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    Hi guys!

    I'm fairly new to the Final Fantasy genre, although I love what I've seen! I don't have access to any game systems other than my phone as of right now, and I found this game (after playing VI and VII on a rom emulator).

    I'm kinda stuck though. I've tried to find some website team builders to help steer me in the past, but every time I go into a raid with others, I feel like I'm the weak link. So I wanted to show you guys my stuff and see if you can maybe help me. I've been playing for about a month now, I think. Maybe longer. Well here's my stuff. Treat me as someone who is just starting to understand that BSB means Burst Soul Break. I have a ton of Ultra, but not many other higher tier ones.

    Ultra Soulbreaks
    Bartz: Chosen Traveler
    Seifer: Knight of Destiny
    Freya: Moonblosson Dragon
    Onion Knight: Forbidden Wisdom
    Ovelia: Diving Dispelna
    Cid XIV: Gauss Round
    Penelo: Dance of Rapture
    Kuja: Soulsplitter
    Kimahri: Undimmed Spirit

    Chain Soulbreaks
    Krile: Unbroken Chain

    Terra: Esper Flame

    Over Soulbreaks
    Sabin: Scorching Meteor Strike

    Arcane Soulbreaks
    Lightning: Blaze Slash

    Burst Soulbreaks
    Prompto: Shots Fired
    Vincent: Galian Beast
    Lightning: Focused Bolts
    Rikku: Machinations
    Squall: Steely Blade
    Nine: Class Zero Basher-in-Chief
    Amarant: Fists of Flame
    Ursula: Five Star Crimson Palm
    Aerith: White Materia
    Ultimecia: True Maelstrom
    Braska: Trine Summoning
    Eiko: Prayer of the Lost
    Cait Sith: Lucky Girl
    Setzer: Mostly Megaflare
    Laguna: Freezing Beam

    Legend Materia
    Meliadoul: Unyielding Essence
    Quina: Qu Vigilence
    Terra: Innate Power
    Delita: Ark Knight's Finesse
    Sarah: Warrior's Ballad
    Thief (I): Thief's Fortune
    Ceodore: His Father's Justice
    Noel: A Hunter's Heart
    Selphie: SeeD Spirit
    Amarant: Below-the-Board
    Arc: Bookworm

    Super Soulbreaks
    Tyro: Sentinel Grimoire
    Squall: Blasting Zone
    Relm: Portrait of Lakshmi
    Noel: Deathblow
    Auron: Banishing Blade
    Penelo: Intercession
    Ovelia: Princess's Prayer
    Serah: Endless Blessings
    Edward: Soulsong
    Elena: Rookie Turk

    For below, when given a type, that's what get the boost.
    (i.e. small dark = small boost to dark damage)
    Special Equipment:

    Almasy Twin Lance: +small dark
    Achromatic Bolero: +small dark
    Emperor's Cloak: +small dark
    Hauteclare: +small lightning
    Kaiser Shield: +small lightning
    Etro's Embrace: +small lightning
    Cid's Goggles (VII): +small wind
    Thief's Bandana: +small wind
    Bartz's Cloak: +small wind
    Venus Blade: +small earth
    Riot Blade: +small blind chance
    Silver Fork: +small chance to slow
    Holy Rod: +small holy
    High Summoner's Longstaff: +small fire
    Elena Special: +small fire
    Terra's Cloak: +small fire
    Amarant's Suit: +small fire
    Vincent's Glove: +small fire
    Deathstrike Darts: +small chance to instant KO
    Assorted accessories that give defense boosts

    My current team, or at least the one I used to do the Crushdown Nightmare dungeon, is:

    Relm: Zeus Mace FFT, Lordly Robes, Agate ring
    Curaga, Protectga + Precocious Youth RM
    She has SSB

    Warrior of Light: Hauteclare + Bright armlet + Berserker ring
    Life Siphon, Crushdown + The Promised One RM
    He has USB

    Lightning: Holy Lance, Amarant's Suit, Hero's Seal
    Biora Strike, Bladeblitz + Lionheart RM
    She has ArcaneSB, BSB, and SSB

    Squall: Almasy Twin Lance, Achromatic Bolero, Bracer
    Raging Quadstrike, Frost strike + Battleforged RM
    He has BSB and SSB

    Penelo: Zeus Mace III, Hermes' Suit, Tetra Elemental
    Hastega, Shellga + Forlorn Princess RM
    She has USB and SSB

    I am currently working on getting Dr Mog's Teachings and Mako Might. I think my team needs to drop Warrior of Light, and maybe replace Relm with Ovelia, but I'm just not sure who to replace with or how to go about it. I also am missing a mage, but when I use a mage its Terra cause she's the only Glint I have + She has a legend Materia.

