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    NOT AN OFFICIAL FORUM event thread

    Relic Draw Banners
    Banner 1

    Relic Type Character Soul Break/Legend Materia
    Wing Edge Thrown (Water+) Yuffie Awakening: "Refined Doom of the Living" (PHY: 15x single ranged Water/Earth/NE; self-En-Water, "Ninja Awakening", Break Damage Cap lvl1, "Unpredictable Speed").
    Wonder Wand Rod Aerith Awakening: "Planet's Pulse" (WHT: Instant party Medica h105, Raise, Guts, Haste, Physical HQC3; self "Awoken Planet Prayer").
    Exquisite Wristwatch Bracer (Dark+) Rufus Awakening: "Oblivious Unfilial Son" (PHY: 15x single ranged Dark/NE; self En-Dark, "Darkness Awakening", Break Damage Cap lvl1, "Dive to Ground").
    Leather Suit Light Armor (Earth+) Tifa Awakening: "Meteor Arts" (PHY: 15x single Earth/NE; self En-Earth, "Monk Awakening", Break Damage Cap lvl1, "Gaia Crusher").
    Conformer Thrown (Water+) Yuffie Arcane: "Freewheeling Bloodfest" (PHY: 20x single ranged Water, 1x single ranged Water overflow).
    Longinus Spear Cid Chain: "Proxy Leader Cid" (NAT: Party Haste, ATK/MAG+30%. FFVII Chain-150).
    Winchester R Gun (Dark+) Rufus Ultra: "Mako Cannon" (PHY: 10x random ranged Dark/NE, Imperil Dark; self "Dark Ray").
    Rude's Special Battle Gloves Fist Rude Ultra: "Chain Grand Spark" (PHY/BLK: 10x single hybrid Earth/NE ; self En-Earth, HQC, "Chain Grand Spark").
    Spring Gun Clip Hairpin Red XIII Ultra: "Earth Rave" (BLK: 10x single Earth; party Earth Radiant Shield, IC1).
    Seraphim Rod Rod Aerith Flash+: "Breath of the Wind" (NAT: Instant party Protect, Shell, Haste, Zero SB Cost).
    Shortbarrel R Gun Rufus Flash: "Rain of Terror" (PHY: Instant 6x AoE ranged Dark/NE, MAG -50%, Dispel).
    Shinra Alpha Bracer Rufus LMR: "President's Plot" (WCast: Dark).
    Work Glove Fist Tifa LMR: "Tomboy Brawler" (WCast: Monk).
    Grow Lance Spear Cid LMR: "Journey to Space" (Init: Haste, IC1).
    Banner 2

    Relic Type Character Soul Break/Legend Materia
    Buntline Gun (Fire+) Vincent Awakening: "Hellfire" (PHY/BLK: 15x single ranged hybrid Fire/NE; self En-Fire, "Fire Awakening", Break Damage Cap lvl1, "Vincent Trance").
    Ragnarok Sword (Wind+) Zack Awakening: "Inherited Pride" (PHY: 15x single Wind/NE; party Critical Damage +50%; self "Wind Awakening", Break Damage Cap lvl1, "Hard Blast").
    Gold Rod Rod (Lightning+) Reno Arcane: "Overspec Rod" (PHY/BLK: 3x single Lightning hybrid overflow).
    Riot Gun Gun Vincent Chain: "Cerberus Soul" (NAT: party MAG+50%, Fire 150-chain).
    Imperil Guard Bracer Reno Brave Ultra: "Pyramid Maximum" (PHY/BLK: 10x single ranged Lightning; self En-Lightning, Machinist/Black Magic +30%, BRAVE+2 and BRAVE Mode).
    Magnum Gun Elena Ultra: "Special Bomb" (NAT: party ATK/RES +30%, crit=50%, Haste; self "Turks Bullet").
    Defender Sword (Wind+) Angeal Ultra: "Rage of Sloth" (PHY: 10x single Holy/Wind; self crit=100%, party 50% Damage Reduction Barrier 2, Regenga).
    Yoshiyuki Katana Zack Flash: "Air Blast" (PHY: Instant 6x single Wind/NE, Zero SB Cost, Imperil Wind).
    Winchester Gun Vincent Flash: "Forsaken Power" (PHY/BLK: Instant 6x single ranged hybrid Fire/NE; self En-Fire (stacking)).
    Flametongue Sword Angeal Flash: "Thunder of Envy" (NAT: Instant party 30% Stoneskin, Res +100%).
    Vincent's Gauntlet Bracer Vincent LMR: "Beast Genetics" (Init: QC3).
    Swimwear Light Armor Zack LMR: "SOLDIER's Dream" (WCast: Wind).
    Heavy Lance Spear Angeal LMR: "Spread White Wing" (WCast: Holy/Wind).
    Commander Gun Elena LMR: "Crush on Leader" (WCast: Sharpshooter).
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