Realms on Parade Relic Draws (07th Sep - 10th Oct 2018)

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  1. Zodiac

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    Dec 30, 2015

    This is the once only x3 relic draw, which features 17 realms and 1 5* or higher relic is guaranteed...
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  2. Aeveras

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    Jul 22, 2017
    FF0 - Ace USB (dupe)
    FF15 - Noctis LMR, Iris LMR, Aranea SSB (very pleased with this pull).
    FF14 - Hauchefant LMR (dupe)
    FF13 - Snow CSB (3th copy of this one)
    FF12 - Fran SSB. +10 attack for a character I have an lot of relics for in spite of never pulling for her.
    FF11 - Shantoto CSB (not a dupe, but already have Garnet CSB, so unsure if this has any value).
    FF10 - Braska USB (dupe)
    FF9 - Steiner BSB
    FF8 - Edea BSB (my ice magic tech is nearly nonexistent, so this is actually nice to get).
    FF7 - Aerith LMR (happy with this. Will help with Neo Torment).
    FF6 - Terra SSB (dupe, le blargh)
    FF5 - Bartz BSB1 (+10 attack)
    FF4 - Pecil OSB
    FF3 - Luneth USB (nice! Not bad at all)
    FF2 -
    FF1 -
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  3. Starkiller

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    Feb 23, 2016
    Hmm....should we merge this with Jan's post? Otherwise kind of splits everything.
  4. Vetheran

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    May 3, 2016
    FF0 - Rem LMR (buildup) (dupe) - are you kidding me, I have like 2 relics for T0 in total...
    FFT - Medaliul SSB (imperil earth) - first SB for him, looks meh
    FF15 - Noctis ASB - I have his SSB, so additional option is OK
    FF14 - Minfilia SSB (dupe and already reforged) + Yda USB - my first ever 2/3!
    FF13 - Snow BSB1 - Seems very dated but first relic for him
    FF12 - Larsa USB - Have his BSB and use him often, neat!
    FF11 - Totto USB - Have her chain, so this looks nice, maybe even LD?
    FF10 - Braska SSB (Faithga) (dupe) - nothing else to say...
    FF9 - Zidane SSB (en-Wind) - First relic for him and at least it is en-element
    FF8 - Fujin BSB (dupe) - Meh
    FF7 - Cloud BSB2 (dupe) - Meh
    FF6 - Umaro BSB - First relic for him, en-ice is useful but the utility commands are questionable
    FF5 - Greg USB1 - I have an SSB and a BSB1 for Greg so this is nice but I don't see myself using him still
    FF4 - Palom SSB - First relic, pure damage. Seems severely lackluster
    FF3 - Ignus LMR (DMG reduction with shields) - Have his chain and bsb, nice addition
    FF2 - Emperor USB - I have his BSB, so now he can imperil and en-element too.
    FF1 - Garland SSB - Whichever this one is, I already had the other SSB, pretty meh

    LMR: 2 (1 of which is dupe)
    SSB: 6 (2 of which are dupes)
    BSB: 4 (2 of which are dupes)
    USB: 5
    ASB: 1
    OSB/CSB: none
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  5. Darth Pikachu

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    Mar 31, 2015
    Talk about dumb luck for F2P.

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  6. fedeMDP

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    Sep 5, 2016
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    FF0 - Nine USB
    FFT - Mustadio LMR
    FF15 -
    FF14 -
    FF13 -
    FF12 -
    FF11 - Lion USB
    FF10 -
    FF9 - Freya USB
    FF8 -
    FF7 -
    FF6 - Edgar BSB
    FF5 -
    FF4 - Porom LMR
    FF3 - Onion BSB (dupe)
    FF2 -
    FF1 -

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  7. Roche

    Roche "Teach-me-how-to-FFRK" Mod-Sensei Staff Member Moderator Onion Knight Master TOTS Warrior

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    Dec 21, 2016
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    My pulls ...

    T0 Nine LMR
    FFT TGCid OSB dupe
    15 Ignis SSB
    14 Thancred SSB1
    13 Snow SSB2
    12 Gabranth USB
    11 Lion BSB
    10 Seymour BSB2
    9 Zidane BSB1 dupe
    8 Edea SSB dupe

    7 Vincent SSB
    6 Setzer USB
    5 Lenna SSB
    4 Edward LMR
    3 Arc SSB1 dupe
    2 Minwu LMR
    1 WoL BSB dupe

    @Deuce @Kantolin @Tifa Lockhart
    I pulled. now I sad.

