Quina the EnBot? Ya or Na? Lmr+Lm2 = Hmm

Discussion in 'Characters & Equipments' started by aopp, Mar 9, 2018.

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    Jun 9, 2015
    Anyone think Quina could be a viable EntrustBOT with her new Lmr/Lm2.

    The Lmr gives her Last Stand while the Lm2 is a trance-like LM. When low on HP she gets 2[keep in mind they're 6 in total]full gages. With the 3rdAV comin & KH apast I cant afford to pull $ or bluewise whilst the $bucky draw wasnt meant to be... But if I had gotten it id b tempted to fully dive her.

    Anyone gonna give this a try? Do tell...

    Aopp Out
  2. Kantolin

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    Apr 23, 2015
    I do think it's worth it if you get both.

    The main question is, does it compete with Shelke for speed? And the answer is probably not. But the fact that you can hit him/her with whatever (activating last stand), and then immediately entrust away four bars is kind of amazing given it doesn't chew your Mako Might slot. If you also have Quina's new USB (Or his/her Attack+ soulbreak from way back), then s/he can start to wrath up to that (or wrath for more entrusting, or use breakdowns if you're not in a magicite).

    You can also, if it's more appropriate, give Quina mako might and entrust away a /full/ bar to someone off the bat. It definitely seems viable, especially with other Quina soulbreaks. No shenanigans involved due to the last stand, and greater regen helps a little with survivability. You can also smack Quina, use USB, and /then/ entrust if that's more critical to your strategy than just feeding bars.

    So I mean... Quina vs Shelke is a fight for pure gauge feeding, but there are advantages Quina has that at least make him/her viable. :)
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