Magicite Dawn - Diabolos (15th July 2020 - onwards)

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    And so the cycle is completed!
    Diabolos (from FFXI *___*) is the last 6* magicite!:fungaaaaa::fungaaaaa::fungaaaaa:
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    It was my recent FFT pulls which granted me the needed tech to winnit! :D

    Also, granted that I did have an OP TGC, hence the descriptions under the More trivia section transitions faster than most other builds.

    Diabolos Slaying Physical Holy Team
    • LD Marche GlintPlus+AASB+USB1
    • RB Orlandeau GlintPlus+SASB+AASB+LMR1&2
    • LD Ramza CSB+Glint+LMR1&2
    • RB Elarra GlintPlus+AASB+USB1
    • Main Magicite: Alexander (inherited one Health Boon L8 and one Healing Boon L15)
    Coup de grâce:

    Team Setup:

    Sub Magicites:

    More Trivia:
    • Phase 1
      • The Feverish Dream debuff is an esuna-able debuff here, which is also the main gimmick behind this fight. Starts with slots 1+2, then later 4+5.
      • Ramza starts off with RW Wall.
      • Marche, Agrias, TGC & Ramza just charge up gauge. Then activate G+ just before 10s mark. (Agrias can try to fit in trigger Alexander before the mark, which consumes 1qc buff but it's worth the trade-off.)
      • Elarra casts UC on Agrias, later USB1. Wait a moment as likely this is 2s away from 10s mark.
      • At the 10s mark, Diabolos will perform an AOE Interrupt move. Any on-going qc action will naturally be wasted from the interrupt.
      • Once past this, prioritize Ramza to up CSB. Followed by TGC going Awoken, Marche into Divine Combo mode, Agrias en holy using USB1, and Elarra to cast UC on Marche to remove fevered dream. Go nuts with DPS until transition point at 70% boss HP.
    • Phase 2
      • At the start of this phase, there is one holy diffusion and all out Fevered Dream debuff on all.
      • Marche can go Awoken. TGC activates Sync. Agrias go Awoken too. All out DPS.
      • Ramza should banish Haste on boss, then charges up Gauge again. If he has surplus gauge, cast Chant, but ensure he has enough of Gauge in case of chain refresh. Save second trigger of Alexander for Ph3. Likely Elarra will cast USB1 before boss HP nears 40%, use the qc buff to refresh wall near 30s mark.
      • Elarra could spare an action to cast UC on herself (pray that she doesn't dualcast on anyone else besides Ramza). She could also spare the Gauge to go into Awoken Mode and spam Curada. This helps in case of Gloomshade boss action which inflicts pain stacks depending on how many toons have the Feverish dream debuff. This move will recur frequently in Phase 3.
    • Phase 3
      • With TGC Sync and Marche AASB, Phase 2 should have transitioned fast. As usual, the fight starts with a bout of holy diffusion. Personally, I chose to continue the fight in dream mode (with debuff), despite knowing that there is another holy diffusion scripted in dream mode.
      • Usually, a single Marche USB (with BLC1) could destroyed the rift once. Do not use actions on the rift as any dual cast will also target the rift. After that, Marche should just keep spamming Healing Smite to keep qc buff up.
      • I had also tried delaying Agrias AASB for use in this phase rather than Phase 2. Doesn't make much difference as I see Marche and TGC carrying most of DPS swiftly. Hence her AASB is better for Phase 2 IMHO. Here, she should get en holy (from USB) then go for AOSB and/or LBO.
      • TGC Sync shenanigans continue. I preferred CMD1 twice, ic CMD2, then rinse and repeat.
      • Ramza can trigger Alexander on boss. For me, there was one round where I had glint once for en holy, then threw AOSB on boss' face.
      • Elarra should cast UC on herself. This should slow the accumulation of pain stacks. Otherwise, she should standby to USB1 to keep the party alive for the final push.
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