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    May 3, 2016

    • Features banners for FFI-FFXV, FFT and FF Type-0 (17 in total)
    • First 11 pull for each banner costs 15 mythril / 900 gems (full price after, unlimited pulls)
    • Relic pool is LMR, BSB or 6* relics for the appropriate realm characters
    • Relic pool cut off is 10/7, so relics released in GL up to and including the FFIV "Pawns of Evil" event
    • Relic pool is static and does not get any new relics until around April in GL, so the worth of your pull will decrease over time.
    • Once the relic pool gets updated in around April 2019, your first pull will cost 15 mythril again (even if you did such a pull before the update).
    Good luck everyone!
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  2. Jamie

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    Mar 29, 2015
    FF1: 4/11 WOL Arcane, Garland Arcane, Sarah USB, Garland BSB
    FF2: 3/11 Emperor USB, Firion BUSB, Gordon BSB
    FF3: 4/11 Refia USB, Desch BSB, Arc BSB, Ingus LMR
    FF4: 4/11 Golbez CHAIN, Edge LMR, Cecil BSB, Kain BSB
    FF5: 3/11 Krile CHAIN, Lenna USB, ExDeath BSB
    FF6: 1/11 Relm BSB
    FF7: 1/11 Barrett BSB
    FF8: 1/11 Seifer USB
    FF9: 3/11 Freya LMR, Beatrix LMR, Kuja LMR
    FF10: 3/11 Jecht BSB, Jecht USB, Yuna BSB (tiny bee)
    FF12: 1/11 Gabranth USB
    FF13: 4/11 Sazh USB, Lightning BSB, Serah BSB, Nabaat LMR
    FF15: 3/11 Prompto USB, Arnea LMR, Iris BSB
    FFT: 3/11 Ovelia USB, Montblanc USB, Rapha LMR

    Overall: 38/154
    2 chain's, 2 AOSB's, 11 USB's, 1 BUSB, 14 BSB's, 8 LMR's
    Very Nice!
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  3. Vetheran

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    May 3, 2016
    FF1: 5/11 Thief LMR (trash), Echo LMR (cool), Garland LMR (ok), Meia BSB (dupe), Wol BSB (it's a bsb, at least first SB for him)
    FF2: 2/11 Scott LMRx2 (meh, no other relics so pretty useless)
    FF3: 4/11 Refia BSB (dupe), Aria LMR (meh), Luneth LMR (no other SB, so meh), OK USB3 (Yay)
    FF4: 1/11 Ursula BSB (it's a BSB, at least first SB for her)
    FF5: 4/11 Bartz wBSB (cool, only missing fire now), Zezat LMR (ok), Faris LMR (meh), Faris USB2 (dupe)
    FF6: 1/11 Kefka USB (new, cool)
    FF7: 2/11 Cid BSB (dupe), Vincent USB (cool)
    FF8: 1/11 Riona LMR (en-ice, meh)
    FF9: 2/11 Steiner BSB (it's a BSB), Kuja LMR (en-dark, ok)
    FF10: 1/11 Tidus ASB (Yay)
    FF11: 2/11 Ayame LMR (ok), Shantotto USB (dupe)
    FF12: 1/11 Fran USB (ok)
    FF13: 1/11 Fang BSB (it's a bsb)
    FF14: 2/11 Aphinaud LMR (ok), Minfilia USB (ok)
    FF15: 2/11 Gladio BSB (dupe), Noctis USB1 (ok)
    FFT: 2/11 Cid OSB (dupe), Montblanc USB (ok)
    FFT0: 3/11 Queen LMR (ok), Nine USB (cool), Machina USB (cool)

    36 relics, 28 new, 8 dupes
    14 LMR, 9 BSB, 1 OSB, 1 ASB, 11 USB
    Wins: OK USB3, Bartz wBSB, Kefka USB, Vincent USB, Kuja LMR, Tidus ASB, Nine USB and Machina USB.

    Still lacking healing for T0, but I'll have to check if Deuce tech comes up on future banners or here is my best bet.
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  4. Tricky1

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    Nov 9, 2016
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    Only three pulls to start:



    Came in looking for that Prompto chain—didn’t get it, but that aside, this is a pretty ideal pull for me. Ignis’s BSB is the big prize, but the other big news is I finally get enough weapons to field a synergy team the next time XV shows up. Wondering if Noctis glint is good enough to justify going for the XV package in the Full Throttle Selection (that’s the only one where I have none of the relics). The glint should have nice synergy with his OSB.



