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    So I've begun building and planning a new team that revolves around Lightning damage, I feel it's fairly competent and offers the three main buffs that make a physical team excel: Damage, Crit Chance, Crit Damage. With Kain's Brave Mode, he can even break the damage cap. Promto's gen 2 lightning chain starts at 50% lightning damage opposed to the gen 1 20%. Prompto also has an innate ability to hyperfocus on imperils, offering even more damage for the team.

    Overall, this team composition is very fast with both Haste and nigh endless High Quick Cast thanks to Elarra's USB and Tyro's Soulbreak entrusts. Because of that speed, characters like Prompto can quickly stack lightning imperils and Kain can take longer advantage of his brave mode. Furthermore, the damage Raijin's Lightning Radiant Shield emits also adds onto the lightning chain. :)

    Click links for animations of said soulbreaks.

    Groups Buffs:
    • ATK +50%
    • Crit Damage +50%
    • Crit Chance +10~50%
    • Last Stand
    • High Quick Cast 2
    • Lightning Radiant Shield
    • Stoneskin
    • Protectga
    • Shellga
    • Hastega
    • 200% Resistance
    • 200% Defence

    Kain: Primary focus for Kain is doing as much damage as possible with his USB, and brave mode chase damage. He unfortunately doesn't get a dualcast LMR; however, makes up for it with his brave mode which can break the damage cap.
    • Roaring Fang and Claw: Ten single ranged jump attacks (0.72 each), grants Attach Lightning, No Air Time 2 and Rising High Brave Mode (Dragoon) to the user.
      • Rising High Brave Mode: 1.92/3.25/6.50/10.15 multiplier scaling with Brave, breaks damage cap at Brave 1 or more, ranged jump attack.
    • LM2: ATK +2% for each hit dealt with jump attacks, up to +50%.
    • LMR1: Dragoon abilities deal 25% more damage when equipping a spear.
    • Lightning Dive: Four single ranged jump attacks (1.13 each), air time (3.50 sec.).

    Promto: Sets up gen 2 lightning chain and proceeds to focus on lightning imperils.
    • Custom Starshell: Activates Lightning Chain (max 150, field +50%), ATK +50% for 25 seconds.
    • LM2: 30% chance to cause Minor Imperil Lightning to the target after using a Machinist ability on an enemy
    • LMR1: 25% chance to dualcast Machinist abilities
    • Spark Offering: Two single ranged attacks (1.00 each), 35% chance to cause Imperil Lightning 10% for 15 seconds.
    • Tempest Snipe: Six single ranged attacks (0.57 each).

    Raijin: Offers a lot with his USB, giving the team Dance of Carnage and a Lightning Radiant Shield; however though, his kit suffers with only really benefiting from Monk abilities. I just confirmed that Spark Fist's 20% additional crit chance is innate, so it's applied to the 50% and doesn't overwrite it since it's innate. This means you'll have a 70% chance to crit altogether, after Dance of Carnage's +50% crit chance.
    • Divine Dragon: Ten single attacks (0.71 each), grants Dance of Carnage and Lightning Radiant Shield: 75% to all allies.
      • Dance of Carnage: Adds +50% Critical Chance to all allies.
      • Lightning Radiant Shield: Returns 75% of the damage taken to the attacker as Lightning damage.
    • LM2: ATK +2% for each hit dealt with Monk abilities, up to +50%.
    • LMR1: 35% chance to grant Quick Cast 1 to the user after using a Monk ability.
    • Spark Fist: Four single attacks (0.72 each), 20% additional critical chance.

    Elarra: Solid heals, grants Last Stand to the team as well as Regenga which heals for 2000 every two seconds (buff time dependant on Mind, duration at 8 seconds with 500 Mind). Tyro's entrusted soulbreaks every two turns ensures she'll be able to give the team endless Quick Cast 2, thus affecting overall team DPS. If in Magicite dungeons, she'll probably drop Curada for Protectga or Shellga since I'm not running Tyro for his Divine Veil Grimoire. I'll have to also figure out where the team will get Haste from.
    • Magica Album: Restores HP (85), grants Regenga and High Quick Cast 2.
    • Magica Float: Restores HP (85), damages undeads, grants Last Stand, grants Haste and Burst Mode to the user.
      • BSB Command #1: MND +20% for 25 seconds, grants Quick Cast 3.
      • BSB Command #2: Restores HP (25), damages undeads.
    • LM2: 35% chance to dualcast White Magic abilities.
    • LMR1: 25% chance to cast an ability (WHT: group, restores HP (25)) after using a Bard ability.
    • Curada: Restores HP (105), damages undeads, grants HP Stock (2000).
    • Warrior's Hymn: Grants group Damage +10/20/30/40/50%, percentage determined by continual usage. Each stack lasts ten seconds, up to a maximum of 50~100 seconds, 50 seconds starting at five stacks, reaching up to a maximum of 100 for ten maximum casts of Warlord's Hymn. Each cast renews duration up to 10 maximum uses.

    Ramza: Soul purpose for Ramza is to increase overall team crit damage, supply a 30% stoneskin buff, and entrust soulbreaks to Elarra. With his LMR3, I'll be able to instantly Roaming Warrior Tyro's "Divine Veil Grimoire". If in Magicites, Elarra's wall.
    • Chant: Grants Stoneskin: 30% and Critical Damage +50%.
    • LM2: Increases the duration of stat buffs by 40%.
    • LMR1: Grants Instant Cast 1 at the beginning of the battle, begins the round with full ATB gauge.
    • Wrath
    • Entrust
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