    Any help is greatly appreciated! I would love insight as to why the replacement choices were made. No huge rush, just if you have some free time. Thanks again!
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    EDIT: I just got Mako Might last night! Woo!
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    Congratulations on Mako Might!

    Had you also already gotten Dr Mog's Teachings yet?

    I'm looking into how to organize your relic / SB collection info, then proceed to offer you my point of view on how you could improve your game. Stay tuned.
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    Hello again, and thank you for sharing. Firstly, I would like to share a slightly different method of listing, if you don't mind. Basically, I'm merging both previous two posts, and identifying each relic/SB by character and SB type.

    Here is a link to the lexicon that I had created, for your reference:

    Ultra Soulbreaks

    Bartz USB1: Chosen Traveler
    Seifer USB2: Knight of Destiny
    Freya USB: Moonblosson Dragon
    Onion Knight mUSB: Forbidden Wisdom
    Ovelia USB: Diving Dispelna
    Cid(XIV) USB: Gauss Round
    Penelo USB: Dance of Rapture
    Kuja USB: Soulsplitter
    Kimahri USB: Undimmed Spirit
    <Missing Warrior of Light USB here>

    Chain Soulbreaks
    Krile CSB: Unbroken Chain

    Terra Glint: Esper Flame

    Over Soulbreaks
    Sabin OSB: Scorching Meteor Strike

    Arcane Soulbreaks
    Lightning AOSB: Blaze Slash

    Burst Soulbreaks
    Prompto BSB: Shots Fired
    Vincent BSB1: Galian Beast
    Lightning BSB2: Focused Bolts
    Rikku BSB1: Machinations
    Squall BSB2: Steely Blade
    Nine BSB: Class Zero Basher-in-Chief
    Amarant BSB: Fists of Flame
    Ursula BSB: Five Star Crimson Palm
    Aerith BSB1: White Materia
    Ultimecia BSB: True Maelstrom
    Braska BSB: Trine Summoning
    Eiko BSB: Prayer of the Lost
    Cait Sith BSB: Lucky Girl
    Setzer BSB: Mostly Megaflare
    Laguna BSB2: Freezing Beam

    Legend Materia
    Meliadoul LMR: Unyielding Essence
    Quina LMR: Qu Vigilence
    Terra LMR: Innate Power
    Delita LMR: Ark Knight's Finesse
    Sarah LMR: Warrior's Ballad
    Thief(I) LMR: Thief's Fortune
    Ceodore LMR: His Father's Justice
    Noel LMR: A Hunter's Heart
    Selphie LMR: SeeD Spirit
    Amarant LMR: Below-the-Board
    Arc LMR: Bookworm

    Super Soulbreaks
    Tyro Wall: Sentinel Grimoire
    Squall SSB: Blasting Zone
    Relm SSB: Portrait of Lakshmi
    Noel SSB: Deathblow
    Auron SSB: Banishing Blade
    Penelo SSB: Intercession
    Ovelia SSB: Princess's Prayer
    Serah SSB: Endless Blessings
    Edward SSB: Soulsong
    Elena SSB: Rookie Turk

    • Warrior of Light USB
    • Sarah LMR
    • Thief(I) LMR
    • (none)
    • OK mUSB
    • Arc LMR
    • Ursula BSB
    • Ceodore LMR
    • Bartz USB1
    • Krile CSB
    • Terra Glint, LMR
    • Sabin OSB
    • Setzer BSB
    • Relm SSB
    • Edgar SSB
    • Vincent BSB1
    • Aerith BSB1
    • Cait Sith BSB
    • Elena SSB
    • Squall BSB2, SSB
    • Laguna BSB2
    • Seifer USB2
    • Selphie LMR
    • Ultimecia BSB
    • Freya USB
    • Kuja USB
    • Amarant BSB, LMR
    • Eiko BSB
    • Quina LMR
    • Kimahri USB
    • Rikku BSB1
    • Braska BSB
    • Auron SSB
    • (none)
    • Penelo USB, SSB
    • Lightning AOSB, BSB2
    • Noel LMR, SSB
    • Cid(XIV) USB
    • Prompto BSB
    • Ovelia USB, SSB1
    • Delita LMR
    • Meliadoul LMR
    • Nine BSB
    • Tyro Wall
    I'm beat for the day. Will continue with my ideas on team setup in my next reply.
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    Hello @ToySword2

    Again, welcome to the forums.