    Came to X looking for either of the water chains, with Yuna gear being the secondary objective. The disco being OSB armor is kinda random, but the other three items are sweet—particularly Seymour’s w-cast LMR, handy because I have his chain.



    The target chain this time was Red XIII’s, but getting his USB wasn’t much of a letdown. Having more than one source of Astra helps with Crystal Tower, and that boostga is extremely stackable. Seph BSB2 is this haul’s only dupe.

    Since these draws aren’t going anywhere, I’ll stop here to try to keep some mythril on hand in case of emergencies. I suspect my next targets will be XI and IX, looking for a lightning chain.
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  5. Tirix887

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    Mar 25, 2016
    Full Throttle + Real Relic Draw: I - III - IV - XII

    Realm Relic Draw: II - V - XIII - T0

    Realm Relic Draw : VI - IX - XI - T

    Realm Relic Draw : VII - VIII - X - XIV - XV
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  6. Starkiller

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    Feb 23, 2016
    I'm only going to list the ones where I didn't get dupe trash, which are very few. Despite many discos, the majority were dupes, which made me really sad.

    FF1 - dupe trash
    FF2 - Josef LMR
    FF3 - Aria LMR2, CoD OSB, some other garbage
    FF4 - dupe disco trash
    FF5 - dupe Gil OSB and new Faris BSB2(3?)
    FF6 - dupe trash
    FF7 - dupe trash
    FF8 - Raijin OSB, might as well be dupe trash
    FF9 - Kuja BSB2/LMR, Vivi USB (dupe)
    FF10 - Conductor USB (dupe), Paine USB (dupe), Rikku BSB2 (dupe), and some other dupe trash item I'm forgetting
    FF11 - SKIP
    FF12 - Reks USB (finally, something worthwhile), Vaan BSB (dupe), Larsa BSB (dupe)
    FF13 - Lightning USB1 x 2 (4th and 5th, so worthless), Serah BSB2, Snow LMR1
    FF14 - Alphinaud LMR and Yda LMR
    FF15 - Noctis OSB dupe trash
    FFT - Mustadio USB (dupe, but +fire!), Ramza LMR2, Marche BSB. Quite happy with this despite not getting say, Agrias USB2.
    Type-0 - Nine BSB (not a dupe!)

    I think the FF10 and FF13 dupes hurt the most. Were the realms where I was hoping to get CSB 2.0's, which could have saved me some mythril later. Nope, DeNA shoved their halloween boot up my ass :(
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  7. Luxord

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    Sep 27, 2016
    Only one pull for now: I've done the ff3 draw since I wanna take the set from the full throttle draw.

    Well, not a good pull:
    2/11, OK's bsb (dupe) and Aria's bsb:angry:

    So now I have at least one dupe in every set. And I really can't decide between ff3 and ff10 set .-.

    Edit: I let my mother do another pull: she choose ff7: 4/11 with 2 disco!
    Angeal's bsb, Aerith's bsb1, Vincent's chain and Cloud's aosb lol no dupes and many great prizes!

    FF1 - 1/11 Garland's aosb (a nice dark+ sword :3)
    FF2 - 1/11 Maria's aosb (yeaaaaah, earth+ armor and I can maybe sub 30 KB! Exactly what I wanted! :D)
    FF3 - 2/11 OK's bsb (dupe) and Aria's bsb.
    FF4 - 2/11 Ursula's bsb and Dark Knight Cecil's aosb (another dark+ sword, very nice :D)
    FF5 - 1/11 Greg's dualcast samurai lmr
    FF6 - 1/11 Terra's usb1! Finally a good relic for my Terra :3
    FF7 - 4/11 Angeal's bsb, Aerith's bsb1, Vincent's chain, Cloud's aosb.
    FF8 - 2/11 Laguna's enice bsb and Raijin's osb
    FF9 - 3/11 Kuja's Usb (dupe, but it's a nice dark+ armor so I won't combine it), Marcus's bsb and Freja's lmr (a wind+ helm :D)
    FF10 - 2/11 Auron's fire bsb3 and Seymour's chain *-*
    FF11 - 2/11 Lion's lmr and Ayame's osb (cool, I already have her bsb :D)
    FF12 - 1/11 Balthier's Osb
    FF13 - 2/11 Hope's bsb (holy+ gloves, nice) and Snow's usb
    FF14 - 3/11 Ysayle's bsb (finally! My first relic for her :3), Yda's bsb (fire+ fist) and Papalymo's lmr (moar powah for my tarutaru *-*)
    FF15 - 1/11 Prompto's bsb dupe :(
    FFT - 2/11 Rapha' bsb and Orlandeau's bsb (dupe)
    FFType0 - 4/11 Cinque's lmr (dupe), 2xRem's lmr, Rem's osb (a nice holy+ dagger :D)