    The End.
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  8. Tricky1

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    Nov 9, 2016
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    FF0 -- Deuce SSB
    FFT -- Ramza LMR2 (w-cast holy)
    XV -- Iris USB
    XIV -- PPD
    XIII -- Sazh SSB (dupe)
    XII -- PPD
    XI -- Ayame SSB
    X -- Rikku SSB2
    IX -- PPD
    VIII -- Squall BSB1
    VII -- Sephiroth LMR, Cloud BSB1
    VI -- Locke BSB2

    (UPDATE 9/12: So far, very happy. Iris USB, although it seems to be inferior to her BSB, finally gives me a medica in every realm; Deuce SSB is a USB0-type with Last Stand, mblink and hi-regen; and Ramza LMR2 has me overjoyed because it plays very nicely with his chain. My plan is to put off most of the rest of these until after the fest banners are done, with the probable exceptions of XI and VIII. I deviated from the plan for XIII, and rapidly regretted it.)

    (UPDATE 9/18: Less happy now, as much for my lack of discipline as the lackluster relics I'm getting. The double whammy of 1st generation BSBs--Squall and Cloud--was particularly disappointing. On the bright side, Locke BSB2 should pair well with his chain, and Sephroth's endark LMR will see some use.)
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  9. Hibernis

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    Jul 5, 2016
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    Well they would all be dupes for me lol
    Anyway lower chances than hell for that to happen so congrats
  10. Tirix887

    Tirix887 Absolute Warlord

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    Mar 25, 2016
    Realm on Parade - 10x3 RRD
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  11. Jamie

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    Mar 29, 2015
  12. Levant

    Levant Active Member

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    Apr 21, 2016
    FF0 - Ace USB
    FFT - Agrias SSB (dupe)
    FF15 - Promto USB
    FF14 - Alphinaud BSB (dupe)
    FF13 - Hope SSB
    FF12 - Penelo BSB
    FF11 - Shantoto CSB
    FF10 - Paine BSB
    FF9 - Zidane OSB
    FF8 - Irvine USB
    FF7 - Angeal BSB
    FF6 - Relm BSB
    FF5 - Bartz USB2
    FF4 - Edward SSB
    FF3 - Refia LMR
    FF2 - Emperor BSB
    FF1 - Matoya LMR

    USB 4
    CSB 1
    OSB 1
    BSB 6
    SSB 3
    LMR 2

    With 4 USB 1 CSB this is a great RoP for me!
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  13. Luxord

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    Sep 27, 2016
    Up until now I draw on three banners:

    Ff12- Vaan's lmr2 (small chance to restore ability use)
    Type0- Machina's lmr
    Tactics- Delita's ssb (4aoe ranged attacks) and Marach's ssb (6 aoe and att/res down).

    None of them are dupes so I gladly took it :D
    Marach now has ssb, bsb and usb :D

    2 more pulls done: dupe bartz's ssb and dupe Milf's usb:dn:

    Edit 2:
    Ff3- Ingus' lmr (not the enearth, the other one)
    Ff9 - Kuja's usb *-* both not dupes :D

    Edit n.3:
    Ff15 - Ignis's bsb and Noctis's glint. Both new :D
    My Noctis is growing stronger, I have his ssb, bsb, aosb and glint :D

    Edit n.4:
    FF13 - Vanille's usb2 (last stand and lower holy powah) :D

    Edit n.5:
    FF1- Garland's ssb (5aoe hits +att/def down) :D
    FF7 - Aerith's bsb2 dupe:(

    Edit n. 6:
    FF6 - I won this banner: Gogo's lmr :dn::crying laughing:
    FF2 - Firion's lmr (doublecast combat abilities)
    FF10 - Tidus's ssb dupe :/ the same I got in the backstreet's boys banner .-.

    Final edit:
    FF11 - Shantotto's bsb dupe :/
    FF4 - Edge's bsb dupe :/
    FF8 - Quistis's osb

    FF0 - Machina's lmr
    FFT - Delita's ssb and Marach's ssb
    FF15 - Ignis's bsb and Noctis' glint
    FF14 - Milf's usb (dupe)
    FF13 - Vanille's usb2
    FF12 - Vaan's lmr2
    FF11 - Shantotto's bsb (dupe)
    FF10 - Tidus's ssb (dupe)
    FF9 - Kuja's usb
    FF8 - Quistis's osb
    FF7 - Aerith's bsb2 (dupe)
    FF6 - Gogo's lmr
    FF5 - Bartz's ssb (dupe)
    FF4 - Edge's bsb (dupe)
    FF3 - Ingus's lmr2
    FF2 - Firion's lmr
    FF1 - Garland's ssb

    Chain: 0
    Aosb: 0
    Osb: 1
    Usb: 3 (1 dupe)
    Glint: 1
    Lmr: 5
    Bsb: 4 (3 dupe)
    Ssb: 5 (2 dupes)

    85 mythril for 6 dupes, but also got 2 nice usb and some lmr. It could have been better, but it could have been much worse also ^^
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  14. Kantolin

    Kantolin Airborne Mod Staff Member Moderator Forum Advocate Dragoon Master

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    Apr 23, 2015
    Realms on Parade pulls!

