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Discussion in 'Other Final Fantasy Games' started by Tifa Lockhart, Sep 10, 2018.

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    I'm hoping this is the proper place to post this. XD I'm a moderator at omniaoperaforum and have started playing Star Ocean. I'm in love with it and have suggested making a sister site for the game. I know it would attract a bunc of players I think the things that makes these sister really flourish is the chat room and Anamnesis really needs this option. However I've been told we kinda dropped the ball and would a getting a late start and the only way we would be approved to getting this site started is if we could secure some veterans to help make unit reviews and strategies and the like, and while I write unit reviews for DOO, I'm a newbie at Star Ocean and don't really feel qualified to take the position just yet. Does anyone here play SOA or interested in helping me kickstart this? If you just want to add me by the way, my ID is AZZTNNV3G5
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    I can't play another gacha game cause they end up taking up too much time, but I love the Star Ocean franchise. Have you talked to Neo about it?

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