    34/187 (6 dupes)
    Aosb: 4
    Chain: 2
    Usb: 3
    Osb: 4
    Lmr: 7
    Glint: 0
    Bsb: 14

    Very very good! :D

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  8. Meathook33

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    Jan 14, 2017
    Pulled everything except FF2.

    FF1: Garland USB, WoL USB
    FF3: Luneth LMR, OK USB Forbidden Wisdom, OK USB Sage Unleashed
    FF4: Rosa LMR, Rydia BSB (dupe)
    FF5: Galuf LMR, Bartz BSB2
    FF6: Leo USB, Cyan BSB2
    FF7: Vincent USB
    FF8: Selphie LMR
    FF9: Zidane OSB, Vivi OSB
    FF10: Kimahri BSB, Tidus Glint
    FF11: Ayame LMR (dupe), Shantotto Glint
    FF12: Fran USB, Ashe LMR, Penelo BSB2
    FF13: Lightning BSB2
    FF14: Y'shtola LMR, Y'shtola USB, Y'shtola USB (again)
    FF15: Aranea LMR, Prompto CSB, Noctis LMR
    FFT: Gaffgarion USB, Ovelia BSB2
    FFT-0: Rem OSB, King LMR
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  9. Vetheran

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    May 3, 2016
    Just read that JP is getting an update on the relic pool of the banners. The only thing confirmed so far is that your first pulls will be reset to 15 mythril (even if you did them before). I'll update OP with this information, and will keep an eye out for more.
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  10. Vic

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    May 20, 2015
    Did realm XV today:



    Initially very exciting, but gladiolus OSB and prompto USB are dupes. Still happy with Noctis BSB and Aranea USB. I have almost all of Aranea's relics except her ssb.
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  11. MysteryE

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    Jun 9, 2015
    Lemme copy and paste my pulls result from here...

    FFT0 - 3/11 King USB, Rem OSB (dupe), Cinque LMR
    FFT - 1/11 Montblanc LMR
    FFXV - 3/11 Prompto CSB, Iris USB, Noctis LMR (dupe)
    FFXIV - 3/11 Papalymo OSB, Thancred BSB, Yshtola LMR
    FFXIII - 3/11 Noel USB, Hope USB, Fang BSB
    FFXII - 4/11 Ashe AOSB, Basch USB, Larsa USB (dupe), Penelo BSB
    FFXI - 1/11 Prishe BSB (dupe)
    FFX - 5/11 Kimahri USB (dupe), Zecht OSB, Auron LMR, Tidus LMR (dupe), Seymour BSB (dupe)
    FFIX - 2/11 Marcus BSB & Vivi BSB1
    FFVIII - 1/11 Ultimecia LMR
    FFVII - 1/11 Red XIII LMR
    FFVI - 2/11 Edgar BSB & Kefka BSB1 (dupe)
    FFV - 2/11 Gilgamesh USB & Bartz USB2 (dupe)
    FFIV - 2/11 Barbie LMR & Rydia LMR
    FFIII - 1/11 Refia USB (dupe)
    FFII - 3/11 Leon USB, Leon BSB, Gordon LMR
    FFI - 3/11 Garland Glint, Garland LMR2, Wol BSB

    CSB: 1
    AOSB: 1
    USB: 11
    OSB: 3
    BSB: 11
    Glint: 1
    LMR: 12

    Worth 255 mythrils?
    Kinda for me. 255 blues, that's equal to 5 regular 11x pulls, getting those discos and 1 chain.

