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    Hey all, just wanted to do a really quick guide to how I've done the podcast so far. I am not a high tech man, and I KNOW there are better ways to do things. This is just merely the way that I've done things so far, in a low tech, quick and dirty way. If you have a methodology, or software recommendations, please, by all means, leave it in the comments. We're all here to share and learn and grow. ::Chocobo::

    So, first off, the software:

    I use Skype, a Skype recorder and then Audacity for editing. They're all free.

    Skype - It's a typical Voice/video call service. Most of you will be familiar with it. You and the participants will need to download and create an account in order to use it.

    Skype Recorder - This is the one that is sort of problematic. There are all sorts of paid and free Skype Recorders. Many of the free ones will come with bloatware or be on sites that may try to trick you into downloading something else. The one I use can be found here - http://www.ifree-recorder.com/

    It's a very simple interface, but you have to allow it to interact with skype. A small message bar will come up on the top of skype asking for permission to allow the software to interact. Allow it, and then proceed. There's literally just a play, stop and pause button.

    Audacity - This is audio editing software. You pull the file from the file location of where the Skype recorder deposits it on your computer and then you can play the file, delete parts, alter sound etc. I'm a nub with this software to be perfectly honest, but it's easy enough to remove parts of the file (like if you're doing preparation, a sound queue goes on too long, you accidentally use someone's name that you should have, etc) you can zoom in and out of the file, highlight the sections you want removed and delete them. You will have to install LAME to convert files to MP3 and the directions can be found here:


    It's really simple, y'all.

    From there, I'd encourage you to try to keep pods to a palatable length, have fun, and create an outline for how you want your conversations to go. Once you've got your MP3, you can upload it to the forum youtube channel by contacting one of the recordkeeperforum.com Youtube admins.

    That's it! That's all it takes! Now get out there and create some content for the site!

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