    I can see that you roughly have a grasp on party setups, such as knowing that you should also bring healers (positioned in back row) alongside your heavy hitters (aka DPS). (Also, in case you don't understand certain abbreviations, the link to my post, as mentioned before, is shown below.)
    Now about your team, it appears that you do have a rough idea of party setup, such as fielding healers in the back row instead of just a full party of 5 DPS. You also have the right idea of getting the important RMs such as Dr Mog's Teachings and Mako Might. However, that previous line is merely just a step towards a larger gameplan: that is to have a competent team (or multiple team configurations) that could enable you to take on all Weekly Event Dungeons as well as special dungeons such as all Nightmare dungeons, Crystal Tower fights, and beyond.

    I would recommend starting with fielding an A-team first, and knowing how to make adjustments to its configuration, to tackle most content. Basically, I would like to share with you on how teams are usually built to effectively win, all the way to end-game content. Also known as: how to make FFRK fun!

    Your enjoyment of the game really comes down to what do you get, and more importantly, what you should aim to get in time. Furthermore, the current metagame (i.e. the trending strategy in team setup) is heavily focused on USBs, and appears to be shifting to speedy elemental-based strategies in the near future. But for now, it is better to understand which particular SBs stand out for now.

    Firstly, I would suggest that you keep track of all your FFRK relics and SBs with a spreadsheet of sorts. Having this comprehensive list, when shared with other veterans, would also quickly enable veterans like me to help you better assess your current state of characters collected and SBs obtained. An example would be the list I had made above.

    Secondly, I would like to talk about party makeup. I would suggest you try to start creating your best team (or A-team) so that you could clear every fight in every event. In every team, you would usually have the following roles:
    #1 (can be PHY or MAG)
    DPS #2 (can be PHY or MAG)
    DPS #3 (can be PHY or MAG)

    Next, let's talk about Soul Breaks.

