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    Hello members,

    We here at recordkeeperforum.com have been dedicated to bringing you
    another social platform to enjoy Final Fantasy Record Keeper. We have encouraged
    members to Chat/Post and Youtube here and now, we are attempting to bring another
    outlet for you to express your views on this forum about our game.

    Record Keeper Forum Podcasts

    We are opening a new sub section in Forum Events that members will be able to
    listen to Staff and other members, talk on a variety of subjects relating to FFRK.
    As this is in it’s early stages, we are developing , as we go along, so tips from members
    in PM’s to staff , about helping make it better from ‘you guys” is welcome.
    There are a few things you will need to know about the Podcasts and posting in the new
    section need to be covered:

    Any member can make one.

    When you attempt to post it, A moderator will have to Authorize it, so it will not be able to be seen instantly on forum.

    AS language and content is a concern, ANY Podcast can be rejected with explanation by Staff
    for reasons that may implicate the forum in any legal restrictions that may regard advertisers or
    IP service regulators within the country of service.

    To be safe, a quick PM to any staff member about what your Podcast will be about will
    help ensure there would be no problems with content, before you try to post one.

    While explicit language is not restricted , swearing for the sake of it, will be frowned upon
    and “trolling” other members by name or inference will NOT be tolerated, period.

    If a Podcast is rejected, you may PM your concerns to staff as a recourse, Bringing up it Chat
    or posting a thread about your dis pleasure with management of the subject, can lead
    to forum restrictions or Banning out right. Your PM’s Will be answered , please utilize this

    This can be another great way for members to share our game or a project that could
    collapse upon itself, I Believe , there are too many fantastic members here, for this to fail.
    @Jan and the rest of the team are working on theirs now, and will be presented soon
    as they are ready.

    Thank you all for your great contributions and spirit
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