Torment 2.0: FFXIV - Terror of the Heavens (20th November 2018 - onward)

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    Mage supremacy! [​IMG]
    Alph AASB/enwind LMR
    Papa SSB/AOSB/enfire LMR
    Ysayle USB (barely used)
    Ysh BSB
    Minf glint/BSB (LS)
    Main: Phoenix

    It was a pretty straight forward fight. The heavy lifting was really on Minf who had to get glint out turn 2 then rush to BSB for the LS as soon as possible. Ysayle casted CSB turn 2 after a witch ability which let the big DPS fall at the end of CSB. She was going to get Phoenix too but she died mid cast so there was some fumbling at the end that still worked out.
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