    For starters, getting a good starting point of your gaming experience in FFRK would often mean being lucky enough to pull the "Trinity" relics that are essential to clearing most end-game content, i.e.:
    1. Wall SB ~ Tyro SG Wall checks out! (Then again, everyone has it nowadays from AA) <you could also take note if you ever obtain either Cecil(Paladin) Paladin Wall USB, Tyro Divine Veil Grimoire USB3, or Y'shtola Stoneskin II. Having either could help open up options to your team-building>
    2. Hastega SB equivalent with boostga/faithga ~ Onion Knight mUSB Forbidden Wisdom checks out for your mage team; but you lack a boostga for physical ATK boost. <you should also keep a lookout for proper party Boostga(ATK_up) buff like Ramza Shout, more party Faithga(MAG_up) buff like Krile Sheepsong SSB, or a hybrid one like Rikku Hyper Mighty G USB that would support a full mage team or hybrid team>
    3. AOE Healing SB ~ Penelo USB, Ovelia USB and Eiko BSB all checks out! <you should also keep an eye out for other medica USBs that are instant cast in case u need to be healed in a pinch, or with Last Stand buff so that you could wade through bosses that have "break the damage cap" moves>
    Hence, my opinion in improving your team mainly comes down to the following points:
    1. More Improvements to your A-team
      • meaning a team of five who you can universally use to attempt any FFRK realm dungeon or event dungeon fight. You should swap out some characters for another depending on the fight, regardless of bias.
      • So for initial team setup, I would suggest having:
        • Healer: Ovelia/Eiko with R1 Shellga/Protectga/Hastega and R3 Cura/Curaga/Curaja
          • Just from its SB description, Ovelia USB being instant cast AND having the Last Stand buff already makes it top tier. It furthermore has that +RES 100% which stacks on top of party shellga.
          • Eiko BSB is decent (used to be top tier) as it not only heals the party, it also benefits a physical party by fixing crit_chance=50%. When in Burst mode, you also have those additional nifty healing burst commands!
          • I personally don't think Relm SSB would cut it as it doesn't appear to be fast enough, nor does it grant burst commands. But if you ever nab Relm USB though, we could talk again.
        • Support: Setzer/Tyro/Onion Knight with R1 Full Break (FB) and R3 POW/MAG Breakdown (PBD/MBD).
          • Firstly, Support refers to characters who have access to 5* Support abilities. It is very crucial when you are trying to mitigate damage by debuffing bosses using abilities like PBD/MBD stacked atop FB. A fine example would be Setzer BSB.
          • Tyro is a good choice as he has Sentinel Grimoire SB, as he has access to all abilities in FFRK. He could also flexibly change into a Dancer (bring HFS/Exhausting_Polka and Multi Break) instead of the usual Support abilities mentioned above.
          • There is an interesting reason why I view Penelo more as a Support character instead of a White Mage healer: she has access to 5* Dancer. Similar to my above-mention of Tyro as a Dancer, she could also mitigate damage by debuffing the enemy with dance moves, and in a clutch she could easily tap for your instant cast USB.
          • Nowadays, the prime example party-wide boostga effect that grants ATK +50% and hastega, is Onion Knight Forbidden Power, as on top of a primary boost it also grants a buff that fixes party PHY dmg crit = 50% chance. Nevertheless, Ramza Shout or BSB2 is still serviceable. But you do have Onion Knight mUSB, which is a simultaneous MAG+RES+MND party buff (meaning it is a different buff ID compared to Papalymo Leylines or Krile Sheepsong SSBs which are MAG only party buff) which implies that u could play around with Faithga buff stacking when setting up mage teams. After spending 4* motes on OK, he'll then gain access to 5* Support abilities like Full Break and Entrust.
        • DPS #1: Squall.
          • His BSB2 alone is deadly especially against enemies weak vs ice. This SB alone justifies his Legend Dive! And to make him a faster beast, equip Orlandeau's L99 RM, Gathering Storm, on him to possibly again more chance to use burst commands within the limited Burst Mode time window!
        • DPS #2: Laguna
          • His BSB2 may not be as top tier as Squall. But you can synergize by bringing him and an RW of Laguna CSB for Ice Chain and ATK +50% party buff.
        • DPS #3: <Any of the following Characters for DPS or utility>
          • Warrior of Light: You had mentioned that you had his USB, was it USB1 Bitter End or his USB2 Hail of Light? You could slot him in here as a Tank that could use Draw Fire. Otherwise, if you could afford crafting and honing the 5* Knight skills, u could go for R3 Divine Cross and R3 Guardbringer combo. Also, he doesn't synergize as well with your other two DPS since WoL is more holy elemental based.
          • Lightning: She does not synergize with Squall, but she is a mad DPS powerhouse in her own right! Throw in a few more imperil lightning debuff stacks with her BSB2, then lay down the Finisher that is her AOSB to end the fight!
        • RW: If you brought Laguna, then RW Laguna CSB (or Snow CSB if N/A) and your healer bringing Hastega. Else, better to RW Quina USB and bring Tyro as support to drop Wall for defense.
    • The thing about Mages
      • If you are planning for a mage team, you need more party faithga buffs like Krile Sheepsong SSB. And try to stack multiple faithga effects to boost your primary mage DPS. An example could be OK mUSB (MAG+MND+RES), Krile Baaa (MAG) and Yuna BSB2 (MAG+MND).
      • As for fielding Terra to be your mage DPS #1, I am also in the same plight as you. I only have her Glint and LMR. I suppose with high enough hones for Chain Firaga and Meltdown she could still be formidable in Event dungeons, but less so for crazier boss battles.
    In all likelihood, the above advice should be able to help u improve your team.
    And I strongly advise you to also drop by the forum chat, as people there are friendly enough to actively advise or explain to you how to improve your team, or what relics to look out for.

