The new wave of 5* abilities

Discussion in 'Abilities & Soul Breakers' started by mageofthesands, Aug 21, 2017.

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    There have been a lot of new 5* abilities released lately. By that I mean this year. Some of them I have made up my mind about, some not. Like the Thief and Shooter skills which are basically Spellblades that get bonus damage if using a lower damage base weapon.

    Ruby Spike (Fire) Sapphire Shot (Water) Icicle Shot (Ice)
    Any of these worth honing to r3, assuming you have decent, but not massive, stockpile of orbs? Ruby Spike looks neat for Refia, and Locke. I think there are some other fire themed shooters? Sapphire Shot seems made for Tidus and that's just about it. Icicle Shot seems like an excellent addition to Laguna for taking advantage of Imperil Ice when he's backing up Squall BSB2. I'm thinking of honing that to 3. Too bad there isn't a dark damage shooter for Ruffles. He gets imperil dark, and shooter record materia, but nothing to take advantage of it.

    Dash & Slash (wind) and Poison Leaves (Bio) seem situational. Zidane is the wind thief, and Leila is the bio thief. Is there other 5* Thief users that could get some good use out of either of these? Are they strong enough to use as is, without an enElement or Imperil to take advantage of? Wind gear seems to be everywhere, and I'd consider using Dash & Slash on Noel, with a +wind sword.

    Leaping Rush, the new Celerity skill. On Edge, for example, I'm using Tempo Flurry and Dismissal as filler, just to power up Doppelgangers. I do keep running out, so I've honed Tempo Flurry to r5, and Dismissal to r4. Is r2 or r3 Leaping Rush a good fill in for Dismissal? Do multihit attacks run up the counter faster? Because I'm also thinking of combing it with Thief's Revenge on Cel5/Thf5 characters. Or someone with a soul break that hits many times.
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    Sharpshooter abilities are very good on paper. Higher multiplier than Spellblade a (even without the ranged weapon bonus), and a lot more users.

    Dash and Slash and Posion Leaf allow Thieves to hit two relatively rarer elements. Dash and Slash is very strong if you have a decked out Zidane or Vaan using UCS RW.

    Leaping Rush counts attacks, not hits. So multi-hit abilities or SBs will only count as one. As such, it is only viable in D200/250 Torments. In most other fights, you won't be able to get to the top end of the multiplier. And even if you can, I suspect you're almost always better off spamming something else rather than building up Leaping Rush. While the max multiplier of 4.76 is the highest among 5* physical abilties, the gimmick is much harder to exploit compared to say Dragoon Jump or Full Charge.

    As for Leaping Rush replacing Dismissal, the former's minimum multiplier/hit count is 2.72/4x, which is already far superior to Dismissal's 2.05/1x. So yes, it would replace Dismissal from a DPS point of view. But bear in mind interrupt is still one of the only vulnerabilities high end bosses have, although even that is slowly changing.
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    Leaping rush is probably meant to go along with quick hit if you some how have that at r5 then that's your combo.

    Poison leaf you might at well shatter, when was the last time you saw a poison weak opponent?

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