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    Nice to see things still up here,

    I still play but don’t spend and there are even many days I don’t even sign in.
    I guess the members here really did keep me in the game.
    But, I found a new game where I don’t have to spend every event to play and
    keep relevant in game. Dragon Ball Legends.

    I know, it’s a fighting game, and even I am not a fan of these but, It has been easy to
    learn and stay interested. The summons , like draws here are cheaper when you do them,
    but to be honest, you get just about every card in the game after a while and developing characters is much less complicated.

    Any way @NeoCHI has opened a site for it and could use a crew to mod it.
    It will get a chat room like all the others if more join. So if you ever wanted to Mod a site
    to get experiance or just help out growing a new forum. go to the link and hit him up.

    I helped set the site up but will not be running things if the site works out, so
    there is a chance for “you” to take things to the place you would, if given the opportunity.
    I did this for Neo as a thank you after leaving staff here.

    If you try the game try the site, it’s not much now but everything starts this way.
    be the legend to be remembered.
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