    Alright. That's all for now and Happy gaming!
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    Hence, if I were to put myself in your current situation to design both types of A-teams, namely physical and magical -based, I'll likely do the following:

    For physical DPS team, say Ice element focused:
    • Healer: Ovelia / Eiko
    • Support/Dancer: Tyro / Penelo (5* Dancer)
    • DPS#1: Squall
    • DPS#2: Laguna
    • DPS#3: WoL (could substitute with Support #2 or Tank) / Bartz (6* Spellblade user) / Lightning (5* Spellblade user after investing 4* motes)
    • RW: Laguna CSB
    For magical DPS team, say Fire element focused: (remember that you'll need several copies of honed BLM abilities)
    • Healer: Ovelia
    • Support: OK mUSB (equip MM to open fight faithga+hastega buff; 5* Support with P/MBD+FB) / Tyro / Penelo (5* Dancer)
    • DPS#1: Terra (Main Magical DPS after OK mUSB opener)
    • DPS#2: Krile (Fire mage chain~~~ best open after OK mUSB)
    • DPS#3: OK / Vincent / Ultimecia / Kuja / Braska
    • RW: Rikku USB (ATK+MAG buff, stacks with OK mUSB)
    The above two are initially suggested. The note on "several copies of honed BLM abilities" usually mean that a single copy of, say for example Chain Firaga, should at least be honed till R3 to be fielded effectively in battle. Alternatively, you could start with a R3 Firaja and R2 Chain Firaga on a character instead.

    Hope that these ideas of party setups give you more clarity. Remember to save your party setup if it is to your liking!
    Enjoy your game and see you in Chat!
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    Thanks so much for your help @Roche ! Seriously, this took some time and I truly thank you. It means a lot to me.

    Your question about WoL, I have his Unique, not Ultra so it's Crossover, the one that does 4 holy damage attacks in a cross shape. It's not super great.

    I had never though to use Laguna, so thank you for that! Based on your suggestions, I see that he definitely will find a place in my team and I think I'll keep Lightning at least until I find a better Ice synergy.

    I'm looking at the fire team choice for DPS 3. I love the other choices! I assume that all 5 party members will be back row, and I would love to use Onion Knight's Forbidden Wisdom, but his stats are just so crappy. I mean my healers have higher defenses and HP than he does. At lvl 50 he has 919 hp. That's like one hit from a boss = dead. If that's the case, are the others ranked in order from better to worse? (ex. Vincent > Braska) That being said, I like that Vincent has a BSB, so I'll probably use him.

    You've been a major help!
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    Full Legend Characters:
    Tyro, Elarra, WoL, OK, Edge, Bartz, Terra, Locke, Cloud, Zack, Aerith, Shelke, Yuffie, Squall, Kuja, Tidus, Ashe, Larsa, Lightning, Raines, Yshtola, Noctis, Iris, Orlandeau, Ace, Sora
    Nicely done and organized post!
    Hope you've been enjoying the game so far. Its one of the friendliest gacha games too (due to a guaranteed 5* or higher per 11 relic draw). Though RNG is RNG haha, if lucky irl might have low luck in game.
    Its okay even if you can't complete some battles for now.
    Mastering at least up to Ultimates are okay too, for the accessories and MCIII.

    Great sample and templates from Roche too.
    Also, stacking debuffs can make the difficult bosses manageable.
    Full Break/Multi Break and Enfeebling Strike, added with Power/Magic Breakdowns. Another layer of debuff is great too (SBs that have multiple stat debuff that won't be redundant with single stat breakdowns like Vaan's BSB, Faris USB1 or 2 etc).
    Sometimes going with 2 healers can help in boss battles with high SPD and strong AoEs or scripted fixed DMGs.
    Debuff/Elemental resist accessories are very helpful too, try to obtain as many as you can from Nightmares/Events etc.

    RM priorities might be Orlandeau's Gathering Storm (great for healers), Luneth/Elarra's EXP (for faster leveling), Warrior of Light or Cloud's Sword RM (basic sword dmg increase), Vivi/Terra's RM (for MAG increase), Tidus, Squall or Ramza's Ace Striker/Lionheart/Battleforged for faster Soul Break gauge increase, Celes/Sora's Spellblade RM.

    In case you get 5* motes too, you might need to use them on those with Ultra Soul Breaks or decent BSBs. Those with double cast Legend Materias are nice. Prioritize on your best team for now. You might know most of what I shared, but hope it helped a bit. Again, GLHF!
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