    Type 0: Nine BSB (dupe)
    FFT: Mustadio LMR
    FF15: Gladiolus SSB
    FF14: Y'shtola USB
    FF13: Noel LMR (+ice)
    FF12: Gabranth LMR
    FF11: Ayame SSB(Dupe)
    FF10: Wakka SSB
    FF9: Amarant BSB
    FF8: Sigh Squall OSB
    FF7: Vincent SSB
    FF6: Gau SSB (dupe)
    FF5: Dorgann BSB (+Earth)
    FF4: Ursula BSB
    FF3: Onion pUSB
    FF2: Firion BSB (+Holy)
    FF1: Sarah SSB (At least it's a medica I didn't have!)
    USB Lucky: Noel, Krile, WoL

    Generally not good. :p

    I can get use out of the non Dupe BSBs. Amarant BSB means I now have a relic for everyone in FF9 which is cool, and Dorgan's is really useful as now I have a FF5 boostga and it also earth imperils. Ursula and Firion's will be of value in cid's missions.

    I am bummed that it's Wakka's status ball and so many bad supers and some dupes. At least Sarah's SSB is a FF1 medica which I did need. I now have noel Ultra and LMR, so that's... a combo, haha. :p

    USB Lucky made me now have a thing for Noel, though, and Krile is a useful fire mage now. I also have WoL's chain, so it is helpful to have more for him to do afterwards than his BSB2.

    But I'm happy enough! [​IMG] I got stuff, it wasn't too expensive, and it was neat to get the pile of them at once! Yay!
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  15. Tirix887

    Tirix887 Absolute Warlord

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    Mar 25, 2016
    Realm On parade - Part II
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  16. Hibernis

    Hibernis Absolute Warlord Supremacy Element: Ice Defier of Fate

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    Jul 5, 2016
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    So I ended up pulling on a few more banners since I got more mythril then I expected and I still think I'll have enough for at least 3 pulls on the next FFV banner 2 so.. I'll try my best to remember what I got.

    FFT-0: Cinque BSB (dupe)
    FFT: TGC SSB (dupe)
    FFXV: Iris SSB (dupe)
    FFXIV: Papalymo LMR
    FFXIII: Cid Raines OSB (dupe)
    FFXII: Vaan BSB
    FFIX: Marcus BSB
    FFVIII: Laguna BSB1
    FFVII: Rufus BSB
    FFVI: Mog USB
    FFV: Xezat LMR (+ice bracer)
    FFIV: Rubicante SSB (+fire fist)
    FFIII: Luneth BSB (dupe)
    FFII: Firion BSB (dupe)
    FFI: Wol (that guy from Dissidia, not Warrior of Light) SSB

    So as you can see... Terrible run. Ded run.
    Maybe the best thing was Mog USB, I needed something for him.
    Not enough to pull on FFX and FFXI and I don't care.

    I am yet to get two or more 5* relics on a RoP pull
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  17. Matt D

    Matt D Absolute Warlord

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    Apr 30, 2015
    I'm doing a general taking stock post here.

    FF0 - Machina LMR
    FFT - Meliadoul USB
    FF15 - Noctis LMR
    FF14 - Y'sh LMR
    FF13 - A dupe (I forget which)
    FF12 - Balthier USB
    FF11 - Zeid SSB dupe
    FF10 - Rikku SSB, Yuna LMR
    FF9 - Amarant LMR
    FF8 - Selphie LMR
    FF7 - Dupe
    FF6 - Kefka LMR
    FF5 - Dupe Bartz OSB
    FF4 - Dupe
    FF3 - Dupe
    FF2 - Maria BSB
    FF1 - Echo SSB

    Along the way between some banners that are out there, daily draws, and what not, I also picked up:
    Tifa LMR, Tidus USB, Raijin USB, Balthier BSB, Locke USB(fire), Cyan USB, and a few uniques.

    The USB Lucky got me Zidane USB(grand lethal), and TGC USB.

    I pulled on B3 tonight and got a dupe Snow BSB and a new Celes USB.

    I might be able to pull on B5, or I might save to pull on FFIV to go for Golbez' dark chain since I need one.

    That's pretty much my fest though. Had better, had worse. TGC USB is my big prize.
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