Lost equipment and mythril

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    Aug 20, 2021
    After purchasing "Sync Soul Break" I went through a couple of levels. The game gave an error and I re-logged, started going through the levels and noticed that 2 completed levels were missing, I checked the equipment and it was not there, mithril's did not return to me. How can progress and things be returned?
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    any character with AASB
    check items again if nothing contact support..
    go Menu , Support

    then you can send an email detailing your issue.
    be sure to inclued date myth was purchased and what banner you purchaced soul break
    also give user ID number
    it can be found by pressing manage account button on main play loading screen

    if more help is needed contact active mods here for more help
    @Kantolin @OhCanada @Roche

    good luck

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