    But if compared to others pulls, probably on the unlucky side (?).
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  12. Tricky1

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    I did a pull every time I got to 65 mythril until I realized Golden Week was coming and I had to start saving up for that:



    Hunting for that lightning chain, so the discoes being a dupe Shantotto USB and a new Lion USB was a bit of a disappointment.



    Was hoping for Strago stuff (Chain, even BSB) got Strago...LMR.



    Again, hoping for Rem weapons, got...LMR.



    Yay! First-gen bursts! And one of them’s a dupe...



    One last time drawing for the lightning chain...instead, it’s my third dark chain. Still happy to get my first magic 2.0 chain.



    Chances of getting the lightning chain gone, moved on to another missing element, seeking an ice chain. And I not only got it, I practically got a Snow Day. Very happy.
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  13. lucifer316

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    Mar 27, 2015
    FF1 - Matoya BSB dupe, Garland GSB, Meia LMR
    FF2 - Leon USB, Scott LMR
    FF3 - Refia USB dupe, Refia LMR dupe
    FF4 - Kain USB dupe, Palom BSB dupe, Kain bUSB
    FF5 - Bartz AOSB dupe
    FF6 - Strago CSB
    FF7 - Barret BSB
    FF8 - Raijin USB
    FF9 - Garnet CSB dupe, Freya BSB
    FF10 - Yuna USB dupe, Seymour BSB, Auron LMR
    FF11 - Shantotto USB dupe, Curilla BSB
    FF12 - Fran USB
    FF13 - Vanille LMR dupe, Fang USB, Nabaat USB, Serah BSB
    FF14 - Ysale BSB, Estinien LMR
    FF15 - Ingis LMR
    FFT - Agrias OSB dupe, Marach LMR
    FFT0 - King BSB dupe, Nine BSB

    33 relics in 17 pulls for an average of just under 2 relics per banner. 12 dupes or over 1/3. 1 Chain, 6 USB including 1 Brave, 1 Glint, 7 BSB, and 6 LMRs. Only a couple of the relics were worth anything. Overall a very, very poor showing.
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  14. Roche

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    Dec 21, 2016
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    Not Happy, overall.
    [After 13-Jan-2019, overall decent thanks to windfall from later pulls on Realms 1 & 3]
    FF1: [pulled 13-Jan-2019] 3/11: WoL LMR, Meia OSB, Sarah USB :excellent:
    FF2: [pulled 13-Jan-2019] 4/11: Maria BSB (dupe), Emperor BSB (en wind), Scott BSB, Firion OSB :no worries:
    FF3: [pulled 13-Jan-2019] 3/11: Desch LMR, Aria USB, Luneth USB :excellent:
    FF4: [pulled 24-Nov-2018] 2/11: Tellah LMR, Pecil LMR (dupe) :ded:
    FF5: [pulled 24-Nov-2018] 2/11: Bartz BSB_Fire, Greg OSB (dupe) :ded:
    FF6: [pulled 24-Nov-2018] 1/11: Mog BSB
    FF7: [pulled on debut] 2/11: Shelke BSB, Aerith LMR
    FF8: [pulled 24-Nov-2018] 3/11: Rinoa LMR2 (DC BLM), Seifer LMR1, Squall USB2
    FF9: [pulled on debut] 2/11: Amarant LMR x2 :ded:
    FF10: [pulled 24-Nov-2018] 2/11: Wakka BSB, Seymour BSB2 (dupe) :ded:
    FF11: [pulled 13-Jan-2019] 2/11: Ayame OSB (dupe), Shantotto LMR (DC Witch!) :shantotto:
    FF12: [pulled 24-Nov-2018] 4/11: Vaan LMR1, Vaan BSB (dupe), Vaan OSB, Penelo USB (dupe) :ded:
    FF13: [pulled 24-Nov-2018] 3/11: Hope BSB2 (dupe), Sazh BSB, Serah USB
    FF14: [pulled 24-Nov-2018] 2/11: Ysayle BSB, Y'sthola USB1 :ded:
    FF15: [pulled 13-Jan-2019] 3/11: Prompto BSB (dupe), Aranea OSB (dupe), Noctis OSB :mist opportunity:
    FFT: [pulled 24-Nov-2018] 1/11: Agrias LMR
    FFT0: [pulled on debut] 3/11: Rem BSB, Rem LMR, Ace LMR, Ace BSB (dupe)
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