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    Hello, i've played this game somewhat casually for over a year. I currently got my ''main'' characters all to level 99 and most with their own 6* unique weapon.

    I would really like some tips on things I could possibly do better. I am a bit biased to FF7 characters (wont ever remove Cloud), but still would like to see what kind of things I could change to make my party better in general!

    A short rundown of how I use my characters :

    1. Cloud : Melee/bruiser. My bread and butter, he brings in most of the damage with his overstrike ultimate and overall stats
    2. Tyro/Main character : Support/extra healer/grimoire limit break
    3. Y'shtola : Healer/Asylum burst limit break
    4. Cid : Pilot's steel/shout buffer
    5. Terra/sephiroth : I prefer using Sephiroth for nostalgia, but I tend to prefer terra for using black magic like Quake and ruinga for clearing waves fast.

    Take a look at my pic and i'd really appreciate any tips on what I could do better! Also, what skills should I be aiming for next? I already got Full charge, Fullbreak, Aerial Dive, most 4* black and white magic spells.

    I'm still having trouble doing high difficulity dungeons (anything over 200 is really hard).

    record keeper.jpg
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    Firstly, welcome to the forums! You could also shoutout and share with us your immediate concerns over Chat as well. Glad to see another veteran but casual player to also join our community.

    Nothing wrong in being biased. I known many F2P players who had also chased after waifu/husbando relics alone. So you're not alone in this. However, the way that FFRK is designed, and often rebalanced through updates and new relics, you will see many characters who might suddenly be hyped over (e.g. Aerith, Elarra) or those who used to be good but are less used due to powercreep / change in meta (e.g. Refia, Edea). Hence, despite even being a Cloud fan myself, I had also learnt when certain teams work better together against certain fight difficulties or mechanics.

    Now about your team, it is good that you comprehend the idea of an A-team to tackle most content. However, in my reply I would like to share with you how teams are usually built to effectively win, all the way to end-game content. Despite this write-up being lengthy, I'll just lay it all out anyway; in other words, I would like to take on the challenge of offering suggestions on how you could maximize your gameplay with what you've got, aka how to make FFRK fun!

    Your enjoyment of the game really comes down to what do you get, and more importantly, what you should aim to get in time. Furthermore, the current metagame (i.e. the trending strategy in team setup) is heavily focused on USBs, and appears to be shifting to speedy elemental-based strategies in the near future. But for now, it is better to understand which particular SBs stand out for now.

    For Abbreviations notes, please refer to the following link:

    Firstly, I would suggest that you keep track of all your FFRK relics and SBs with a spreadsheet of sorts. Having this comprehensive list, when shared with other veterans, would also quickly enable veterans like me to help you better assess your current state of characters collected and SBs obtained. An example of sharing would be like this one:

    Secondly, I would like to talk about party makeup. I would suggest you try to start creating your best team (or A-team) so that you could clear every fight in every event.

    In every team, you would usually have the following roles:
    #1 (can be PHY or MAG)
    DPS #2 (can be PHY or MAG)
    DPS #3 (can be PHY or MAG)

    Next, let's talk about Soul Breaks.

