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    In an attempt to get some strategy help I'll be posting my list of SBs for each character..this list is gonna be LONG...

    I'll be going by series:

    FF 1:

    WOL: None
    Garland: None
    Sarah: None
    Wol: None
    Echo: None
    Master: None
    Matoya: None

    FF 2:

    Firion: None
    Maria: BSB
    Guy: None
    Leon: None
    Minwu: None
    Gordon: None
    Lella: None
    Ricard: None
    Josef: None
    Emperor: None
    Scott: None

    FF 3:

    Luneth: Overstrike
    Arc: Unique: Soothing Light(not mastered)
    Refia: None
    Desch: None
    Onion Knight: None
    Cloud Of Darkness: BSB2(doom, seriously? EWWW!)
    Aria: None

    FF 4:

    Cecil(DK): SSB(shadow bringer)
    Cecil(PLD): USB
    Kain: None
    Rydia: None
    Rosa: None
    Edward: None
    Yang: None
    Palom: None
    Porom: BSB(Healing Wind)
    Tellah: None
    Edge: SSB:(Eban Doppelganger)
    Fusoya: None
    Golbez: USB
    Cid: None
    Ceodore: None
    Rubicante: None
    Ursula: None

    FF 5:

    Lenna: SSB(Pride of Tycoon)
    Galuf: None
    Gogo: None
    Gilgamesh: SSB(Faithful companion)
    Bartz: BSB(Woken Water)
    Faris: USB
    Dorgann: None
    Exdeath: None
    Krile: SSB(Unspoken Bond), Overstrike

    FF 6:

    Locke: SSB(Valiant Strike)
    Celes: None
    Mog: SSB(Earth Blues)
    Edgar: Overstrike,BSB(Bio Chainsaw),SSB(Chainsaw)
    Sabin: None
    Shadow: BSB(Shuriken Storm)
    Gau: None
    Setzer: SSB(Red Card)
    Strago: None
    Gogo: SSB(Maw Of The Beast)
    Umaro: None
    Kefka: BSB(Harness the Fiend)
    Leo: None

    FF 7:

    Barret: None
    Tifa: BSB(Meteor Crusher), Unique(Burning Arrow)
    Aeris(fuck the new spelling!): SSB(Pulse of Life), Unique(Planet Protector)
    Red XIII: Junk Uniques not worth mentioning...
    Yuffie: I have one for her but its not mastered...
    Cait Sith: None
    Vincent: USB
    Zack: None
    Sephoroth: None
    Cid: Pilots Steel
    Reno: SSB(Turk Bombshell)
    Angeal: None
    Rufus: None
    Rude: None
    Elena: None

    To Be continued...
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    Like I said, you don't really need to list every character. Just the ones you have. Also, here's a guide that I'd compiled for the abbreviations often used here and Reddit:

    From the list that I last read, those most noteworthy are:
    • Maria BSB (strong when stacked with multiple Faithga buffs)
    • Edge SSB2 USB0 Eblan Doppelganger (check out the past review for some context; Pecil USB also reviewed here)
    • Cid (VII) SSB1 Pilot's Steel, aka Cid Shout (when you don't have Ramza Shout, or OK PUSB)
    • Porom BSB (it's a party heal, so it's still serviceable)
    • Shadow BSB (best RW to earn daily Gil; many use this RW thanks to instant cast and reduced cast delay in it's burst commands)
    • Vincent USB (with well honed Chain Firaga and Meltdown, it's quite potent; it is further enhanced with his 25% chance to dualcast fire LMR)
    I'll extend this once you post your full list

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