Final Fantasy 12 Collectors Contest!

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    Please go to THIS THREAD to participate in the contest

    Thanks to the generosity of @Wolf we're happy to host a contest for the current event, A Chilling Request!

    First off, the prize!

    Final Fantasy XII PS2 Collectors Edition which includes:
    1. Collectors edition metal box
    2. official Square Enix guide
    3. Brady Games limited edition guide with full licenses poster, full guide book, and special art collection book

    Anyone can participate!

    The contest is very simple. Take a creative screenshot featuring your favorite Final Fantasy 12 character. Can be during battle, during your favorite Soul Break Animation, or maybe doing a killing blow on Odin! Maybe even use your favorite quote from that character in the the post as well. Every little bit helps! "There's a proper way to do everything."

    Post your screenshots here in this thread and the winner will be determined at the conclusion of the "A Chilling Request" event (with Fran chain! Hey, she's in FF12!).

    Winner will be contacted via PM to coordinate shipping details with @Wolf
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