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Discussion in 'Forum Events' started by Jan, Sep 26, 2019.

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    Another shoutout to the winner of our contest, @Lounas, who shared some screenshots of some of his favorite FF12 moments! @Wolf who was supplying the prize, will be generously sending me the collector's edition of FF12!

    Thank you to all who participated!
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    Thanks to everyone who gave an effort.
    @Lounas has always been a great member and i salute his win, also
    @AK-Exodus and @Mathieu Doucet gave good attempts and i am sure, they will
    win something else, I plan to do in the future.

    I hope all will have a good fest and remember, PLAY THE ODDS...
    4 wokes on a banner are better odds and BREAKING consecutive draws up with singles
    and threes are the reason for much of my success.
    also, NEVER do 11s in a row. metrics are better as the banner gets closer to end.

    I will not argue about this, my results speak for themselves.
    all in all, thanks to all the members and staff ( below)who keep coming back.

    and Aba Dab ba ( The cursed one ) @Abaraxas

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