Just remember, it's what friends do

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    OK, its here, the final season of Game of Thrones.
    and our chat IS one of the places where you ARE gonna get spoilers.
    Dude I understand, maybe your not a throner and dont give a @#,

    or just want to enjoy the show on your OWN time. I get it...

    Look. we are like family here, we talk about our lives and do our best
    to understand and enjoy each other, in a space that, as you know, is not always safe.
    but, friends share, friends look forward to hearing others talk about things, they care about.

    Final Fantasy, the ultimate shared experience, you know the thing we do here.
    If you dont want to be spoiled, take a site break, try using the site during less
    traffic times, but dont fight ( like every season ) about this.

    Just remember, it's what FRIENDS do:)
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    I also subscribe to

    Valar Morghulis (All Men must die)

    Spoil the show, and with my mod powers you will Dai.
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