    For starters, getting a good starting point of your gaming experience in FFRK would often mean being lucky enough to pull the "Trinity" relics that are essential to clearing most end-game content, i.e.:
    1. Wall SB ~ Tyro SG Wall checks out! (Then again, everyone has it nowadays from AA) <you could also take note if you ever obtain either Cecil(Paladin) Paladin Wall USB, Tyro Divine Veil Grimoire USB3, or Y'shtola Stoneskin II. Having either could help open up options to your team-building>
    2. Hastega SB equivalent with boostga/faithga ~ Cid(VII) Shout SSB is alright. <you should also keep a lookout for proper party Boostga(ATK_up) buff like Ramza Shout, party Faithga(MAG_up) buff like Krile Sheepsong SSB, or a hybrid one like Rikku Hyper Mighty G USB that would support a full mage team or hybrid team>
    3. AOE Healing SB ~ Y'shtola BSB checks out! <you should also keep an eye out for medica USBs that are instant cast in case u need to be healed in a pinch, or with Last Stand buff so that you could wade through bosses that have "break the damage cap" moves>
    Hence, my opinion in improving your team mainly comes down to the following points:
    1. More Improvements to your A-team
      • meaning a team of five who you can universally use to attempt any FFRK realm dungeon or event dungeon fight. You should swap out some characters for another depending on the fight, regardless of bias.
      • So for initial team setup, I would suggest having:
        • Healer: Y'shtola with R1 Shellga/Protectga and R3 Cura/Curaga/Curaja
          • Y'shtola BSB is also top tier as the bubble effect also negates incoming damage. Just remember that you are also getting a slightly slower SB Gauge charge if the bubble doesn't break as a trade-off. When in Burst mode, you also have those additional nifty healing burst commands!
          • I also noticed that your Y'shtola has Ovelia BSB. I would suggest leveling Ovelia as well, as she might be a better candidate to bring into FFT realms thanks to synergy.
          • So, do you have any other Healers?
        • Support: Tyro with R1 Full Break (FB) and R3 POW/MAG Breakdown (PBD/MBD).
          • Firstly, Support refers to characters who have access to 5* Support abilities. It is very crucial when you are trying to mitigate damage by debuffing bosses using abilities like PBD/MBD stacked atop FB.
          • Tyro is a good choice as he has Sentinel Grimoire SB, as he has access to all abilities in FFRK. He could also flexibly change into a Dancer (bring HFS/Exhausting_Polka and Multi Break) instead of the usual Support abilities mentioned above.
          • He also has his USB1 which has the rare party Astra buff, i.e. status ailment barrier. It is very good solution/insurance against bosses who love throwing status ailments.
          • Nowadays, the prime example party-wide boostga effect that grants ATK +50% and hastega, is Onion Knight Forbidden Power, as on top of a primary boost it also grants a buff that fixes party PHY dmg crit = 50% chance. Nevertheless, Ramza Shout or BSB2 is still serviceable.
          • He could also be a secondary healer role.
        • DPS #1: Cloud.
          • It is good that you had already obtained the RM Mako Might and similarly Tyro's RM.
            • You may replace Cloud with others once you already obtained his RM Mako Might, and if Cloud doesn't have any new usable SBs.
        • DPS #2: Cid(VII)
          • Ability-wise, he can DPS mainly as either a Dragoon or Machinst.
          • His Pilot Steel SSB is not bad. But nowadays I only use this in restrictive situations such as fulfilling Book of Trials conditions (i.e. CM team) or Crystal Tower.
        • DPS #3: <Any of the following Characters for DPS or utility>
          • Sephiroth: Besides being a favorite, what SBs do you have for him to justify him being part of your A-team?
          • Warrior of Light: I see that you have his BSB shield. You could slot him in here as a Tank that could use Draw Fire. Otherwise, if you could afford crafting and honing the 5* Knight skills, u could go for R3 Divine Cross and R3 Guardbringer combo.
    2. The thing about Mages
      • If you are planning for a mage team, you need a party faithga buff like Onion Knight mUSB, or Krile Sheepsong SSB. And try to stack multiple faithga effects to boost your primary mage DPS. An example could be OK mUSB (MAG+MND+RES), Krile Baaa (MAG) and Yuna BSB2 (MAG+MND).
      • Fortunately, you do have Papalymo Leylines SSB which is the gloves which Terra is equipping in your image. Functionally, it is nearly similar to Krile Baaa, trading off major regen for 3-turn Magic Quick Cast.
      • Then again, If you do want to Terra to be your mage DPS #1, what relics/SBs you have for her besides her OSB sword?
    3. So... what relics / SBs you have collected so far, actually?
    • I'm curious to know what relics / SBs you have. mind sharing your list?
    In all likelihood, the above advice should be able to help u improve your team.
    And I strongly advise you to also drop by the forum chat, as people there are friendly enough to actively advise or explain to you how to improve your team, or what relics to look out for.

    Alright. That's all for now and Happy gaming!
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    Mar 27, 2017
    Wow, I never imagined such an amazing response, Roche! I'm omw to work so I'll either try to post a reply of a list sometime at work or when I come home (in approximately 12 hours :D)

    Thanks a lot for your time and effort in helping me already! I look forward to hearing from you when i've composed my list! :O
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    Mar 27, 2017
    SSB (?) Seraphic Rod (Echo)

    SSB Eternal Staff (Onion knight)

    BSB Excalibur (Cecil Paladin)
    SSB Artemis Bow (Rosa)
    BSB Whisperweed Ballad (Edward)

    SSB Exaclibur (Bartz)
    BSB Asura's Rod (Krile)
    OSB Blood Sword (Terra)

    BSB Bone Club (Umaro)
    Unique soul break (?) Holy lance (Mog)

    Unique SB Buster Sword (Cloud)
    SSB Apocalypse (Zack)
    OSB Ragnarok (Cloud)
    BSB Ultima blade (Cloud)
    BSB Masamune-Shinuchi (Sephiroth)
    BSB Viper halberd (Cid)
    SSB Javelin+ (Cid)
    BSB Oversoul (Tifa)
    SSB Light Rod (Reno)
    BSB Blue megaphone (Cait sith)
    Unique SB 4-point shuriken (Yuffie)
    SSB Crystal Cross (Yuffie)
    Unique SB Diamond Pin (Red XIII)
    USB Centclip (RED XIII)

    BSB Twin Lance (Squall)
    USB Almasy Flametongue (Seifer)
    SSB Vega (LAguna)

    OSB Rune Tooth (Zidane)
    USB Lamia's Flute (eiko)
    SSB Rising Sun (amarant)

    SSB Sword of Paine (Paine)
    BSB Halberd (Kimahri)
    Legend materia Moonglow rod (Seymour)

    BSB Lust Dagger (Lion)

    BSB Zeus mace (Penelo)
    SSB Starseeker (Serah)

    BSB Kaiser Knuckles (Yda)
    USB Ferdinand (Cid)

    SSB Coral Sword (Delita)
    BSB Mage's staff (ovelia)

    BSB Sevens sword (Morrow)

    Unique SB Sentinel's grimoire (Tyro)
    BSB Keepers Tome (Tyro)

    THIS WAS JUST WEAPONS. Will post armor as soon as I find time today!

