes to global, I will literally buy 10+1s until it pops.. All the Syldra goodness a Neko could need. :hfrog:
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    Jun 16, 2015
    I'm not touching the Cid missions. The four heroes are all at lvl 1 for me. However, I did just finish off Leviathan, meaning this is the first non-collab event I've been able to completely finish without using mythril refreshes. I definitely get how this one was easier though. It was nice that the bosses didn't have a weak phase where they could just pummel you to death towards the end.
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