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    Mar 27, 2017


    BSB lustrous shield (WoL)
    BSB light robe (Sarah)

    Legend materia brooding armguard (cloud of darkness)

    SSB radiant robe (fusoya)

    Unique SB wutai headband (yuffie)
    SSB cids goggles (cid)
    SSB sephiroths glove (sephiroth)

    Legend materia zells jacket (zell)

    SSB zidanes vest (zidane)
    Unique SB thunder gloves (beatrix)

    BSB summoners garb (yuna)
    BSB paines guise (paine)
    Legend materia Tidus armguard (Tidus)

    Legend materia Bone mail (reks)

    BSB healer's circlet (y'shtola)
    SSB wizards gloves (Papalymo)

    USB keeper's frock coat (tyro)

    Sorry for the long list. I'm excited to see what advice you might have for me!
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    Hello again, and thank you for sharing. Firstly, I would like to share a slightly different method of listing, if you don't mind. Basically, I'm merging both previous two posts, and identifying each relic/SB by character and SB type. Also, you did make a few mistakes in categorizing some of the SBs under the correct realm/title. Have a look!

    • WoL BSB (For the other one, we call him Wolbius)
    • Sarah BSB
    • Echo SSB1
    • (none)
    • OK SSB2
    • CoD LMR
    • Pecil BSB1
    • Edward BSB
    • Rosa SSB
    • Fusoya SSB
    • Bartz SSB
    • Krile BSB
    • Terra OSB
    • Mog Unique
    • Umaro BSB
    • Cloud OSB, BSB2, SSB, Unique1
    • Tifa BSB1
    • Zack SSB
    • Cid(VII) BSB, SSB1 (Big Brawl), SSB2 (Pilot's Steel)
    • Red XIII USB, Unique1
    • Cait Sith BSB
    • Yuffie SSB, Unique1
    • Sephiroth BSB1, SSB2
    • Reno SSB
    • Squall BSB1
    • Seifer USB1
    • Laguna SSB1
    • Zell LMR
    • Eiko USB
    • Zidane OSB, SSB2
    • Beatrix Unique2
    • Amarant SSB
    • Tidus LMR
    • Yuna BSB2
    • Kimahri BSB
    • Paine BSB, SSB1
    • Seymour LMR
    • Lion BSB
    • Penelo BSB1
    • Reks LMR
    • Serah SSB1
    • Y'shtola BSB
    • Yda BSB
    • Papalymo SSB2
    • Cid(XIV) USB
    • (None)
    • Ramza SSB1
    • Delita SSB
    • Ovelia BSB
    • Morrow BSB
    • Tyro USB1, BSB, Wall
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    Thanks for the correction! A small update is that I've gotten ramza's shout! I levelled him to 99. But I'm uncertain who to replace as he's considered a support(?) Tyro currently works as my support but he's a bit too important to replace. I replaces cid with Ramza. But I feel like I may have removed my 3rd dps!
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    Hence, if I were to put myself in your current situation to design both types of A-teams, namely physical and magical -based, I'll likely do the following:

    For physical DPS team,
    • Healer: Sarah / Y'shtola / Ovelia / Eiko
    • Support/Dancer: Ramza (need I elaborate further?), Red XIII (USB buff is stackable, and Astra effect is situationally desirable), Tyro (owner of many buffs), Morrow (5* Support character with BSB), Edward (5* Support character with BSB that imperil Holy), Echo (5* Dancer)
    • DPS#1: Cloud
    • DPS#2: Cid(VII) (others if Ramza is main buff support)
    • DPS#3: WoL / Pecil / Umaro / Tifa / Sephiroth / Zidane / Kimahri (could substitute with Support #2 or Tank)
    For magical DPS team,
    • Healer: Sarah / Yuna / Y'shtola / Ovelia / Eiko
    • Support: Tyro (owner of many buffs), Red XIII (ATK buff not useful, but Astra effect is situationally desirable)
    • DPS#1: Papalymo (Leylines party buff)
    • DPS#2: Terra (Main Magical DPS after Papalymo opens with SSB2)
    • DPS#3: Krile (her BSB not really top tier, but serviceable)
    The above two are initially suggested. If you do plan to make Terra a better powerhouse, u may want to consider pulling for Terra relics in Festival Banner 2. But I believe u probably already made up your mind for Banner 3 which features many top tier FF7 relics! If i'm spot on either way, wishing us both best of luck when pulling for festival banners!
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